Malaysia’s Stance on Adherence to Nuclear Non-Proliferation

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Malaysia’s Stance on Adherence to Nuclear Non-Proliferation

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was designed to limit the countries that have nuclear weapons and to reduce the amount of nuclear weapons in the ones that possess them. Many nations that do not possess nuclear weapons have signed the treaty and have agreed not to attempt to construct nuclear weapons or to obtain secrets on how to develop nuclear weaponry from other countries. Four of the countries that are known to own nuclear weapons have yet to sign the NPT or have removed themselves from it; India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel.

In order for the nations India and Pakistan to sign the NPT and begin peaceful destruction of their nuclear weapons they need first to be able to trust each other. They are afraid of being attacked after their nuclear weapons are destroyed. In order for them to be able to sign the NPT the UN needs to bring them together and make them peaceful nations that can work together in the revealing and destruction of their nuclear weapons. Malaysia strongly believes in the importance of the destruction of these weapons because Malaysia is in a close proximity to these nations.

Malaysia also believes that in order for this world to be safe from nuclear warfare all nations need to reveal whether they own nuclear weapons or the technology to create nuclear weapons. The UN needs to enforce sanctions against undeclared nuclear powers. Nations that have signed the NPT should join together and stop all trade with these nations as well. These actions should go on until they reveal the status of nuclear weapons in their country. After they have declared whether or not they own nuclear weapons they should be forced to sign the NPT to help stop the growth of nuclear weaponry.

Malaysia believes countries that have joined the NPT should join together and take action against countries that have yet to sign the treaty. Furthermore the UN needs to increase the power of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The IAEA needs to begin tracking the movements of uranium, plutonium and other materials used in the making of nuclear weapons and power facilities. This will allow the IAEA to be able to see which nations are secretly making nuclear weapons and which ones are safely using these materials in nuclear power plants for the purpose of energy. It is the United Nations responsibility to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons. To reduce the risk of a nuclear war which will affect far more than the countries that partake in it.

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