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poet and prose-writer.

Lazarou Sofoklis was born in Pafos, Cyprus, in 1932. He studied literature at the School of Philosophy at the University of Athens. On his return, in 1955, he was appointed Secondary School teacher. Berween 1963-1965 he attended a post-graduate course at the Teachers’ College of Education in Athens. He worked in secondary schools for 37 years, most of which he served as a Headmaster. He got actively involved in the EOKA struggle 1955-1959 for the freedom of Cyprus. In September 1958, after being captured and tortured by British and Turkish intrerogators, he was imprisoned in the concentration camps of Polemi and Mammari, where he was held until the end of the Struggle in 1959. The torture he suffered there, is referred to in his prose work “Odos Eleftherias-Stasi Thanatou” (Liberty Street-Death Stop).

Between 1970-1973, in collaboration with other poets, he published the “Literature and Arts Review”. It was at his initiative that the Society of Pafos Writers was founded. He was the first President of the Society. He was also a member of the Advisory Committee of Letters. He is a member of the National Society of Geek Authors and the National Society of Cypriot Writers. At present, he is on the Pafos Scool Committee. He is also on the publishing committee of the Council for the Historical Memory of the EOKA 1955-1959 Struggle.

His Works:

“Endoskopio” (Endoscope), poems, 1961.

“Odos Elefterias-Srasi Thanatou” (Liberty Street-Death Stop), prose, 1969, 1997.

“Demotiko Dragoudi” (Folk Song), scool text-book, 1976.

“Epistrofi” (Return), poems, 1981.

“Endon Porevomenos” (Journeying Within), poems, 1988

State Commendation by Ministry of Education and Culture of


“Katagrafes” (Testimonies), poems, 1993

- Second State Proze by Ministry of Education and Culture.

Various publications of criticism, narratives, research work, etc.

Address: 2a Greg. Afxentiou - 8010 CYPRUS. Tel. 003576 - 23.23.55


Proser-writer, Poet, Essayist, Playwriter, Translator, TV and Radio Speaker.

He was born in Athens (1940).


  2. Theatrology at VIENNA UNIVERSITY


1. At the "DRAMATIC SCHOOL OF ATHENS (1968-1974)

  1. Ancient and Modern Greek Literature

  2. Theatre History

  3. Dramatology

2. At the PUBLIC UNIVERSITY "FLORIDSDORF" of Vienna's Municipality (1979-1988)

  1. Modern Greek

  2. Modern Greek Literature


  • Substitute General Director of the "HALFSTATE THYMELIC COMPANY OF LINOS
    KARZIS" and stage assistant for Ancient Tragedies (1965-1968)

  • Member of the Board of Directors of the "FINE ARTS AND LETTERS FOUNDATION" of the

Ministry of Culture (1971-1974)

  • Art Director at the A' SKYROS FESTIVAL (1993)

  • Permanent Collaborator of the State TV and Radio (1966-1976) and the first one who established broadcasts concerning Culture, Art and History through the Greek TV, for about ten years (1966-1975).


The play "PROMANTEMATA" in 1993 at the SKYRO'S FESTIVAL and in 1994 at the

Ancient Theatre of the Papago's Municipality.

  • Member of the Board of the Directors of the "National Society of Greek Authors", since 1994

  • Member of the oldest literary Assocation of Athens "PARNASSOS", since 1972


Up to now (1997) 37 books have been published:

Six essays and Studies:

  1. "Pericles Giannopoulos, a prophet of the Hellenism", 1963

  2. "Delphian Idea", 1970, 1986 and 1996

  3. "The warlike virtue of Greeks", 1977

  4. "The Aeschillus apocalypses for Atlantida - The real Promitheus", 1980, 1993 and 1996

  5. "Seven Greek essays", 1996

  6. "Emmanuel Chaeretis, the unknown Prophet of Hellenism", 1997


"Ten poems by Dimitris Lazogeorgos-Hellinikos with painting comments by George

Panoutsopoulos", 1969

Short Stories:

"Mistress Leni and the "pincher" Christ"

Two historical books:

* "From George A' to Constantin B'", 1974

* "The eight Greek Civilizations"

"CHRYSSOSTOMOS OF SMYRNA, the martyr of the Nation and Saint" , 1996

(First Literary Prize 1996 of "HESTIA NEAS SMYRNIS")
Collection, study and syperintendence of other person' works:

  1. "Perikles Giannopoulos (wholes works)", 1963, 1966, 1968, 1977, 1980 and 1993

  2. "Linou Karzi: The Greeks create their new myth, 1995

  3. "Linou Karzi: Hesties Hellinikou Zoismou and the Delfian Idea of Sikelianos", 1997

Children's book:

"The flood of Defkalion"


  1. "Fool ("Koroido") Moussolini", 1972

  2. "The Sensationals", 1993

  3. "The book of Greeks - PROMANTEMATA", 1994


  1. Publications, editions, unpublished works etc. bibliographical elements of Angeliki Chadjimichali,


  1. The editions, publications, the typewritted texts and other bibliographical elements of Costas

Faltaits wihch exist in the records of Angeliki Chadjimichali, 1975
Book reviews (critics):

  1. "The roses valley (The chronicle of another Civilisation) by Paul-Amadeus Dinach", 1976

  2. "Two interchangeable fates of the remainders of a German philologist (private educator)", 1981

Two translations from ancient Greek and from the purified language:

  1. "Aeschillus: Promitheus Desmotis (prisoner) - Promitheus Lyomenos (free) - Promitheus Pyrforos

(burning)", 1990

  1. "The ceremony of 'Akathistus Hymn' dedicated to the Holy Virgin", 1991

Translations of ten short stories of Irimbert Ganser from German:

"Da Lachen die Goetter - (Here Gods laugh)", 1991

Translations of four children's books of the serie: "The gang of 'Pitsa' ", from German:

  1. "Spaghetti in the reservoir", by Margott Potthoff, 1996

  2. "The gosts don't eat sardines", by Tina Gaspari, 1996

  3. "Hands down from the young bears", by Evelyn Kolnberger, 1996

  4. "An unbelievable story", by Margott Potthoff, 1996

Two disc-books:

  1. "Myrtiotissa, the painful poetress of love", 1973

  2. "Kavafis" (Short study and presentation), 1974

Three discs with voices from Literary persons under the general title:

"Voices through the time", 1990

Six reprints from miscelaneous editions or publications of his works


  • First Literary Prize 1996 for his theatrical book: "CHRYSSOSTOMOS OF SMYRNA, the Martyr of the Nation and Saint" , from "HESTIA NEAS SMYRNIS"

  • First Literary Prize 1997 for Short Story of "PIRAIKOS ASSOCIATION"

Literary Address: Bookstore “AKROKERAMON” - 127 Paraschou Str., 114 75 ATHENS.

Tel. and Fax: 86.44.671. Tel. 64.40.021

Autor, novelist.


“Grand mama’s red sofa”, 1992

“The house over the catacombs”, 1993

“Eva”, 1994

“The magnet’s poles’, 1995

“The earth lovers”, 1996.

Address: 9 Fokylidou Str., 106 73 ATHENS. Tel. 36.2.665


17 Parthenonos Str., 117 42 ATHENS. Tel. 92.35.218


Born in Athens 1922. Descendet from ANDROS (Aegean Island, particularly within the Cycladic Area).


  1. Law and Political Sciences. University of Athens.

  2. Philosophy and Modern European History. University of Innsburg, Austria 1947. Doctor Degree (Ph. D.). Dissertation: “The Hellenic Problem at the Congress of Berlin in 1878”.


  1. Private Secretary of the Prime Minister 1952-1953.

  2. Prefect in seven Prefectures 1956-1970.

  3. Member of the Hellenic Parliament. Deputy of the Cycladies 1974-1977.

  4. Member of the Political Committee of NATO.

Since then he withdrew from public life and dedicated himself to poetry.
He has published six poem collections:

  • 1988: “Studies of Death. A poetic approach”. Athens. Ed.: “Mavridis”.

  • 1988: “Sanctities and Sceneries of Meditations”. Athens. Ed.: “Nea Skepsi”. (Rewarded with the first prize for poetry by the Hellenic Society of Christian Letters).

  • 1989: “Of the Sea” - 35 Odes to the Aegean. Athens. Ed.: “Mavridis”.

  • 1990: “Script in Blood”. Athens. Ed.: “Pitsilos”.

  • 1992: “Of the Sea Land”. A poetic dedication to the island of Andros. Athens. Ed.: “Gutenberg”.

  • 1996: “At the Edge of the Visions”. Athens. Ed.: “Gutenberg”


Anastassios Levidis is a regular member of the “Hellenic Society of Christian Letters”. Also, a regular member of the “National Society of the Greek Authors” participating as Dean in its Administration Board. He speaks German, English and French.

Address: 18 Tim. Vassou Str., 115 21 ATHENS. Tel. 64.43.129


Born in Agios Georgios Nilias (of Volos) village, in 1935, attended the Redagogic Academy

in Larisa, so he became a teacher for primary schools.

He has taught in North Sporades islands, in Volos and in Almyros.

He has been busy with literature since 1955. It was then his very first historical-folklore article was edited in Volos newspaper "Thessalia", His work mostly refers to folklore, history, literature and linguistigs.

All these years till today, apart from hundreds of articles to the daily and periodical Greek print,

he has also edited several books and off - prints of previous edited works as follows:


  1. Pages of the East Pelion history (Selides ap' tin istoria tou Anatolikou Piliou), 1969

  2. Times of Pelion (Ores tou Piliou), A' prize of Greek writers and journalist' s union of tourism

(six editions) 1976, 1977, 1978, 1981, 1985 and 1990.

  1. Mermaid Crete (Gorgona Kriti), 1978.

  2. Captain - Kostas Garefis, the "eagle" of Pelion (Kapetan Kostas Garefis, o stavraetos tou

Piliou), 1979.

  1. Mother through our people's song (I Mana sto tragoudi tou laou mas), 1990.

  2. In Pelion of tradition (Sto Pilio tis paradosis), 1990.

  3. In the hurt Afrodite's island (Sto nisi tis pligomenis Afroditis), 1991.

  4. The castle of Volos throughout the centuries (To kastro tou Volou mesa stous eones), 1991.

  5. Kismet, short-stories of Pelion (Kismet, pilioritika diigimata), 1992.

  6. Nikolas, a top artist of Pelion (Nikolas, mia pilioritiki korfi tis technis) (two editions), 1992.

  7. The "great" Saint George of Pelion (O "megalos" Ai-Giorgis tou Piliou), 1994.

  8. The lingual idiom of Pelion (To glossiko idioma tou Piliou), prize of Athens Academy, 1996.


  1. Kostas Garefis (1874 - 1906), 1973.

  2. Old Karatasos in thessalomagnesia (O gero-Karatasos sti Thessalomagnisia), 1976.

  3. The files of Mega - Sotira monastery of the great Saint George in Pelion (Archiaka tis Monis

Mega - Sotira tou "megalou" Ai - Giorgi tou Piliou), 1983.

  1. The Taxiarches monastery in Saint George Nilias (I Moni ton Taxiarchon ston Ai - Giorgi

Nilias), 1983.

  1. The Schools and library of Milies (I Miliotiki Sholi ke I vivliothiki tis), 1984.

  2. Dance through the Pelion folklore (O horos stin pilioritiki laografia), 1984.

  3. Nourishment and cooking in old traditional Pelion (Diatrofi ke magiremats sto palio

paradosiako Pilio), 1988.

  1. Education in Pelion while conquered by Turkey, before the revolution of 1821 (I Pedia sto

tourkokratoumeno Pilio prin apo tin ethnegersia tou Ikosiena), 1988.

  1. The old traditional costumes in Saint George Nilias of Pelion (I palia paradosiaki foresia ston

Ai - Georgio Nilias Piliou), 1991.

  1. The giving birth subject from Mitzela (To thema tis teknogonias stin pilioritiki laografia),


  1. George Grizanos, a fighter from Mitzela (O Mitzeliotis agonistis Giorgis Grizanos), 1993.

  2. The castle of Damouhari (To kastro tis Damoucharis), 1995.

As far as his editorial activities are concerned, he also helps in overseeing the edition of several other

books and of two magazines "Vigla" and "Plory".
Kato Gazea, 385 00 BOLOS. Tel. 0423-22.576


University Professor. Educator and prose-writer.

Main Publications:

  1. Professional books and monographs:

  1. “Rousalia: The Ritual Worship of the Dead by the Greek People”,


  1. Constribution to the Study of the Triphylian Dialect in Messenia

ATHENS (1978)

  1. Choricius of Gaza: An Approach to His Works and Times

Doctoral Dissertation, Univ. of Chicago (1980)

  1. The Greek Folk Wedding

CHICAGO (1981)

  1. Corone: The Prosopography of an Ancient City

ATHENS (1983)

  1. A Companion to the Greek Orthodox Church

NEW YORK (1984)

  1. Hellenika Grammata: A Tribute to Hellenic Letters

CHICAGO (1985)

  1. Dialechti Zevgoli-Glezou: A Charismatic Poetess


  1. Literature - Novels:

  1. Agraphon: The Revelations of St. Raphael

A Historical Novel, ATHENS (1994)

  1. Paul the Holy Fool: The Saint of Solitude


  1. Short-Stories on Greek-Americans


  1. Educational Manuals and Readers

  1. Our Roots: Greek Holidays and Customs

NEW YORK (1982)

  1. Our Roots: A Student’s Workbook


  1. A History of the Orthodox Church

NEW YORK (1994)

  1. Ancient Greek History

NEW YORK (1994)

  1. Byzantine and Modern Hellenism

ATHENS (1995)

  1. A Cultural Geography of Hellenism

ATHENS (1995)

  1. My Greek Community in U.S.A.

CHICAGO (forthcoming)

  1. History of Greek Immigration and Greek-American Culture

NEW YORK (forthcoming)

  1. Work in Electronic media and Documentary Production.

  1. A two-hour a week radio-program in 1430 A.M. since 1975

  2. Numerous literary presentations in the “Greek Spotlight T.V.”

program “Channel 26”, CHICAGO.

  1. “A letter from Messenia”, a documentary,

NEW YORK (1985)

  1. “Cultural Gems in Messenia”, a documentary

ATHENS (1985)

  1. “The Megalexandroi of the New World”

a 12-half hour series on Greek Americans produced by Greek T.V. National network,

ATHENS (1987)

  1. “The Liberation of Tripolitsa, 1821” - A T.V. video production,

CHICAGO (1995).
Address: 2729 W. Touhy, # 2F CHICAGO, Il. - 60645 U.S.A.


Writer, poet, essayist.

Born, in 1921, Heraklion, Creta - Greece.

Studies: Faculty of Theology of Athens University 1952.

Profession: Professor of Theology in High School. Principal of High School (1954-1980).

  1. “Saint Nikon” 1962

  2. “Apostle Titus” 1964

  3. “The little boy who is gone” 1964

  4. “Empty hands” 1967

  5. “Works of St. John Chrysostom”, Text, translation, comments. Vol. X 1967-72

  6. “Father Hierotheus” 1970

  7. “Christmas with Veritis” - poetry. 1973

  8. “As on Earth” 1974

  9. “Side Steps” 1976

  10. “Modern Greek Religions Anthology”. 1978

  11. “Saint Christofer” 1981

  12. “Motionless Center” 1986

  13. “Our Lady Paliani” 1991

Address: 23 Ypsilantou Str., 151 22 MAROUSI. Tel. 80.62.102

Dimitris Ilias Loukas was born in Athens.
He studied Economics and Business Administration at the High School of Economic Sciences, Politics and Sociology at the High School of Political Sciences and Law at the Law School. He also studied Public Relations at the Air University, USA, as well as Journalism and Public Affairs at the old Greek-American Educational Institute of D. Avramidis. Moreover, he is a graduate of the National Defence School.
As Professor he taught at the Technical Schools for Aviation non-commissioned officers, at the Fliers’ School, at Euro-Unity, at the Schools AKMI, KONDOLEFAS and OMEGA, at E.M.I. (Effective Management International S.A.), at T.I.E. INTERGRATED, et al.
A modern poet, a writer of essays and short stories, a travels writer, a folklorist and a scholar, Dimitris Loukas publishes his works using the pen name XENIOS GREEK.
As a journalist with a remarkable work, he has a considerable presence in the radio and TV.
He is a member of the National Society of Greek Authors. He is Lion of the Saint Paraskevi Club,

as well as member of the Board. He is also Prsident of the Association of Journalists and Tourist Writers of Greece. Finally, he is a member of other intellectural and literary clubs and institutions.


a. Poetry:

  1. My sonnets (1970)

  2. Thorns and Lilys (1972)

  3. Delphi Perceptions (1973)

  4. Tanka and Haikou (1974)

  5. Christmas Bells (1978)

  6. Agean, my sea (1979)

  7. Blue travelers (1980)

b. Essays:

  1. The humanistic idea through the ages (1975)

  2. The Delphian Idea in our era (1978)

  3. The Voice of the Myth (Angelos Sikelianos) - (1981)

  4. Delphians Elements in Sikelianos’ works NTINAX and the VALLEY OF ROSES, translated by my professor G. Papahatzis (1982)

  5. Sikelianos, the worshipper of the fayherland (1984)

  1. Short Stories:

  • Five simple steps (1985)

  1. Travel impressions:

  • Alpha through Omega for Grece (1984)

  1. Folklore:

  • The months of the year and their History (1982)

  1. Studies:

  1. Ancient and Contemporary Hellenism (1966)

  2. Greek/Turkish Cooperation: Why is it necessary (1967)

  3. What Greece has offered to humanity and why (1968)

  4. The offer of the Byzantine Empire to the World (1969)

  5. The requirements of our time and the spiritual ideals of Hellenism (1969)

  6. The creation of European Renaissance through the Ancient Greeks and the Byzantine Influence (1970)

  7. Resurrection of the World from the Fall of Byzantium (1970)

  8. The freedom and the spirit of the Greek Side (1972)

Address: 36 Kerkyras Str., 162 32 BYRON. Tel. 76.62.295

Heleni Lygiani was born and raised in Lygia on the northen Peloponese; a Greek village full of orchards by the sea. It was this magical environment wich inspired her love of nature and compassion for the down-to-earth people. She is married and has two grown-up children.
Heleni Lygiani is a novelist.
She first appeard as a writer in 1961 with the lyrical work “Spring in Corinth”.
Her other works in order of publication are:
1967: “The reeds of Prenna” - novel

1969: “Beautiful moments” - short stories

1974: “Traveling in the East” - travel novel

1976: “Travelling around South Africa” - travel novel

1979: “Mrs. Drah” - short stories

1986: “Paradise Lost” - childrens’ stories

1987: “Reserve Pictures” - novel

1989: “The Lady in Black” - short stories

1993: “Travels in China” - travel novel

1996: “The Director’s Secretary” - novel

Address: 8 Alopekis Str., 106 75 ATHENS. Tel. 72.15.096



  1. The four visages of the wind (1949)

  2. Chersonese (1977)

  3. Twenty five “Stasima” (1983)

  4. Collected Poems 1944-1990 (1992)

Address: 32 Pontou Str., 115 28 ATHENS. Tel. 77.82.678


Main books:

  1. “On the Face of the Earth” (1991)

(Essay Prize of the Greek Society for Christian Letters)

  1. “In an Era of Many Meanings” (1994)

(Prize by the Athens Academy)

  1. “The Greek Society of the 20th Century as seen through the Greek Novel” (1996)

Address: 11 Chatzikosta Str., 115 21 ATHENS. Tel. 64.37.021 & 38.21.371. Fax: 38.21.371


3 Peloponnisou Str., 153 41 AGIA PARASKEVI. Tel. 65.93.684


63a-b Canari Str., 185 34 PIRAEUS. Tel. 45.34.968

Writer - Borne in Belgium - Greek nationality - Speaks: Greek, French, English, German,

Italian. Translates from Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. Member of the National Society of Greek. Authors. Member of the executive Committee of the International Association of Critics.

Books - Fiction:

“Occupation - Resistance” (a story of the last war) National Award 1977

“Cabaret”, a cosmopolite novel. Transmitted by the broadcast of Radio Athens

“Confession of a Woman”, novel (1978)

“Men and Passion”, novel (1982)

“Orient! Orient!, novel. Award of the New Smyrna Institution

“Lover or Ambitious”, novel (1990)

“Love against AIDS”, novel (1992)

“Opium”, novel (1993)

“Alexander, the last confession”, a narration by Alexander the Great himself (1995)

Other Books:


“The Golden Lion” An historical, psychological and literary essay about Belgium with an

anthology of Belgian writers

“Pythagoreia”, Poems

“The Blood Era”, Poems in french

“Poetry without frontiers”. Poems of differents countries presented in greek at the poetic

performances under the same title.

“Alain Bosquet”, an essay about the french poet and translations of his poems.

“Tasos Athanasiades” an essay surveying all the novels of the writer.


Medal of the Belgian Government.

Officially invited at the Biennale Internationale of Poetry in Belgium, member of the Jury for

the International Great Award of Poetry in 1972, 1974 and 1979. Delegate of Greece at

several international encounters and conventions: as Festival du Livre at Nice, the Meetings of

the International Association of Critics aso.

First Award (novel) ABDI IPRKTSI, Istanbul 1993.

She gives every year a great number of lectures in different towns of Greece and abroad on

subjects of litterature and art.

Since 1964, she organizes almost every year poetic perfomances: “Poetry without frontiers”

where she presents in greek, poems from all the world especially from America and Africa.

A great number of articles, essays and poems as well as literary critics in newspapers and

reviews in Greece and abroad, namely in latin countries: France, Belgium, Italy, Spain,

Portugal, Brasil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia aso.

Radio and TV:

Great number of lectures about litterature and art. Numerous plays, sketches for the radio.

Held for years a broadcasting with plays under the title: “Features of the Greek History”.

Several Interviews at the TV concerning her personal work.

Address: 111 Plastira Str., 171 21 NEA SMYRNI. Tel. 93.42.867


3 I. Kondylaki Str., 152 37 PHILOTHEI. Tel. 68.33.904


Born (1966) in Samos, Greece.

B. Sc. Physics (1988), Ph.D.Astrophysics (1996); currently working his Ph.D. in Egyptology.

Poet, essayist and translator.

Published works:

Poetry: Choane Photonion (1986),

Enelixeis Photos (1991),

Photopracta (1992);

Essays: Kai Lithon Timion Polyn (1996);
Translations: The Love Poems of Ancient Egypt (1996);
Several scientific papers on Astrophysics and Egyptology.
Member of:

  • National Society of Greek Authors.

  • Parnassos Literary Society,

  • Hellenic Society of Aesthetics;

  • Hellenic Asronomical Society,

  • European Astronomical Society,

  • International Astronomical Union.

Adress: 24 Cheimonidou Street; GR - 551 33, CALAMARIA, THESSALONIKI, Greece.


5 Spanovageli Str., 157 71 ZOGRAFOU. Tel. 77.52.077


104 Vas. Sofias Str., 185 32 PIREUS. Tel. 41.21.711


33 G. Ventouri Str., 155 61 CHOLARGOS. Tel. 38.38.689 & 093-27.60.21


University Professor.

5 El. Venizelou Str., 151 21 PEFKI. Tel. 80.49.153


16 Oumplianis Str., 161 21 ATHENS. Tel. 72.41.797


Address: 14 Tirynthos Str., PAL. PHALIRON 175 64, ATHENS. Tel. 94.25.863


22 Themistokleous Str., 174 55 ALIMOS. Tel. 98.46.390


Poetess and prose writer. Member of the National Society of Greek Authors from 1966.

Poems Collections:

  1. “March on the earth”, 1957.

  2. “The noon of life”, 1959.

  3. “White shadows”, 1965.

  4. “Mystic Voices”, 1970.

  5. “Antilogue”, 1972.

  6. “Perigrammes”, 1981.

  7. “The root on the flaming earth”, 1988.


1) “El Greco and Toledo”. A’ ed. 1975, B’ ed. 1986, C’ ed. 1991, school textbook, essay.

  1. “Macedonia the ancien Ellenic earth”, 1986.

(Historical. Gold medallion by Delf. Amph.)

  1. “Maini-Mani”. Historical, 1986.

  2. “Kythnos and Kefallonia”, 1988. (Intern. Club Writers price)

  3. “Colors and remembrances”, 1993,

and many studies e.t.c.
Address: 33, Spefsippou Street, Athens, 106 76 - Greece.


98a Vas. Sofias Av., 11528 ATHENS. Tel. 77.92.200


Postbox 34, 153 10 AGIA PARASKEVI. Tel. 60.10.049 & 36.00.123


B.A. (Thess.), M.A. (Oxon), Ph.D. (Thess.), D.Phil (Oxon).

Professor (Univ. of Athens), Essayist.

Publications (Books):

“The Language of Romanos the Melodist”, (1967)

“Der byzantinische Alexsnderromance”, (1967)

“Byzantine hymnography”, (1971)

“Introduction to Modern Greek Literature”, (1973

“Petrarchism in Greece. An Anthology, (1973)

“Homer in Modern Greek Literature”, (1976)

“George Vizyenos” (1977)

“Modern Greek Musik and Poetry”, (1979)

“March through the Time”, (1982)

“The Living Water”, (1983)

“XXth Century Greek Literature”, (1984)

“Points of Reference”, (1987)

“The Cycles with their Trails”, (1991)

“The Boston Essays”, (1993)

“The Oxford Essays”, (1995)

“C.P.Cavafy and Musik”, (1996)

“And Thessalonica…”, (1997), etc.
Address: 25 Troados Str., 153 10 AGIA PARASKEVI. Tel. 60.16.360


University Professor.

Born in Cyprus (1928). He studied in Athens philology and in Munich (Germany) philosophy (Ph.D.). Since 1986 he lives in Athens. He is author of philosophical books and professor of philosophy at the University of Cyprus. He is a poet and essayist.

  1. Poetical works:

Anabasis (1973)

The other earth (1979)

Periagoge (1980)

The unexpected time (1986)

  1. Essays:

Oikeiosis and Allotriosis. (Ownliness and alienation) (1984)

Poiesis, language and critical consience (1993)

Address: 5 Daskalogianni Str., 166 74 GLIFADA. Tel. 89.45.905


Address: 24 Kachramanou Str., 142 31 NEA IONIA, ATHENS. Tel. 27.76.195


Michalis Moiras was born in Athens in 1951. At a very young age he emigrated to the United States where he lived and worked for 12 years -the first three of them as an illegal immigrand. Described by critics as one of Greece’s Foremost younger writers. Moiras’ short stories and poems have been presented on programs of the Greek national radio (ERT) and “The Voice Of Greece” in New York. He has been mentioned on English and Greek periodicals.

Chronologigal Biography
1951 Micahalis Moiras is born in Athens.
1966 Moiras sings-on as a seaman aboard a Greek Freighter, with “ports of call” in Europe,

Asia and Affrica.

1967 Moiras disembarks ship illegally in San Francisco and travels to New York, where he

works in various restaurants.

1974 Moiras begins work on the allegorical novel “The Unfortunates”, while living and

working in New York.

1975 “The Unfortunates” is published by Athens Printing Company, New York.
1976 Begins work on the novel “The Sentimetalist”.
1977 Moiras returns to Greece.
1978 Moiras finishes “The Sentimentalist” and begins work on the collection of short

stories “Waiting for Destiny”.

1979 “The Sentimentalist” and “Waiting for Destiny” (Orosimo Press) are published in Athens.
1982 The author writes the autobiographical novel “There, Where the Sun Dies” and the

collection of poems “Tomorrow May Be Too Late” are published in Athens.

1985 “Impressions of Plaka”, a collection of drawings by Ed Eisman and poems by Michalis

Moiras is published in English.

Moiras’ poems and short stories are presented on programs aired by Greek National

Radio (ERT 2) and “The Voice of Greece”, New York. He begins work on the collection

of short stories “The Dirty Corner and Erotic Stories in Plaka”. The poem “Ships” is

accepted for publication in the 1986 edition of “American Poetry Anthology”.

1987 {The novel, “There, Where the Sun Dies” is the same as “The Illegal Alien” unter

different title}. “The Illegal Alien” is been published by publishers S.I.Zacharopoulos,

Athens, in 1987.
1991 “Adventure in Mexico” {Stories} is published by Apopeira Publications, Athens.
1992 “Gambler in Time” {novel} is published by Apopeira Publications, Athens.
1993 “The Horrific Cities” {poems}.
1995 “Brooklyn” {novel} is published by Delphini Publications, Athens.
Address: 112 Athinas Str., 181 20 KORYDALLOS. Tel. 85.62.043

Monch MOSES in AGION OROS (Ioannis A. Mavrikis)

  1. BOOKS:

  1. The Community of the Dessert & the Calm of the Cities, Published "Tinos",

7th Ed., 144 pages.

  1. The Message of the Holy Mountain, Published "Tinos", 4th Ed., 136 pages.

  2. The Peace of Virtue & the Disturbance of Passions, Published "Tinos", 5th Ed., 120 p.

  3. The Blessing of Pain and the Pain of Love, Published "Tinos", 3rd Ed., 128 pages.

  4. Asceticim and Comfort, Published "Tinos", 3rd Ed., a52 pages.

  5. The Sorrow of Anxiety & the Joy of Hope, Published "Tinos", 2sr Ed., 136 pages.

  6. The Character & the Appearance of the Holy Mountain, Published "Tinos", 1st Ed. 132 p.

  7. The Married Saints of the Church, Published "Akritas", 4th Ed., 280 pages

  8. Ahtonite Narrationof the Holy Mountain by the Elder Ioakeim, Published "Agion Oros",

2nd Ed., 200 pages.

  1. The Blind Elder Mihail, Published "Agion Oros", 2nd Ed., 80 pages.

  2. The Blessed Elder Georgios Karsalidis, Published "I.M.Ascention (Sipsa), 3rd Ed., 280 p.

  3. The Elder of "Ascention", Ieronimos Simonopetritis, Published "Holy Kalyva of St. John

Chrysostome, 3rd Ed., 280 p.

  1. Vigil on the Holy Mountaiin, Published "Akritas", 3rd Ed., 120 pages.

  2. The Holy Mountain, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, Published "Sinatro", 2nd Ed., 32 p.

  3. From the Garden of Panagia to the Island of Panagia, Published "Orthodoxo Pnevmatiko

Kentro Agios Georgios-Makri", 16 pages.

  1. Athonite Compline, Published "Armos", 3rd Ed., 96 pages.

  2. Athonite Poems, Published "Armos", 102 pages.

  3. Orthodox Monasticism, Published "Apostoliki Diakonia", 120 pages.

  4. To Our Panagia, Cyprus 1996, 12 pages.

  5. Monk Georgios the Ascetic of Athos, Published "Migdonia", Thessaloniki 1996, 90 p.


  1. Hiermonk Agathagelos: My Memories of Papa-Tihona, Published "Perivoli tis Pangias",

(prologue, notes, study), 48 pages.

  1. Hiermonk David, The Elder Evlogios of Faneromenos, Published "Perivoli tis Panagias",

(prologue, sketches, study), 42 pages.

  1. Christ, Published "Idryma Goulandri-Horn" (prologue, study), 106 pages.

  2. Return from the Other Life, Published "Orthodoxos Kipseli", 3rd Ed., (prologue, sketches,

study), 80 pages.

  1. Hiermonk Anthimos: St. Anna "The Holy Altar of Athos", 2nd Ed., 128 pages.


  1. Monks of Simonopetra from Epirus, "Epirotiko Emerologio", vol. 5, Ioannina 1983, 12 p.

  2. The Sunshine of Epirus (poems), "Epirotiko Emerologio", vol. 6, Ioannina 1984 12 p.

  3. Athonite Rocks (poems), "Epirotiko Emerologio", vol. 6, Ioannina 1985, 16 pages.

  4. Monk of Koytloumousiou from Epirus, "Epirotiko Emerologio", vol. 9, Ioannina 1987,

16 pages.

5. The Relations Between the Holy Mountain & Epirus Via the Saints, "Epirotiko Emerologio",

vol. 10, Ioannina 1988, 16 pages.

6. The Holy Spirit Inspires the Life that Sactifies the Monks Under the Light of the Saints,

"Efimerios" 38, Athens 1989, 24 pages.

  1. The Theological Thought of Fr. George Florofsky, "Efimerios" 39, Athens 1990, 16 pages.

  2. The Human Face: (the Journey, the Search, the Finding), "Efimerios", Athens 1991, 24 p.

  3. St. John Chrysostome, the Greatest Prearcher of All Times, "Efimerios", Athens 1993, 16 p.

  4. Holy Mountain-Makedonia-Hellenism. 6th Panhellenic Conference of Oncology,

Thessaloniki 1991, 16 pages.

11. The Relation Between the Holy Mountain ad Meteora Via the Saints. Minutes of Panhellenic

Monastic Conference 1990, 8 pages.

  1. St. Nektarios & the Young, "Efimerios", 1995, 8 pages


About 400 titles circulate in Greek & foreing print.


  • Athonite Synaxari of the 20th Century

  • Athos - Skiathos

  • The Saints of the Holy Mountain

  • Figures of the Holy Mountain

Address: KARYES, 630 86 AGION OROS. Tel. 0377-23.370


He was born at 30 January in Piraeus, Greece.

Attorney-at-Law (1954-1988), Writer, Director of the literary review “Nea Estia” since 1988.

After his primary studies has got the Degree of High Scool of Economical and Commercial Studies in Athens (1947). Also Degree of Law Scool of Athens University (1952). License of Lawyer (1954). Appointment in the Ministry of Finance (1952-1955).

Lawyer 1955. Barrister at Supreme Court (Arios Pagos), 1965.


“T.S.Eliot, Choruses from the ‘Rock’” Introduction, Translation, Notes, 1969.

“Liberty and Language”, essays, 1975.

“Tasos Athanasiades, an anatomist of the Society and the Soul”, critical study, 1976.

“Evaluations”, essays and studies, 1978.

“C.P.Cavafis, Letters to Marios Vaianos”, introduction and notes, 1979.

“T.S.Eliot, Choruses from the ‘Rock’”, introductioon, translation and notes, 1980 (2. Ed)

“Humanistic Evidence, Michael D. Stasinopoulos”, critical survey of his life and Work, 1983.

“Myron and tear”, essays and studies, 1988.

“Themes and Figures”, searching for History, Literature and Critic, 1989.

“T.S.Eliot, The Unity of European Culture”, indroduction, translation, notes, 1990.

“The face of Europe”, essays about the Europe and his Culture, 1992.

“The metaphysical agony of Palamas”, essay of critic, 1993.

“Starting without continuation”, poetry, 1993.

“Petros Haris” (1994).


President of the “National Society of Greek Authors” in Athens

Board of “Institution of Costis Palamas”

Board of the “National Opera” in Athens (1980-1981)


Prize for Essay from the Academy of Athens (1979),

Prize for Essay from the “Institution Kosta and Eleni Urani” of the Academy of Athens, 1989.
Address: 9 Ippokratous Str., 106 79 ATHENS - Greece. Tel. 36.38.585


4 Magnisias Str., 112 51 ATHENS. Tel. 82.30.823


University Professor.

Address: Instituto Universario Orientale, Dipartimento di studi dell’ Europa orientale di Napoli.

Piazza S.G.Maggiore 30. NAPOLI. 80 134 ITALIA.

NIKOLAIDES JOHN (of Alexander)

Poet and prose-writer

Titles of his works:

  • Without mask (Poems), Athens, 1980

  • The impact of family on modern education (Essay), Thessaloniki, 1982

  • Safe passing (Poems), Thessaloniki, 1983

  • Our national identity and the Greek language (Essay), Athens, 1985

  • Poems by Gregorios Nazianzinos (Introduction-translation J.A.Nikolaides, Thessaloniki, 1986

  • Ceramic vessels (Poems), Thessaloniki, 1987

  • Texts from Sinai Monastery (Translation), Thessaloniki, 1991

  • A handful of earth (Poems), Thessaloniki, 1991

  • A generation, an era (Proses), Thessaloniki, 1991

  • Trackers (Itinerary), Thssaloniki, 1992

  • Nun Kassiani’s hymnes (Translation), Thessaloniki, 1993

  • Mary the new (Translation), Thessaloniki, 1995

  • Gregorios Nazianzinos. Funeral epigrams for his mother (Translation), Thessaloniki, 1996

  • Priest Taskendis (Proses), Thessaloniki, 1996

  • Towards the sunset (Poems), Thessaloniki, 1996

He is a classical philologist who made his career in secondary education, reaching the rank of

Inspector General. Today he is retired and is writting poems and proses.
Address: 3 Petras Str., 546 36 Saranta Ekklissies THESSALONIKI. Tel. 031/20.46.10



Born in Chios-Grece (1932). Graduaded from Athens University (Greek ancient, byzantine et modern Litterature), Ph. D. in Modern greek Litterature, with emphasis in the period 1453-1821. Teacher in secondary education from 1955 to 1987.

Novels for teenagers:

  1. Tha perimeno ti lefteria (Waiting for freedom). 2nd ed.: 1978

  2. To telos enos thrylou (The end of a legend). 5nd ed.: 1996

  3. Sta heria tou zontanou theou (In the hands of God). 2nd ed.: 1995

  4. Otan oi Perses (When the Persians…) 1994

  5. Tou oneirou mas I ghe (Our dream’s land) 1992

  6. To paleo navagio (The old wreck) 1990

  7. Ta mystika tis erimou (The secrets of the desert ) 1995

Address: Agiou Meletiou 182, Athens 104 45, Greece.


Kyra Vasilikis 1, 452 21 IOANNINA. Tel. 065/35.411


Poet - Writer

He was born in Marion, Rethymno - Crete in 1934. An Athens Law Scool graduate, he worked s a Lawyer.

His works include:

  • Short Odyssey (Poems), 1964

  • Armistice (Poem Synthesis), 1973

  • Wanderers (Poem Synthesis), 1978

  • In Parenthesis (Poems), 1979

  • Infinites (Poems), 1982

  • Records (Two poem Syntheses), 1983

  • Zaloggos Time (Poem-synthesis in an incomplete theatrical form), 1984

  • The Moons of Love (Poems)

  • Mural in Depth (Poem synthesis), 1986

  • Castles in Crete (Prose), 1989

  • “How could )” by Gratsia Sp. Depounti

[From the Tyrrany of Pain to the Doxology of Love] (Treatise)

  • The Woman of Crete (Prose), 1995

He is a member of National Society of Greek Authors.

Address: Tsagarada PILIOU 370 12. Tel. 0426/49155


Poet, Prose-writer

He is born in Pyrgos (Peloponnese).

He studied Law at the University of Athens. He is member of “National Society of Greek Authors”

and “Theatrical and Musical Critics’ Association”.
He published:

  1. Poetry:

  • Reveille, (1961)

  • Escape, (1971)

  • Plunder, (1975)

  • Whatever I didn’t say, (1978)

  • Interchange of sleeplessness and dream, (1980)

  • Vain Game, (1981)

  • Senses that can not decide, (1983),

  • A little bit more, (1985)

  • Concert with low lights, (1986)

  • Last flare, (1989)

  • The next night, (1993)

  • Letters to memory, (1995)

  • The eastern West, (1996)

  1. Prose:

  • Displacement (short stories), (1972)

  • To the Exit (novel), (1974)

  1. Drama:

  • Theater, (1970)

  • The Bridge, (1979)

Address: 15b Filadelfeias Str., 171 21 NEA SMYRNI. Tel. 93.38.696


109 Nikiou Str., 122 43 AEGALEO. Tel. 59.82.062 - 59.89.352


  1. Poetess - Art of poetry. 2. Writer essays.

“B I B L I O G R A P H Y”


  1. Talks with sky (1950-1970) 1970

  2. The light without dark 1972

  3. The voice of wings 1973

  4. Crystallisation 1974

  5. Under the shade of the vine yard 1976

  6. Archangels flying for mother (Elegy) 1977

  7. Raspberries on shooting stars’ orbit 1981

(Diplom and medal by Academie des lettres et des arts du Perigord).

  1. The grapes of Holy Bible’ vineyard 1985

(A’ Price by company of Christian literature).

  1. The muddy eyelids 1986

  2. Father has rested in the Lord (Ellegy) 1987

  3. Revezie and compunction 1989

  4. By narrow door 1990

  5. Supervising Reflection… 1991

  6. To be connected with experiences 1993

  7. The complete poems 1994


  1. K.P.Cavafi’s Christian Experience 1974

  2. Konstantin Theotokis 1975

  3. Faces bright (Takis Papatsonis, D.P.Papaditsas,

Melissanthi, Zoi Karelli, George Kotsiras,

Bil Liaskas, Arthur Rimbaud,… 1980

  1. To look on Odysseus Elitis 1+4 essays 1980

  2. The form without confuse Essays and notes bibliography

  3. The Apocalypses of John: 9 Essays 1983

  4. Night’s meaning for poetry 1988

  5. The night for David 1992

  6. Rainer Maria Rilke, The charming of grief sorrow 1996


  1. From Christian Association she received the first prize for book (poetry) “The grapes

of Holy". Bible’ vineyard” (Edition 1985)

  1. Diplom and medal by “Academy Letters and Arts of Perigord”. 1986 (Ville de Bordeau)

  2. First prize by Greek Christian Association for her poetry. 1991

  3. Gold medal by mayor of Corinth (My private Country). 1991

  4. Prize for my poem “Macedonia” by Letters Association of North Greece. 1992

  5. Complimentary mention from International Hai-Ku Assosiation. 1993

  6. First prize by Association of Literary men for my essay: “The night for David”. 1994

  7. Gold medal and diplom by C.R.I.G. (Comitato perle Relazioni Internazionali E Per I Gemellaggi) “Dova Marina” (R.C.)

Address: Box 204, 201 00 KORINTHOS. Tel. 0741/28.184 & 33.275


He was born in the twon of Paravola on the shore of lake Trihonis in Etoloakarnania.

His secondary education studies started in Agrinio but were completed in Athens, where he

subseguently studied at ant graduated from the Department of Political and Economic Studies,

School of Law, University of Athens. After graduating, he attended the Business Management

Institute of ASOE (now "Athens University of the Economics").

He has been engaged in writing prose (short story-literary criticism) and, mainly, poetry, as well

as in writing and sypervising number of scientific works of political, sociological and economic

content and he is a regular member of the Greek Society of Christian Latters (GSCL).

So far he has written four poetry selections:

  1. Endo-anaskopiseis (Intro-retrospection) 1987

  2. Martiries (Testimony) 1990, Govostis Publications

  3. Chromata Siopis (Colours of Silence) 1993, Govostis Publications (Winner of first prize

award in Poetry by the Greek Society of Christian Letters).

  1. Giini Antilali (Earthly Echoes) 1995 (Pnevmatiki Zoi Publications).

A number on his poetry have been published in the following magazines: "Synaxi", "Ithomi",

"Riza Agrinioton", "Rizospastis" daily newspaper, "Eleftheros", newspaper of Agrinion.
He has also written the following works:

  1. "Man, Science, The World" 1964 D. Rontas Publ.

  2. "Modern Social Knowledge", 1964 " "

  3. "The Wonder of Artistic Creation", 1964 " "

  4. "Dictionary of Political Sciences", Ch. Patsis "

He is a member of the National Society of Greek Authors.


Date of Birth: February 10, 1929

Place of Birth: VOLOS

Education: Grammar-school

Literary Speciality: Poet, Short-story writer, Essayist, Publisher and Editor of the Literary


Livelihood: Typograph (Printer) - Surveyor

Home Address: Geranion 4, 163 45 - Ilioupoli - Attica

Telephone: 97.00.789

  1. First appearance in literature with poem:

“Of the Wave” (1952) and an essay published in the Magazine EPOCH which he both

published and edited.

  1. Books:

  1. “Sketches”, (poetry), Athens, 1979

  2. “The Relative and the Absolute of Beauty”, (Essay), Athens, 1986

  3. “Smiles”, (poetry), Athens, 1986

  4. “Court Talk”, (poetry), Athens, 1986

  5. “Things Peaceful”, (poetry), Athens, 1987

  6. “Artistic Freedom”, (Essay), Athens, 1987

  7. “Anchored”, (poetry), Athens, 1991

  8. “Vesper”, (poetry), Athens, 1991

  9. “Poetic Beauty”, (Essays), Athens, 1993

  10. “Flowers in a Black Vase”, (poetry), Athens, 1993

  1. “Messages in modern artistic trends”

Colum appearing in every issue of CONTEMPORARY THOUGHT, without interruptions.

By December 1966 the 150th article was published, and it still goes on.

The Literature and Art Magazine CONTEMPORARY THOUGHT has been edited by the

author in Athens since 1976

Address: 4 Geraniou Str., 163 45 ELIOUPOLI. Tel. 97.00.789


Address: 16 Elia Venezi - NEO BOYTZA - RAFINA 109 09. Tel. 0294 - 32.260


Novelist (prose writer) - Essayist

Former Director Gen. In the Ministry of Higher Education (Direction of Higher Education and Fine Arts) Former President:

  1. of “House of Letters and Fine Arts”

  2. of the Theatre: “Arma Thespidos”

  3. of the “Hellenic Center of Cinematografique”

Former Vicepresident of the “League of Greek Novelist”

Books of Novels:

  1. “Life without joy” (1951)

  2. “In the hawk’s Wails” (1976)

  3. “Begging the End” (1984)

  4. “Anxietie” (1987)

Books of short stories:

1. “The woman who has passed in red” (1945)

2. “High upon the white Rock” (1962)

3. “Men in the life” (1965)

  1. “As the storks were gone” (1980).

(Some of them has been translated in Italy and Hungaria)

1. “Iberia” (1962)

  1. “Far away in the Suomen” (1972)


1. “Chronicle - History of our higher Education (1970)

2. “Poetical competition (1857-1873) and our language” (1973)

3. “The European Union Pass throug the Cultural Union” (in French - 1974)

“Beyond to the limit” 1951


“Many in several magazines of Athens as “Nea Estia”, “Nea Skepsi”, “Sygchroni

Address: 158, 3th Septemvriou Str., 112 51 ATHENS. Tel. 86.77.560


63 -65 Akominatou Str., 104 38 ATHENS. Tel.: 88.19.726


Writer - Poetess

Maried, 3 Children

  1. “Porthmia” (Ferriage), Novelle. 1961

  2. “Concertino”. Tales. 1965

  3. “Rekviem”. Poems. 1985

Address: 21, Rimini Str. - Filothei, 152 37 Athens - Greece. Tel.: 01-68.13.944


Lena Pappa was born in Athens.

She studied History and Archaeology at the University of Athens and French Literature at the French Institute of Athens.

She attended History of Art courses at the Athens Higher School of Fine Arts and obtained her undergraduate degree, under a scholarship, in Paris where she attended Modern Art courses in Sorbonne and gained the DIPLOME D’ ETUDES APPROFONDIES.

She started as an administrative employee in the Higher Council of Public Services and then she was appointed at the Higher School of Fine Arts where she served as a Library Supervisor (assistant of P. Prevelakis; Professor of History of Art) and from 1980 until 1990 she hold the position as Secretary General at the School of Fine Arts.

She is a member of the National Association of Greek Authors and a founding member of the Delfic Academy.

Until today she has published the following poem collections:

  1. “Poems”, Athens, 1956

  2. “Splendors”, Athens, 1961

  3. “Whispers”, Publisher: Ekdosis ton Filon, Athens 1963

  4. “Autographs”, Athens, 1967

  5. “Poesies”, Coll: Autour du Monde. Publisher: Pierre Seghers, Paris, 1969

  6. “On the Way”. Publisher: Ekdosis ton Filon, Athens, 1973

  7. “Dark Chamber”, Publisher: Ekdosis ton Filon, Athens, 1979

  8. “Inner Voices”, Athens, 1982 (Not on sale)

  9. “Palabras de Vidrio” (Words of Glass). Publisher: Los Vientos, Barcelona, 1984

  10. “Inside Mirrors”. Publisher: Astrolavos-Efthini, Athens, 1984

  11. “Artesians”. Publisher: Ekdosis ton Filon, Athens, 1988

  12. “Skyway”, Athens, 1922 (Not on sale)

  13. “Comprehensive poem collection”. A’ Volume. Publisher: Armos, Athens, 1994

Short stories collections:

  1. “Biorythmes”. Publisher: Kollaros, Estia, Athens, 1982

  2. “Forth Class Hotel”. Publisher: Armos, Athens, 1996

Her poems have been translated in German, Spanish, Polish, English and Brazilian and have been published in anthologies and Magazines overseas. She has published also archaeological articles and translations of foreign litterature texts.

She is a collaborator of the literature magazine “NEA ESTIA” and “EFTHINI”.


1976: Prise in the world competition of lyric poetry of “Cavalieri per l’ Europa”, in Italy

1981: Prise of lyric poetry “LAMBROS PORFYRAS” of the Athens Academy

1983 and 1986: Prise of “Piece and Friendship ABDI IPEKTSI”, in Turkie

1984: Prise of “Giovani Vaccaro”, in Italy, and of the “Delfic Amphictionies Assocation”, in


1985: Special honor award at the 3rd International Poetry Competition “Ulivo d’ Oro”, at

Torino, in Italy.

1986: Medaille d’ or of the Academy of Lutece for the books “Inside Mirrors” and “Biorythmes”

1988: Prise of the “Delfic Amphictionies Association”

1993: First poetry award of the “Christian Letters Association” for her poetic collection


1995: Prise KOSTAS OURANIS for the Comprehensive poem collection (A’ Vol.) of the

Athens Academy.

She is married the Vice President of the Supreme Court of Justice Anastase Marinos and she has a daughter, holder of a law degree.
Unpublished work:

Short stories and the B’ Volume of her poems, infant poetry, essays, and theatrical one acts and monologues.

Address: 21 Analipseos 21 & D. Vernardou, 152 35. Tel. 80.30.717


Born on October 25th, 1935, in Piraeus, Greece.

Lived for about 25 years in Germany.

  • “Dawn” (verse), Athens 1955

  • “Stalactites of Silence” (verse), Athens 1956

  • “The Bells of the Aegean Sea” (verse), Athens 1957

  • “La Noche es la Musika de los Desesperados” (verse), Athens 1960

  • “Blood of Solitude” (verse), Athens 1960

  • “The Bells of the Aegean Sea” (verse), second, revised and completed edition, Athens 1966

  • “Service of an Exile” (verse), first book, Athens 1986

Has also written verse directly in English, German and Spanish. Some of his poems have been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Furthermore, various and numerous, published and still unpublished, translations of verse, primarily from German, but also from English, French, Spanish and Italian iinto Greek, as well as, all published, translations of novels (Dûrrenmatt, Fontane, Werfel, Goethe) and aphorisms (K. Kraus), exclusively from German into Greek.-
Address: Ierolochiton St. 28, 122 44 Egaleo - Athens, Greece (Tel. 54.52.640)


University Professor

Address: 4 Kavafi Str., 152 36 PALEA PENTELI. Tel. 66.66.583



TEL. 010 72 11 403 FAX : 010 72 25 742
Author : YOLANDA PATERAKI . Born in Ioannina of Greece . She has studied Literature and has worked in schools and institutes for many years , as a teacher . She has also acquired a distinguished piano Diploma .

From the early age , she began writing books , collaborating with Greek newspapers and magazines and writing “ scenarios ” for the cinema and television . She is a permanent collaborator with the well known Greek Literary magazines : NEA ESTIA and NEA SKEPSI . She is GENERAL SECRETARY OF THE NATIONAL SOCIETY OF GREEK MEN OF LETTERS , also a Board member of the HELLENIC SOCIETY OF TRANSLATORS OF LITERATURE and a member of the “ CIRCLE OF THE GREEK CHILDREN’S BOOKS ” , which is the Greek Section of IBBY ( International Board on Books for Young children ) . She has been awarded with 14 Greek and International prizes for a lot of her books . She has also won the A’ prize of the State and in 1983 she was awarded by the ACADEMY OF ATHENS for her general offer to the children’s Literature . She has written many books for children and adults and has published thirty four as well as thirty five (35) , up to now , translations .


  1. " GRANDMA'S LACE CAP " ( Tales )

Prize of the Circle of Greek Children's Books

  1. " MY BROTHER , MY LITTLE MAN " ( Novel )

Prize of the Greek Women's Association

  1. " MOONMEN COME TO EARTH " ( A diaplanetic tale )

  1. " THREE STORIES AND A TRUTH " ( Short stories for pre - school age )

  1. " ALINA AND THE SUN " ( Short stories for pre – school age )

Prize of the Circle of Greek Children's Books
" THE LION -HEARTED " (Novel of adventure in six separate volumes ) :

  1. a) " A gang with heart "

  1. b) " WHO have disappeared the letters of mystery ? "

  1. c) " The top secret of the four "

  1. d) " The computer detective "

  1. e) " Gangsters or artists without value ? "

  1. f) " The Lion – Hearted in new action "

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