Westward Expansion / Indian Removal Study Guide

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Westward Expansion / Indian Removal Study Guide

  1. What is important about the University of Georgia?

1st state-chartered, public university in the US

  1. What was the first method the state government of Georgia used to distribute land and how was it set up? Headright system – head of households given 200 acres of land (white males that were at least 21 years old…more land given if had a family or owned slaves)

  2. Describe the Yazoo Land Fraud and the final results

Political scam/scandal-bribed members of the General Assembly to sell public land to them for low prices; Resulted in changing GA’s western border to the Chattahoochee River

  1. How was the land lottery set up and who could win?

Pay a fee, spin the wheel to win land; Veterans & women/widows could enter

  1. What was important about the city of Louisville and what was one of the only thing it is remembered for? 3rd capital of GA; showed the population moving west; the location where the Yazoo Land Fraud documents were burned.

  2. Why did the capitol of Georgia move so many times?

To stay in the center of the state’s population

  1. What are the 5 capitals of Georgia in chronological order? (remember SALMA)

Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, Atlanta

  1. What are some factors that encouraged economic growth in Georgia in the Westward expansion time period? (identify 3 different factors) Cotton Gin, railroads, plantation systems

  2. Describe how the cotton gin impacted Georgia during this time.

Caused a greater need for slave labor

  1. Describe how railroads impacted Georgia, including the city of Terminus

Main transportation; where the railroads all met….ATLANTA

  1. What was the impact of the development of railroads and steamboats?

Transportation, population, economics

  1. Why did the whites want to remove the Creeks off their land?

For their fertile land (cotton)

  1. Identify how the two Creek chiefs: William McIntosh and Alexander McGillivray were different

McIntosh-Creek chief bribed to sign a treaty giving up Creek lands forcing ALL Creeks to LEAVE GA; McGillivray-Creek chief who signed a treaty giving up PART of the Creek land IN RETURN that the US government would honor new boundary lines

  1. Why did the whites want to remove the Cherokees off their land?


  1. Describe the importance of the city of Dahlonega

Where the gold was found….GOLD RUSH

  1. Identify the role the following played in event that came to be known as the Trail of Tears:

    • Cherokee Nation- US govt. wanted to “civilize” them by teaching them to dress like whites, follow a code of written law, and convert to Christianity…”fit in” with the whites.

    • Worchester v. Georgia-Supreme Court ruled that the Cherokees were an independent (sovereign) nation and that GA’s laws did not apply to them

    • Sequoyah-developed a written form of the Cherokee language; alphabet

    • John Ross-Cherokee chief who was not in favor of removal

    • Andrew Jackson-Andrew, “I hate Indians”, Jackson…President who never enforced Worcester vs. GA; signed the Indian Removal Act

    • John Marshall- Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who ruled in favor of the Cherokee Nation in the court case Worcester vs. GA

Trail of Tears….trail taken by 15,000 Cherokees to new territory; Most of the Indians moved to Oklahoma

Part of the westward expansion was the spread of the Baptist and Methodist churches…Methodist were known for their “circuit riders” and camp revivals!

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