] sexual crimes against and exploitation of children

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2003-04] sexual crimes against and exploitation of children

Sexual Crimes Against and Exploitation of Children and the Law in Papua New Guinea1
John Y. Luluaki2


On 28 March 2002, the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea (PNG) passed the Criminal Code Ch.262 (Sexual Offences and Crimes Against Children) Act (the new law). Its purpose was to repeal certain sections and amend others of the Criminal Code chapter 262, (the Code) dealing with sexual offences against children, to reflect more appropriately the changed and changing circumstances of sexual violence against women and children in the country. The old Criminal Code provisions relating to sexual offences against children and women generally went under the legislative scalpel changing completely the landscape of the old provisions with this enactment. The purpose of this article is to discuss the different provisions contained in the new law dealing with the issue of sexual crimes against children. This is done in the context of both legislative reform of outdated criminal laws and PNG’s international obligation to safe guard children from all forms of abuse and exploitation and protect the rights of children.

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