1997 acf regionals questions by Berkeley II

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Questions by Berkeley II
1. Identified from its oxide in 1789 by Klaproth, its pure form was isolated in 1824 by Berzelius. It is relatively abundant in the Earth's crust and is transparent to neutrons. What is this element used in nuclear reactors for cladding feul irons, for alloying with Uranium, and for reactor-core structures because of its unique combination of properties, FTP of atomic number 40?

Answer: Zirconium

2. In World War I this man served as an infantry lieutenant in Alsace-Lorraine before transferring to the air force. A highly decorated leader of the Richthofen squadron, after the war he was a commercial pilot in Sweden before returning to Germany and joining the Nazi party. Wounded in the Beer Hall Putsch, he later became president of the Reichstag, minister of aviation,minister of the interior, and economic dictator of Germany. FTP name the man Hitler chose as his successor.

Answer: Hermann Wilhelm Goering

3. This writer, journalist, and magistrate was one of England's greatest reforming justices. In Pasquin and The Historical Register, he satirized the Walpole government, resulting in the passage of the Licensing Act, which ended his dramatic career. The Jacobite Rebellion diverted him to political writing, and he produced the periodicals True Patriot and Jacobite's Journal. He is best remembered for his novels which include Jonathan Wild and Amelia. FTP name this writer who satirized Samuel Richardson in Shamela and Joseph Andrews.

Answer: Henry Fielding

4. He found resentment to be the heart of Christianity and distinguished two elements of human nature, which he called the Apollonian and the Dionysian. A one-time friend of Wagner his works include The Case of Wagner, and The Gay Science. FTP name this author of The Birth of Tragedy from the Spirit of Music, Beyond Good and Evil, and Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

Answer: Friedrich Nietzsche

5. This novel presents a system of education that preaches that the one thing needful is Facts. The founder of this system marries his daughter Louisa to a bounder who constantly tells lies about how awful his youth was. The educator repudiates his system when she suffers a nervous breakdown. Further evidence of the system's failure comes when his son robs the bank, and frames a factory worker named Stephen Blackpool, who had been ostracized by the other workers for refusing to join their strike. FTP, name this novel by Dickens.

Answer: Hard Times

6. This illness acquired an alternate name because epidemic studies were conducted in a specific place, hence the other name. It is contagious, but contracting it will provide a lifetime immunity thereafter. Two innoculations now exist. It causes a blotchy rash, enlargement of the lymph glands in the neck and behind the ears, and fever sometimes for two days. FTP what is this childhood disease, especially dangerous to the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy?

Answer: Rubella (prompt for more on German measles)

7. This candidate for the Republican nomination in the late 19th century never made it to the White House. Scandals such as the Mulligan Papers impeded him. He did serve as Secretary of State twice, but the one time he finally wrested the Presidential nomination, he was defeated because of the over-zealous slogan of one of his suppoorters, "Rum, Romanism, and Ruin." Who, FTP, lost the 1884 election by a slim margin, a man his enemies called "The continental liar from the state of Maine?"

Answer: James G. Blaine

8. Northern France is somewhat flat and open to invasion across the Rhine, but in southern France, the Pyrrhenes and this large plateau make this prospect less likely. FTP name this large plateau which dominates a great share of southeast France before the Alpine foothills and is named for its approximate location

Answer: Massif Central

9. Though he himself was not actively involved in the controversy, his followers feuded with those of Richard Wagner. A romantic composer strongly influenced by his friend Robert Schumann, he went on tour with the Hungarian violinist Remenyi. His Tragic Overture was influenced by Goethe's Werther and his orchestral works include Variations on a Theme of Haydn. FTP identify this composer of four symphonies and German Requiem.

Answer: Johannes Brahms

10. Originally introduced in The New Yorker, they appeared in print in the 1960's. The eldest son Seymour commits suicide. An eccentric group of child geniuses who appeared on a TV quiz show, their lives are the subject of Seymour: An Introduction, Raise High the Roof-Beam, Carpenters, and Franny and Zooey. FTP name this Salinger family featured in 'A Perfect Day for Bananafish.'

Answer: Glass family

11. He wrote On the Anatomy of the Veins and Arteries, On Medical Experience, and On the Use of the Bodily Parts in the Human Body, which was actually based on dissections of monkeys. He believed that blood originates in the liver and passes through pores from the right ventricle to the left, and showed by experiment that arteries contain blood. He gave public lectures and dissections as court physician to Marcus Aurelius and his influence dominated European medicine until the sixteenth century. FTP name this second century Greek founder of experimental physiology.

Answer: Claudius Galen or Claudius Galenus

12. A characteristic of utilitarian theory, it states that what makes something valuable is happiness, pleasure, or the satisfaction of preferences. This doctrine rejects ethical theories that accord value to things irrespective of how people feel about those things. FTP, name this doctrine, whose name derives from the Greek word for pleasure.

Answer: Hedonism

13. In this incident of a century ago, British soldiers trapped in a hospital held out against thousands of Zulu warriors. Despite severe shortages of food and ammunition, the British'whose guns gave them a distinct advantage over the spear-wielding Zulu'resisted and won the Queen's admiration. FTP what was this 1896 battle, better described as a siege?

Answer: Rourke's Drift

14. Mozart made variations upon this theme. It was developed by Jane Taylor, a woman better known for her children's verse. With her sister Ann, she composed "Rhymes for the Nursery," a collection which includes this memorable poem which attempts to capture the voice of a child's curiosity as he gazes at the mystery of the night sky pierced by countless sparkling points of light. FTP, name the poem, or give its famous first line.

Answer: Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star or "The Star"

15. Born Abu Ja'far Muhammad Ibn Musa, he wrote De Numero Indorum, which introduced the Hindu number system to Europe. Another chief work enlarged upon the work of Diopahntus and is largely concerned with methods of solving computational problems. His discussion of algebra, the title of this work, was confined mainly to first and second degree equations. FTP, name this Arab mathematician, from whose name we derive the word algorithm.

Answer: Al-Khwarizmi

16. As a military commander following the assassination of the Grand Pensionary Jan De Witt, he negotiated favorable peace terms for his country at Nijmegen. Following an invitation from the Immortal Seven, he landed at Torbay on November 5, 1688. FTP identify this man, who with his wife Mary II, became king during the Glorious Revolution.

Answer: William III or William of Orange

17. Unable to administer in good conscience the sacrement of the Last Supper, this thinker resigned as minister of the Old Second Church following the death of his wife Ellen Tucker. This writer's works include Compensation and Natural History of the Intellect and his ideas were strongly influenced by Coleridge, Swedenborg, and the Neoplatonists. As a speaker, he is famous for The Divinity School Address and The American Scholar. FTP name this Transcendentalist author of Nature.

Answer: Ralph Waldo Emerson

18. Knowledge of how to do this ancient sport eluded moderns for some years. Some people assumed one stood still and just did it. This misconceptions was corrected after the examination of numerous statues and vase paintings which indicate the athlestes whirling before releasing the object. FTP, what is this restored Olympic sport, less like the frisbee than originally interpreted?

Answer: Discus Throw

19. In 1918, he held a one-man show in Paris that was closed for indecency because of its frank nudes. In 1909, under the influence of Brancusi, he took to sculpture and produced a number of stone heads in African style. A student of the Italian Renaissance, he associated with Toulousse-Lautrec and the Fauves. FTP identify this Italian painter and sculptor known for the elongated forms he employed.

Answer: Amedeo Modigliani

20. Too poor to attend college, this Streater, Illinois native built his own 9 inch telescope and moved out west. Towards the end of his life, based on an arcane variation of the Titius-Bode law, he directed a search for a tenth planet which he called X without any success. FTP name this American astronomer, who died in January 1997, some 65 years after locating the Planet Pluto.

Answer: Clyde Tombaugh

21. Two answers are required. She lived in Sestos. He lived in Abydos. Every night, he would swim the Hellespont o court her. When he was drowned in a storm, she threw herself into the sea. FTP name these lovers from greek mythology.

Answer: Hero And Leander

22. There are four of them in the human body, and they get their name from the Latin word for collarbone. The external ones drain surface regions of the head and neck, while the internal ones carry blood from deeper neck tissues and from the interior of the skull. Opening the interior ones usually proves fatal, giving rise to a popular idiom. FTP, name these large veins of the head and neck.

Answer: Jugular Vein

23. This writer's works include A Treatise on the Influence of the Passions upon the Happiness of Individuals and Nations, Letter on the Works and the Character of J. J. Rousseau, and The Influence of Literature on Society. An important forerunner of French romanticism, she was a personal enemy of Napoleon, who forbade her to approach within 40 leagues of Paris, and seized and destroyed the first edition of her book On Germany. She grew up in her mother's intellectual salon, and then formed her own; by the outbreak of the French Revolution it had become a political center. FTP name this author of the novels Corinne and Delphine.

Answer: Madame Anne-Louise-Germaine Necker, baronne de Stael-Holstein

1997 ACF Regionals

Questions by Berkeley II
1. Name these people from 18th century American history FTP each.

1. He wrote the Circular Letter against the Townshend Acts and initiated the Committees of Corresponcence. Before the Revolution he controlled both the Boston town meeting and the Massachusetts legislature. In the 1790's he became governor of Massachusetts.

Answer: Samuel Adams

2. His notes on the Constitutional Convention are the only good record of its proceedings He debated Patrick Henry at the Virginia ratifying convention, and wrote Washington's inaugural address.

Answer: James Madison

3. Often called the penman of the Revolution, he wrote the Declaration of Rights that was adopted by the Stamp Act Congress, and several so-called "Farmer's Letters" denouncing British taxes. He hoped for reconciliation with Britain and opposed the Declaration of Independence. He headed the Delaware delegation to the Constitutional Convention.

A: John (not Jonathan) Dickinson
2. Name these parts of the tooth FTPE.

1. The outer layer of the tooth and hardest tissue in the human body.

Answer: enamel

2. The middle layer of the tooth, less hard than the enamel, it is similar in composition to bone.

Answer: dentine

3. The innermost layer of the tooth, it consists of cells, tiny blood vessels, and a nerve. It occupies a cavity in the center of the tooth.

Answer: pulp
3. Travels with Phil Flavius Huang III. Sadly for Phil, he is now serving on a galley ship as a rower.

1. His first voyage is off to the Pontus Euxinus. For 5 points, by what modern name is this body of water known?

Answer: Black Sea

2. Phil's ship puts in at Tomi for provisions. Phil recognizes this city, FTP, as the future place of banishment of what Roman poet, best known for The Art of Love?

Answer: Ovid or Publius Ovidius Naso

3. Phil's ship also stops on its way back and picks up a Roman admiral. Phil realizes this man's identity and hails him as Augustus' future son-in-law, for which he is released from rowing. For 15, who was this admiral who had won at Actium?

M. Vipsanius Agrippa
4. Who wrote the following similarly titled books FFPE.

1. Giovanni's Room Answer: James Baldwin

2. Jacob's Room Answer: Virginia Woolf

3. A Room of One's Own Answer: Virginia Woolf

4. A Room with a View Answer: E. M. Forster

5. Other Voices, Other Rooms Answer: Truman Capote

6. The Enormous Room Answer: e.e. cummings
5. Identify these terms from topology FTP each.

1. This is a point set given with a binary symmetric real-valued function that takes the value 0 if its arguments are equal and is positive otherwise, and satisfies the triangle inequality.

Answer: metric space

2. This is a function such that the inverse image of an open set is open.

Answer: continuous function or mapping

3. This is a topological space in which the only subsets that are both closed and open are the empty set and the whole space.

Answer: connected space

6. Identify the following bands from a brief description on a 10-5 basis.

1. 10: The band was named by Who members Keith Moon and John Entwhistle, who wanted to join with Stevie Winwood and this band's lead guitarist - but never did.

5: It was originally "The New Yardbirds"

Answer: Led Zeppelin

2. 10: They first played together in "Feedback", and then "The Hype"

5: They took their name from a famous spy plane.

Answer: U2

3. 10: They took their name from an alias Paul McCartney adopted in 1960's.

5: The members Jeffry Hyman, John Cummings, Douglas Colvin and Thomas Erelyi adopted the band's name as surnames and pretended to be brothers.

Answer: Ramones
7. 30-20-10 identify the philosopher and economist.

1. A cousin of Witgenstein, he made noted contributions to economics and psychology. From his perch at the London School of Economics, he was a major opponent of John Maynard Keynes and Cambridge in the postwar era.

2. He wrote "The Road to Serfdom" warning of communism and "The Fatal Conceit" on why large scale planning is doomed to failure.

3. He won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1974

Answer: Friedrich von Hayek

8. South of the Caucasus is a quite controversial area since the demise of the Soviet Union. Three countries from the former Soviet Union comprise this area.

1. Name the leaders of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan for 5 points for each.

Answer: Georgia--Edward Shevardnadze, Armenia--Ter-Petrosian , Azerbaijan--Heidar Aliev

2. Azerbaijan contains an area controlled by Armenians. Name it FFP.

Answer: Nagorno-Karabakh

3. Armenia surrounds an area belonging to Azerbaijan. Name it FFP.

Answer: Nakhichevan

4. Separatists in this north Georgia area have tried to kill President Shevardnadze. Name it FFP.

Answer: Abkhazia

9. Name these plays by Shakespeare from characters FTP each.

1. Bianca, Brabantio, Roderigo

Answer: Othello

2. Duchess of Gloster, Edmund of Langley, Thomas Mowbray, Bagot

Answer: The Life and Death of King Richard II

3. Antipholus, Dromio, Adriana, Luciana

Answer: The Comedy of Errors
10. Identify these royal figures from Arthurian myth FFPE.

1. The virtuous wife of Gorlois, duke of Tintagel, she is seduced by Uther Pendragon who visits her through Merlin's magic in the guise of her husband.

Answer: Queen Igraine

2. This daughter of King Leodegrance's dowry included 500 horses and a Round Table.

Answer: Queen Guinevere

3. The king of Cornwall and uncle to Sir Tristran, this husband of Iseult plays the role of a cuckold.

Answer: King Mark

4. He is the husband of Margawse and the father of Gawaine, Agravaine, Gaheris, and Gareth.

Answer: King Lot

5. This king of Benwick is Sir Launcelot's father.

Answer: King Ban

6. This nameless man is the keeper of the spear of Longinus in the Grail legend.

Answer: Fisher King

11. Mississippi may have the nation's worst literacy rate, but it has produced many fine writers. You may know William Faulkner was born in New Albany, but how about the others identify the following on a 10-5 basis from their birthplace and works.

1. 10: Born in 1909 in Jackson.

5: She wrote Delta Wedding and The Optimist's Daughter

Answer: Eudora Welty

2. 10: Born in 1908 in Natchez.

5: He wrote Native Son and Black Boy

Answer: Richard Wright

3. 10: Born in 1911 in Columbus.

5: He wrote Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and A Streetcar Named Desire

Answer: Tennessee Williams
12. Buckminster Fuller invented the geodesic dome and developed a new geometry. How well do you understand his Synergetics? FTP each answer the following:

1. A key point in understanding Synergetics is the closest packing of circles or spheres. While remaining on a single plane, what is the most number of equal sized circles that a single circle can touch? (Note, circles cannot overlap, but can have a single point of tangency).

Answer: Six

2. In the opaque terminology of Fuller "Tensegrity describes a structural-relationship principle in which structural shape is guaranteed by the finitely closed, comprehensively continuous, tensional behaviors of the system and not by the discontinuous and exclusively local compressional member behaviors." How many members (or struts) does the simplest tensegrity octahedron have ... the members do not touch each other, they are held together at their ends by a tension net.

Answer: Three

3. Cartesian coordinate geometry is based on ninety degree angles separating the x,y, and z, axes. How many degrees separate axes in Fuller's Synergetics?

Answer: Sixty
13. Identify these painters from works on a 10-5 basis.

1. 10: Self-Portrait with Halo, Landscape at Viroflay, Nafea Faa Ipoipo

5: Two Tahitian Women, Vision After the Sermon

Answer: Paul Gauguin

2. 10: Harlequin, Woman By a Window, Ambroise Vollard

5: Three Musicians, Les Demoiselles D'Avignon

Answer: Pablo Picasso

3. 10: Thomas Carlyle, Old Battersea Bridge, Symphony in White

5: Arrangement in Grey and Black

Answer: James Abbott McNeill Whistler

14. A number of Monks have been given the appellation "doctor", who were the following FFPE amd a bonus five for all correct

1. The Seraphic Doctor, this Franciscan wrote "The Mind's Road to God"

Answer: St. Bonaventure

2. Doctor Mirabilis, he wrote an "Opus Majus"

Answer: Roger Bacon

3. Doctor Subtilis, this Franciscan wrote "De rerum principia"

Answer: John Duns Scotus

4. Doctor Angelicus, this Dominican wrote "Summa Theologica"

Answer: Thomas Aquinas

5. The Universal Doctor, he taught Thomas Aquinas.

Answer: Albertus Magnus
15. Who composed the following operas FFPE.

1. L'elisir d'amore, Lucrezia Borgia Answer: Gaetano Donizetti

2. La Sonnambula, I Puritani Answer: Vincenzo Bellini

3. La Finita Semplice, Idiomeneo Answer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

4. Il Tabarro, Gianni Schicchi Answer: Giacomo Puccini

5. Luisa Miller, Simon Boccanegra Answer: Giuseppe Verdi

6. Orfeo, L'Incoronazione di Poppea Answer: Claudio Monteverdi

16. Given a list of 5 battles, identify the war from which each was fought FFP each.

1. Sedan Answer: Franco-Prussian War

2. King 's Mountain Answer: American Revolution

3. Pork Chop Hill Answer: Korean War

4. Mausurian Lake Answer: World War I

5. Malplaquette Answer: War of Spanish Succession

6. Agincourt Answer: Hundred Years' War

17. Name the novel from characters FTP each.

1. Bernard Marx, the Savage

Answer: Brave New World

2. Lt. Tyrone Slothrop

Answer: Gravity's Rainbow

3. Abel Magwitch, Bentley Drummle

Answer: Great Expectations
18. Answer the following about a planet in the solar system on a 30-20-10 basis.

1. An amateur astronomer by the name of Dr. Lescarbault claimed to have sighted it, but he failed to take precise notes on his observation, but was rewarded by Napoleon III for his efforts.

2. The distance from the sun and mass of this planet was estimated by Leverrier in his Tables de Mercure. He also selected its name.

3. Einstein's theories proved that this intra-Mercury planet does not exist. Relativity accounts for Mercury's curious orbit.

Answer: Vulcan
19. Odysseus and Phil Flavius Huang are not the only characters to make a famous journey. For the stated number of points, identify the following travelers from Norse myth:

1. 5: He led a journey to Utgard Loki's hall to challenge the Jotuns in a contest of strength, but was deceived into wrestling Old Age.

Answer: Thor

2. 10: He travelled to Jotunheim to woo Gerth for his friend and master, Frey.

Answer: Skirnir

3. 15: He rode Odin's horse all the way to Hell to find out if Balder could be restored to the world.

Answer: Hermod
20. 30-20-10 Identify the figure from American history.

1. Born in 1745, he played an important role at the Constitutional Convention, coauthoring the Connecticut Compromise with Roger Sherman and helping to draft the Bill of Rights.

2. One of Connecticut's first two senators, he wrote the Judiciary Act, which established the federal court system.

3. In 1796 he became the 3rd Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Answer: Oliver Ellsworth
21. Office Buildings, everyone has been in one. Identify the architects of the following famous Office complexes for ten points each:

1. The Uffizi, in Florence

Answer: Giorgio Vasari

2. The Larkin Building, Buffalo

Answer: Frank Lloyd Wright

3. The Seagram Building, New York

Answer: Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe or Philip Johnson
22. Human biology and blood stuff. Answer the following FTP each.

1. This protein accounts for 55% of the total protein in blood plasma. Its major function is to help maintain the osmotic pressure between the blood vessels and tissues.

Answer: Serum albumin

2. Serum albumin contains two factors necessary for the control of blood clotting. What factor keeps the clotting enzyme from working unless it is needed?

Answer: Antithrombin

3. This is necessary for the anti-clotting action of a closely named acid.

Answer: Heparin co-factor

23. This bonus tests your knowledge of Bartlett's _Familiar Quotations_. Name the authors of the following FTP each.

1. 'Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.'

Answer: Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy

2. 'A great nose indicates a great man--genial, courteous, intellectual, virile, courageous. '

Answer: Edmond Rostand

3. 'Physical concepts are free creations of the human mind, and are not, however it may seem, uniquely determined by the external world.'

Answer: Albert Einstein
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