2016 Event Fact Sheet

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2016 Event Fact Sheet
For more information about these events, visit www.climateride.org/events

Climate Ride Death Valley National Park – February 27-March 3, 2016

Death Valley National Park, California, 6 days, 260 miles

This ride explores Death Valley, a renowned cyclists paradise with little car traffic, warm winter weather, and unparalleled desert vistas. We’ll cycle paved roads passing spectacular salt flats, desert oases, cathedrals of red rock, and view of towering mountains like Telescope Peak.

Climate Ride Vietnam to Cambodia – March 15-23, 2016

Saigon to Angkor Wat, 9 days, 215 miles

Climate Ride Vietnam to Cambodia is designed to highlight the climate and environmental challenges facing one of the most stunning and ecologically important areas on the planet – Southeast Asia and the Mekong Delta. Bicycles are included, so participants do not have to bring their own.

Climate Ride California North Coast – May 22-26, 2016

Humboldt County to San Francisco, 5 days, 320 miles

Climate Ride California North Coast is a 5-day, fully-supported cycling adventure that begins near the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt County, pedals along the Northern California coast, and ventures into the famed Russian River Valley before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco.

Climate Ride Pacific Northwest – August 4-9, 2016

San Juan Islands and Olympic Peninsula, 6 days, 370 miles

On Climate Ride Pacific Northwest, we’ll ride along beautiful rugged beaches, visit historic port towns, breathe the cool, fresh air of the temperate rainforest, and pedal to the peaks of the stunning Olympic Mountains. From tide pools to glaciers, this cycling adventure offers a diverse array of landscapes that deliver the cycling experience of a lifetime.

Climate Hike Glacier National Park – July 13-17, 2016 & August 3-7, 2016

Glacier National Park, Montana, 5 days, 50 miles

Two Departures! On Climate Hike Glacier National Park, we spend five days hiking the iconic trails on the ‘Crown of the Continent’. We’ll traverse arêtes and high alpine mountain passes, past glacial lakes and stunning waterfalls. By participating in Climate Hike Glacier, you’ll see first-hand just what is at stake.
Climate Ride Northeast – September 8-12, 2016

Bar Harbor to Boston, 5 days, 390 miles

Climate Ride Northeast is a 5-day, full-supported cycling adventure that begins in Bar Harbor, travels along Maine’s beautiful coastline past lighthouses, wild blueberry patches and quaint harbor towns all the way down to Boston!

Climate Ride NYC-DC – September 17-21, 2016

New York City to Washington D.C., 5 days, 300 miles

Climate Ride NYC-DC is a grand cycling adventure that connects two of the nation’s most important cities by bicycle. You’ll pedal through rich green countryside, historic towns, and horse country before arriving at the steps of the US Capitol.

Climate Ride Summer Session – June 17 – July 10, 2016

Portland to Santa Barbara, 24 days, 1200 mile, van-supported

Climate Ride Summer Session, designed specifically for young adults ages 18-24, is a three-week charitable trip designed to engage, educate, and inspire 20 young leaders during a journey through some of America’s most beautiful locales. Bring your sense of adventure and your desire to learn more about sustainability, active transportation, and environmental causes.

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