3rd Annual Washington University Gateway Invitational Tournament Tossups – Round 5 Packet by University of Iowa

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3rd Annual Washington University

Gateway Invitational Tournament

Tossups – Round 5

Packet by University of Iowa
1. On the 7th Crusade in Egypt in 1250, he was captured & held for ransom. He made peaceful agreements with James I of Aragon & Henry III of England. In 1270, he undertook the 8th Crusade, but died in Tunis. For ten points, name this French monarch.
St. LOUIS IX (9th)

2. Delores Haze is called 'the light of my life, the fire of my loins' at the opening of this novel. The narrator loves her, despite her young age, but Humbert Humbert's machinations end badly. For ten points, name this Nabokov novel.


3. Plagiarism is the conscious and unacknowledged repetition of another man's words. So - if you can copy it down right, then you'll have no trouble -- for 10 points -- spelling plagiarism.


4. This 52-year old widow defeated Rep. Dan Frisa to become US Representative from Long Island. She ran on a staunch gun-control platform, because her husband was killed by Colin Ferguson. For ten points, name this recently sworn in Congresswoman.

Carolyn McCARTHY

5. His role in society was no more activist than it was mythologist, trying to dispel those mythologies based on white writings by conducting pioneering surveys that helped to map the lives of blacks in the U.S. For ten points, who was this historian-turned sociologist whose efforts resulted in the formation of the NAACP and author of The Souls of Black Folk?


6. Competitors in this sport can earn points in a variety of ways: by nose walking, executing turns, cutbacks, re-entries, beating sections, executing tube rides and just plain making the wave. So - hang 10 points dude and tell me what sport I'm talking about.


7. The last prisoner kept in the Tower of London was there during the last days of WWII. When he died, he was the lone occupant of Spandau Prison. For ten points, name this Nazi propaganda chief.

Rudolf HESS

8. It’s America’s most popular leisure activity, enjoyed by 37 percent of all households. Most who do it are middle-aged, upper-middle class homeowners who live in small towns and semi-rural areas where there’s enough land for putting seeds into the ground. For 10 points, what is this activity that requires a “green thumb”?


9. Like quarks, they can be said to have six flavors - tau, mu, the neutrinos, and the electron. For ten points, name this group of particles.


10. He is now the world's largest maker of Theremins. In 1964, he used circuit boards to create an analog keyboard with dials and oscillators that were a large part of both Emerson, Lake, & Palmer & Switched On Bach. For ten points, name this inventor, whose eerie keyboards bear his name.

Robert A. MOOG

11. It contains covers of 'One of Us', 'I Can't Make You Love Me', and 'La, La, La Means I Love You'. A cover of 'Betcha By Golly Wow' was the Artist's choice for first single. For ten points, what is this 3-CD set by the Purple One?


12. The Kariba & Cabora Bassa Dam lie on this river of around 1700 miles that flows into the Mozambique Channel. On the border of Zambia & Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls lies on this river. For ten points, name it.


13. She is quite literally pretty poison. Her father, a botanist, has fed her poisonous herbs that make her lethal. A faithless lover convinces her to take an antidote that will kill her. For ten points, name this title character of a Hawthorne tale.


14. His first attempt at armed robbery was an unqualified failure as he spent 9 years behind bars for trying to rob an elderly man. Within one year of his release, he killed as many as 20 people and escaped from the police twice. For 10 points, who was this thug that was gunned down himself in 1934, known as Public Enemy # 1 ?


15. People seem to forget the name of his temporary master, Eurystheus. They do remember what Eurytheus told this man to do, which included fetching the golden apples of the Hesperides and killing the Nemean Lion. For 10 points, who was this strongest of Greek heroes?


16. The Incas at Macchu Picchu combined this element with Tin to make Bronze items. Today, this most metallic and least abundant member of the Nitrogen family is mainly used in the creation of acrylic paints and, of all things, soothing digestive disorder. For 10 points, identify this element with atomic number 83 and symbol Bi.


17. Nancy Mace & Petra Lovetinska remain, while Kim Messer and Jeannie Mentalvos' claims are being investigated by Col. Terry Leedom, who promises that wrongdoing will be punished at the 154-year old South Carolina institution called - For ten points - what?


18. After the appallingly annoying film Naked, this director has gone back to the kind of class-comedy that made High Hopes enjoyable. For ten points, name this British director, whose Secrets & Lies is up for several Oscars.


19. In 1963, a high school dropout with a criminal record abducted a teenage girl in Phoenix and raped her. He was picked out of a line-up but never served his prison term as the Supreme Court declared that he wasn't protected against self-incrimination. For 10 points, who was this

man whose name is in a 1966 Court Case?

20. It has an opposition magnitude of 6.0, making it the brightest of the 'minor planets.' In fact, this asteroid is the only one visible to the naked eye. For ten points, name this 'virginal' asteroid.


21. She owned the house in which Trotsky was killed. She suffered from many illnesses, and many of her self-portraits do not hide her treatments. Among her many paintings are 'Macacos' and 'Self-Portrait: Diego in my Thoughts.' For ten points, name this Mexican artist.


22. It was called into question following the death of Joviane Waltrick on Jan.3. The driver was DUI, but received no breath test because he worked for the Republic of Georgia. For ten points, what is this 2-word concept again under fire?


23. It is a quality rating indicating the ability to resist premature detonation & to burn evenly - as fuel in an internal combustion engine. It can be increased by varying the amount of hydrocarbons or by additives like lead. For ten points, what is this number seen at the pumps?

OCTANE number

24. In 1500, he became leader of Darien. In 1513, he led 190 fellow Spanish colonists across mountainous regions of the isthmus to sight the Pacific. For ten points, name this Spanish explorer who discovered Panama.

Vasco Nunez de BALBOA

25. 2 alpha chains & 2 beta chains form an ellipsoidal tetrahedron around an iron-protoporphyrin complex. This molecule only lasts about 120 days in the blood, but it gets recycled to make a new oxygen carrying molecule. For ten points, what is this substance?


26. She's starting to challenge for the #1 ranking, after her win at the Australian Open, with Graf's injuries, this Swiss teen may take the ranking with a solid performance at the French Open. For ten points, name this tennis phenom.

Martina HINGIS

27. Despite being considered a 'chaste goddess,' she falls in love with a Roman soldier occupying her land. Nevertheless, this Druidic priestess gets to sing fine arias like "Casta Diva." For ten points, name this title character of a Bellini opera.


28. It was first produced in 1827. In 1870, Eugene Lapostolle began mass-producing this flavorful cognac & selling it in Paris, where it becomes the rage. It got its name from a son-in-law, who suggested mixing the cognac with exotic oranges, producing a smooth liqueur. For ten points, name this potent potable.


29. While a dove is a symbol of peace, this other bird has been reputed to be a symbol of deceit because its white plumage covers black flesh. It also isn't much known for singing, unless it's about to die. For 10 points, what is this bird, also unique because it never gets divorced?


30. The army has been accused of looting and allowing the rebels to overrun cities. The prime minister promised that the port of Kissengani would not fall, and was oustered when it did For ten points name this African nation headed by the ailing President Mobutu.


3rd Annual Washington University

Gateway Invitational Tournament

Boni – Round 5

Packet by University of Iowa

1. (20) In 1995, this town 18 miles northwest of Boston was dubbed a "prosperous suburb of 15,000" people. 220 years earlier, it served as a storehouse of arms for the Colonists and an object of desire for British General Thomas Gage who planned to seize the colonists' weapons.

1. First for 10 points, identify this town.
2. In neighboring Lexington, the Revolutionary War began with what was known as "The Shot Heard Round the World." For 10 more points, what poet coined that immortal phrase?
Ralph Waldo EMERSON

2. (30) Paganini would roll over in his grave if he saw what young women were doing with the violin these days. Identify the following female Gen-X music heroes, for ten points each:

1. This Vietnamese-born phenom has fused Rock and go-go boots with classical music -- churning out dynamic versions of Classical Gas and Toccata and Fugue in D Minor on her album sub-titled "The violin player"
2. She raised eye-brows by appearing mostly nude on the cover to her recent CD that featured Bach partitas and sonatas.
3. This former Camper van Beethoven violinist has turned to riot girl violin playing on her album The Burdens of Being Upright."

3. (20) Can prosperity deliver peace? Organizers of this new West Bank market sure hope so -- with leaders hoping that new capital into the region will foster greater stability.

1. For 10 points, identify this new trading forum abbreviated as the PSE.
2. For 10 more points and within 2, how many companies were on the exchange as of March 1st, 1997?
23 Accept: 21-25

4. (20) Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation was only the first step in assuring racial equality in the United States. In fact, it took another 7 years from the time of the proclamation to secure the voting rights of all races of men - not just white men. For 10 points a piece, identify the amendment that accomplished this and the year in which it was passed.

15th Amendment


5. (30) Ovid tells of their tale in the Metamorphoses. He - the son of Prometheus - and his wife were the only mortals saved when Zeus decided to annihilate the degenerate race of man. Upon the advice of Themis, they covered their heads and cast stones over their shoulders which turned into men, thereby populating the Earth. For 15 points a piece, name them.



6. (30) Identify this man, 30-20-10

1. President Chester Arthur commissioned him to re-decorate the reception rooms in the White House.

2. He also designed the altar in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, the same city in which his factory headquarters were located.

3. His unique "Favrile" glass became prized the world over in the late 19th Century and again in the 1960's. His jewelry has never been considered less than the best.


7. (20) The 1900 U.S. Census showed that nearly 2 million children between the ages of 10 and 15 were working. Public pressure finally forced Congress to pass an act that prohibited the interstate shipment of goods produced by children under the age of 14 or by children aged 14 to 16 who worked more than 8 hours a day. For 20 points, name this 1916 act.

8. (30) The 1997 U.S. Figure Skating Championships saw some brand new faces in brand new places on the medal podiums this year -- identify the following skaters for the points stated.

1. For 5 points, this tiny pixie upset Michelle Kwan on her way to becoming the youngest U.S. National Champion ever.


2. For 10 points, this young skater almost became the first American to land a quadruple jump successfully and won the silver in the men's event.

Michael WEISS

3. For 15, after 3 years of finishing second, this pair upset Jenni Meno and Todd Sand for the Pairs Gold.

Kyoko INA


9. (20) What used to be sex, drugs and rock

-and-roll is now rock-and-roll, drugs and death or rehab. Given the band member who gained notoreity for a drug-related leave or death, identify their band for 5 points a piece.
1. Jimmy Chamberlain
2. Shannon Hoon
3. Scott Weiland
4. David Gahan

10. (20) This disease is so rare that at any given time, there may be only a dozen children suffering from it in the United States. Not a hereditary condition or contagious, this disease of unknown cause speeds up the cells in the body so that by the time the victim is 6 years old, the cells, organs, and appearance of the child indicate that they are 60 years old. For 20 points, what is this disease whose name is derived from the Greek for "before old age."


11. (30) Complete the title of the Toni Morrison work given the beginning of it for 10 points a piece:

1. The Bluest ____
2. Song of _____
3. Tar _____
12. (30) Sure you wear them...but can you spell what you wear? For 10 points a piece, spell the following clothing terms:
1. Khaki
2. Birkenstock
3. Corduroy

13. (20) It has been dubbed at different times as the Jefferson Expansion Monument, or more commonly, the "Gateway to the West." For 10 points per answer:

1. Name this structure
The St. Louis ARCH
2. And within 10% of the correct figure, how tall is the arch in feet?
630 Feet Accept: 567-693 Feet

14. (30) Jesus Christ was crucified and then died on Good Friday, and as the Sabbath would begin at Sunset, it was necessary by tradition to have his remains buried quickly. Roman tradition did not allow this and thus it took -- for 15 points apiece -- which follower of Jesus to beg which Roman to bring down Jesus' body from the cross?


Pontius PILATE

15. (30) Near the end of the 19th Century, chemists advanced their field with a slew of interesting discoveries and finds. Tell me

-- for 10 points a piece --
1. The element that Johann Balmer worked with in 1884 and subsequently found a spectral sequence for?
2. The element that Henri Moissan isolated in 1886 -- one of the most chemically reactive known to man.
3. The first noble gas discovered by Raleigh and Ramsay in 1894.

16. (20) In order to more properly establish safe bases of operations – the United States -- along with other nations -- have established air borders known commonly as NFZ's. For 20 points, what 3 words does the acronym NFZ refer to?


17. (30) In 1825, the President of the United States complained that while there were 130 'lighthouses of the skies' in Europe, none could be found in the U.S. The response over 20 years later was the founding of this college's observatory in 1846 that discovered the moon Hyperion and jointly founded a Center for Astrophysics with the Smithsonian.

1. For 10 points a piece, name that president and that school.
John Quincy ADAMS

2. And finally, for 10 points, Hyperion is which planet's 8th discovered satellite?

18. (25) Born in 1813, he came from a family of clergymen and educators. In 1861, he founded and edited The Independent, a weekly journal in New York. He also received great acclaim in an 1863 visit to Great Britain where he spoke on issues pertaining to The Civil War. For 25 points, who was this orator and author who detailed his New England life in his 1867 novel Norwood?

Henry Ward BEECHER

19. (20) A year after the House of Burgesses first met in the New Colonies, a ship carrying 102 passengers did not find shore where it was supposed to at the mouth of the Hudson River but instead continued onto Cape Cod Bay where its inhabitants disembarked and made history. For 10 points a piece, name this immortal ship and its captain.


Christopher JONES

20. (20) Identify these "Omni"-potent females for 10 points a piece.
1. Her "Omnimedia" conglomerate rakes in $200 million in revenue with newspaper columns and mail-order catalogues to go along with her TV show, books and new boutiques.
2. This singer has dubbed herself as being "omnisexual" which has both men and women thinking "Damn, I wish I was your lover" when they see her gyrate in concert.

21. (20) Sociologists posit that, to some degree, all dominance is based on coercion and the potential to use force. But in order for dominance to be truly effective and stable , the ruling class must create and sustain widely accepted ways of thinking about the world that define their dominance as reasonable. For 10 points a piece, identify the 8-lettered sociological concept that defines this sort of dominance, and the Italian Marxist who originally developed the idea.



22. (20) After 15 months in prison, he was set free in March 1997, but within hours of his release, a House Committee revealed plans to subpoena him to learn more about his work for an Indonesian company that funneled huge donations to the Clinton campaign. For ten points each, identify this former law partner of Hillary Rodham Clinton and the company.



23. (30) Given a description, identify the second banana from Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. For tne points each.

1. This mantis is his music director.

2. This volcano master is his tech adviser.
3. This cat-critter is the master of drawling non sequiturs.

24. (20) Name the capitals of these African nations for five points each.

1. Cape Verde
2. Niger
3. Guinea
4. Tanzania

25. (30) Identify this author 30

30) "Lodore" is her veiled autobiography
20) Mrs. Julian Marshall wrote a biography of her in 1889.
10) Her trip to the continent with a brilliant poet was recounted in "The History of a Six Weeks' Tour," published in 1817.


26. (30) Identify the following about the successful first year of Major League Soccer For ten points each.
1. What Tampa Bay Mutiny star was the MVP?
2. What team scored a come-from-behind victory to win the inaugural MLS Championship?
3. Finally, what capacity filled stadium hosted the Oct. 20, 1996 championship match?

27. (30) Ay Caramba! Identify these prominent Mexican leaders for 10 points a piece.

1. In 1911, he overthrew Diaz, but was overthrown himself in 1913.
Francisco MADERO
2. In 1929, he founded what has become the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party).
Plutarco CALLES
3. In 1867, he returned to the presidency after the fall of Maximillian.

28. (25) Consider this resume: Engineer and president of the Committee of Safety, Creator of the boundaries of over half the original 13 colonies, first American to build a telescope, first American to build a planetarium, first director of the U.S. Mint and president of the American Philosophical Society after Ben Franklin. For 25 points, who was this multi-talented man whom Thomas Jefferson described as "second to no astronomer living?"


29. (30) As we all know, Lee surrendered to Grant in Appomattox in 1865. But do you know -- for 10 points per answer:

1. Whose house on the outer edge of town was the stage for this dramatic moment in history?
Wilmer McLEAN
2. Lee's aide to the proceedings, a Confederate Colonel and Grant's aide, a Seneca Indian and Lieutenant Colonel.


30. (30) Identify the authors of these Pulitzer-prize winning dramas For ten points each.
1. Rent
Jonathan LARSON
2. Harvey
3. Fences
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