A book Report On Isaac Newton The Famous Cook

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A Book Report On Isaac Newton The Famous Cook

by Jimmy Ng

This book is about Isaac Newton. Before Isaac Newton becomes a scientist, he wants to be a chef. Isaac lives with his grandmother. One day, Isaac wants to make a new recipe so he cooks his goldfish. However, his grandmother says they cannot eat their own pet.

Later, Isaac goes to visit his mother. Isaac thinks up a lot of silly ideas. He thinks out Beetle Soup and Wood Cookies but his mother and uncle say that they will not eat the food. After that, Isaac sits under an apple tree and an apple falls on his head. He thinks fruit is what he need. He makes an apple pie but his uncle says this is an old food. Isaac’ s mother says simple food is the best so Isaac is happy.
I read this book last Sunday. I liked this book because this book was full of surprises. The plot was super interesting. I could not stop laughing when I found the famous scientist wanted to be a chef when he was young. After reading this book, I could know more about young Isaac Newton. My favourite character was Isaac because he was creative so that he can always create something new. I would strongly recommend this book to all of my friends.
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