**aca agenda Friday, March 31, 2006 Topic Description Time

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**ACA Agenda**

Friday, March 31, 2006

Topic Description Time

  1. Introduction 05 min

    1. Packet Distribution Sandy

    2. Club Goals Jenn & Sandy

  1. Spring Projects 20 min

    1. A.I.R Tour

1. Update Jenn

2. Advertising

a. Table Toppers Chelsea

b. Cookie Push Jessica & Emi

c. Flyers Michelle

d. List-serve

e. Posters

    1. Japanese Internment Camp Awareness

1. Purpose Jenn

2. Description of activities

a. Propaganda posters Jenn

b. Executive Order Jenn

c. Suitcase Display Jenn

c. History display case Emi

e. Paper Crane Thuy

f. Film Showing Ruty

c. Asian American Identity Sandy

  1. Announcements 05 min

    1. Curry Chow-down Update Geoffrey

    2. ACA web-page (whitman.edu/aca) Johnny

    3. Budget Update Tracey

Thank you for coming!

Contact Us: Jenn Toy (toyjm@whitman.edu) & Sandy Lam (lams@whitman.edu)

Asian Cultural Association
Club Mission

(Updated September, 2005)

  • To explore and bring meaning to the term Asian-American

    • By cultivating a sense of identity, we aim to create a strong, vocal, and present club that can function as a supportive community within the Whitman campus.

  • To acknowledge and address the issues of stereotypes, prejudices, and racism

    • By upholding the true nature of diversity, we aim to conduct safe forums that recognize and respect all voices, opinions, and ideas in the effort to bring dialogue to these issues.

    • For some of us, by embracing our past and for others by embracing our experiences and connections to Asian culture, we aim to share the various aspects including religion, food, art, music, and language with each other and the Whitman community that make Asian culture so rich.


A.I.R Tour

Wednesday, April 12th

7 pm

RCC Ballroom

Public Event

The tour was organized three years ago with hopes of giving

Asians voice and encouraging creative license in the music scene.

ACA, Intercultural Center, ASWC Public Events

Featuring: (check out their music!)
Wet Confetti (www.myspace.com/wetconfetti

Mike Park (www.myspace.com/mikepark)

Sanawon (www.myspace.com/sanawon)
Three indie bands that play to give voice to the often silent "model" minority by broadening the cookie cutter stereotypes often relegated to Asian Americans, and to inspire Asian youth to avoid assimilating to mainstream tendencies in their artistry by finding original ways to articulate their own unique cultural context and identities.

Jenny Choi (Double Zero/Suburban Home Records) conceptualized the Asians In Rock (AIR) tour to kick off a celebration of Asians who revel in the indie rock subculture and are actively bringing innovative soundscapes to the forefront of what we consider today as American music.

~ About 60 years ago, Japanese Americans were interned in concentration camps.  Two-thirds of these people were American citizens unjustly imprisoned in camps around the western United States.  While the United States viewed this as a precautionary war measure in the aftermath of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, it was unconstitutional.

To raise awareness about this injustice and to prevent it from happening again...

1) Instructions to All Persons of Japanese Ancestry- Poster campaign to raise awareness
==> to make those not imprisoned feel the pain experienced by so many citizens
2) Propaganda display in front of library
3) Display case about Japanese Internment in Library set up by Emi
4) Suitcase Display
5) Film about Internment at Tek
6) Paper Cranes


  1. Deadline: Thursday, April 13th

  2. Median: Any (paper, prose, poem, collages, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photos, comics, etc. however, display will be in library, so please no audio)

a. Multiple submissions allowed

b. Anonymous work will be accepted

c. Please indicate if we have permission to republish your work for


  1. Submit to: Sandy Lam (campus mail)

  2. Showcase dates: Monday, April 17-Sunday, April 30 in the Periodical Room on the main floor next to the Allen Reading Room.

  3. Some brainstorming questions if you’re stuck:

    1. What is it like to be Asian American at Whitman?

    2. When you hear the words “Asian American,” what comes to your mind?

    3. What it is like to be an Asian American woman/man?

    4. When did you first realize you were Asian American?

    5. Have you ever felt discriminated against as an Asian American?

    6. What was it like growing up as an Asian American?

    7. Do you relate more with non-Asian Americans or Asian-Americans?


Table Topper Distribution: Saturday, April 1’st
Chelsea, Michelle, Johnny, and Tracey

Cookie Making: Sunday, April 9th / Cookie Distribution: Sunday, April 9th
Emi, Thuy, Jenn, and Thu Geoffrey, Jessica, and Ruty

Downtown Flyer Distribution: Before weekend of concert

RCC/Tennis Court Poster: Posted by Sunday, April 9th
Paper Crane: April 10-15th
Monday: Michelle, Jenn, and Thu
Tuesday: Geoffrey and Jessica
Wednesday: Liezel and Thu
Thursday: Michael

Friday: Thu

Poster-Sign Making:

Display Set-Up: Sunday, April 16th
Jenn and Sandy

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