Afpak / Iraq Sweep 07 July 2011 Afghanistan

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AFPAK / Iraq Sweep

07 July 2011


1) Eight policemen were killed as a roadside bomb struck a police van in Jauzjan province, 390 km north of Afghan capital city Kabul on Thursday, a private television channel reported. Xinhua

2) Canada ended its combat mission in Afghanistan on Thursday, closing the curtain after nine years and the death of 157 men. The departure of nearly 3,000 troops, who took on some of the heaviest fighting in the southern province of Kandahar, comes as western forces begin to announce gradual drawdown of troops ahead of a full withdrawal in 2014. The News
3) A Nato helicopter crashed Thursday in eastern Afghanistan but no one was hurt, the US-led coalition said. The Taliban claimed its fighters shot down the aircraft, but the coalition said that initial reports indicated no militant activity in the area. Dawn, ISAF
4) A US-led airstrike has killed at least 13 civilians, mostly women and children, in the troubled eastern Afghanistan, officials say. "Unfortunately eight women, four children, and one man were killed in a NATO airstrike on a residential house in Dowamanda district (of Khost) early this morning," AFP quoted provincial police chief Mohamad Zazai as saying. AOP
5) Pakistan on Thursday blamed militants for the current cross-border attacks along its borders with Afghanistan and said there is a common concern between the two countries on this issue. Pakistan and Afghanistan say that militants launched attacks in border regions of both countries in recent weeks which caused casualties of the security forces and civilians. Xinhua
6) Ten Taliban insurgents laid down their arms on Thursday in the country's Farah province, some 695 km west of capital city of Kabul, provincial police chief Sayed Mohammad Roshandil said. Xinhua
7) Hundreds of Afghans in Dumanda district of Khost province, some 150 km southeast of capital Kabul, on Thursday staged a protest against the alleged killing of civilians by NATO-led troops. Xinhua
8) At least 33 Afghan policemen and five civilians have been reportedly killed during the fighting that erupted when Pakistani militants crossed into eastern Afghanistan."The report we have now from the area is that 33 border police and five civilians, two of them women, have been killed," Nuristan provincial governor Jamaluddin Badr said. AOP
9) Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Pakistani Prime Minister Yosuf Raza Gilani agreed on formation of a joint military commission to discuss missile attacks in border regions of Afghanistan. A senior military official in defence ministry said under the order of President Karzai a delegation formed comprised of officials from defence institutions and Isaf and left Kabul for Islamabad. AOP
10) A senior member of High Peace Council said on Thursday that there have been indirect contacts with Taliban leader Mullah Omar and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar that could end up fruitful in the reconciliation process. Deputy Head of High Peace Council Mawlawi Attaullah Ludin said there have been contacts with people close to Taliban leader and leader of the Hezb-e-Islami party. AOP
11) The Dutch military is sending 160 soldiers to Afghanistan as part of its new, scaled-down mission to the country. The troops, mostly support staff for 225 military police trainers, will be deployed to the northern Konduz Province and will be under the protection of German troops. A total of 545 Dutch soldiers and police trainers will assist NATO in Afghanistan through 2014, a big step back from the Netherlands' previous commitment of 1,600 soldiers. AOP
12) As a result of allegations made following an airstrike in Ghazni province, the International Security Assistance Force is conducting a joint investigation into the operation with Afghanistan’s Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Defense officials. ISAF
13) A combined Afghan-led security force killed two insurgents, detained several suspected insurgents and destroyed a large weapons cache in Sayyidabad district, Wardak province. During a security search in Tarnak wa Jaldak district, Zabul province, an Afghan-led security force detained a Taliban leader and one of his associates. A combined Afghan and coalition security force detained multiple suspected insurgents during a search for a Taliban facilitator in Khugyani district, Nangarhar province. A combined security force also detained a Taliban leader and several suspected insurgents during a security search for a Haqqani network leader in Terayzai district, Khost province. ISAF

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