Aim: To observe the light reflecting off different coloured objects with and without coloured cellophane. Hypothesis/prediction

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Bright or Dark

Team members: Trent, Kyle


  • To observe the light reflecting off different coloured objects with and without coloured cellophane.


Bright colours will reflect the most light. When you observe when you see the same coloured object through the same coloured cellophane it will be brighter. When you view a black block with red cellophane it will be dark. When you view the red object through the blue cellophane it will not reflect a lot.


  • Cellophane (Red, blue and yellow)

  • Different coloured objects (Lego block Red, Blue, Black, White and Yellow.

  • Light Box

  • light


Step 1. Set up light box- see diagram

Step 2. Put the object (Lego block – white) inside the box and turn the light on.

Step 3. Observe what you see

Step 4. Look through different coloured cellophane and record observations

Step 5. Now do the same thing with all of the different coloured objects (Lego blocks)

Step 6. Record observations


We believe that a black Lego block with yellow cellophane reflected the most because black absorbs more heat and is shinier then the others.

We also believe that red cellophane with black Lego reflected the most light which reflects the most light it any coloured cellophane though it is really hard to see the reflection because it is a dark colour.


In our experiment we found out that yellow is made from the 2 strongest cones which are at the back of our eyes which are red and green. Yellow is made up with a combination of green and red.

White light is made up of all the colours in the rainbow and the reason orange is orange is because l the colours except orange which gets reflected into our eyes. Orange is the third brightest before you get into infer-red there are cones and rods at the back of our eyes which are red green and blue. Yellow is made up of green and red. Orange is made up of blue and green.

At the back of our eyes there are light –sensitive neurons which are specialized cells so are nerve cells. Cone sells pick up colour and light. Rod cells are mainly for night vision. Cone cells are less sensitive than rod cells. The way yellow is created makes it seem brighter than other colours. When you see a colour it sends a signal to your brain of what colour and if it is bright or not .the reason a laser is so bright is because they are in the infer- red section.

Our experiment wasn’t successful because we guessed that the same coloured cellophane with the same coloured Lego block will be brighter and it was. Though darker colours reflected more light than brighter colours. Shiny colours reflected the most light because it is really reflect able.

Download 11.75 Kb.

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