Alexander Graham Bell

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Alexander Graham Bell
Dear Families,

This week students will read a biography about Alexander Graham Bell, inventor and scientist.

Students will read words with vowel teams au and aw, and the short sound of the vowel team ea. Students will spell words with the vowel team aw as in law.

In grammar, students will continue to learn about pronouns. Students will read their current story for two weeks.


Mrs. Donaghy

Spelling Words High-Frequency Words Selection Words

science through built early Boston

crawl draw learn science communicate

hawk jaw through electricity

law lawn piano

paw saw Scotland

straw yawn famous


Alexander Graham Bell
Skill: The vowel sound /au/ can be spelled with au and aw. The vowel team au is most often used in the beginning or middle of a word. The letters aw are usually used at the end of the word, or followed by k, l, or n.

Skill: The vowel team ea can stand for the short e sound as in bread. When reading a word with ea, first try the long e sound, then the short e sound. The context of the sentence will also help a reader with the sound of the word.
awesome awful awning brawl caw crawl

draw draws dawn fawn flaw hawk

jaw law lawn paw pawn paws

raw saw sprawl squawk straw tawny

thaw yawn yawns
applaud auto autos because cause fault

flaunt haul haunt launch Maude pause

sauce saucer taught
ahead bread breakfast breath dead dealt

dread feather head health heavy instead

leather meant read ready spread sweat

sweater thread threat tread wealth weather

1. The pup hurt its paw playing on the lawn. 2. It is fun to crawl through the straw maze.
3. We read bout a hawk in science class. 4. Does your jaw open wide when you yawn?
5. A straw hat keeps out the sun. 6. It is time to cut the lawn.
7. Stealing is against the law. 8. You can cut the log with a saw.
9. My dog can shake with his paw. 10. The mouse hid from the hawk.
11. Can you draw with a pen? 12. I yawn when I am sleepy.
13. Your jaw is part of your face. 14. My cat likes to crawl under the bed.
15. I cannot see through the dirty window. 16. What do you like about science class?
Alexander Graham Bell

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Level 1.5.5

Level 1.5.5

Level 1.5.5

Level 1.5.5

Level 1.5.5

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