American Revolution Test – Study Guide

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American Revolution Test – Study Guide Test Date: _____________________

  1. Who won the French and Indian War? (pg. 150)

  1. How did the British plan to raise money to support its standing army in America? (Cornell Notes)

  1. Describe the life and achievements of Ben Franklin. (pg. 140)

  1. Explain the family metaphor that describes the relationship between the colonists and Britain. (Ask C.)

  1. What items did the Stamp Act tax? (p. 160)

  1. What items did the Townshend Acts tax? (p. 163)

  1. What protest slogan was popular throughout the colonies? (p. 160)

  1. Define boycott. (p. 161; glossary)

  1. Describe the events of the Boston Massacre. (pg. 165)

  1. Explain what happened during the Boston Tea Party. (pg. 167; Cornell Notes pg. 45)

  1. Name the people involved on the evening of April 18, 1775. (p. 172 AND Ask Mr. C.)

  1. What did Ralph Waldo Emerson coin The Battle of Lexington? (pg. 155)

  1. Who wrote Common Sense? (pg. 179; Video Qs pg. 54)

  1. How did Thomas Paine “reach a wider audience” with Common Sense? (pg. 179; Video Qs pg. 54)

  1. According to Thomas Paine, how should countries be ruled? (pg. 179; Video Qs pg. 54)

  1. Who was the king of England during the American Revolution? (pgs. 179-180; Video Qs pg. 54)

  1. The core idea of the Declaration was based on the philosophy of what philosopher? (pg. 180)

  1. Declaration of Independence (p. 193)

  • Date approved:

  • Primary author/writer of the document:

  • Documents which were used to plagiarized the Declaration:

  1. From what country did the colonists declare their independence? (pg. 181)

  1. Name the first major battle of the Revolution (pg. 177)

  1. Battle of Bunker Hill (pg. 177; Video Qs pg. 53)

  • Description:

  • Groups involved:

  • Importance:

  1. Why was George Washington chosen to lead the army? (“Revolution” Video Qs #1)

  1. Who was the most famous traitor in American history? (pg. 199)

  1. What role did blacks play in the War? (“Revolution” Video Qs #1)

  1. Battle of Saratoga (pgs. 198-199)

  • Description:

  • Key Individuals/groups:

  • Importance:

  1. What foreign country joined America at Yorktown? (pgs. 200-201 & “Birth of the Republic”)

  1. – 29. The Battle of Yorktown (pgs. 209-210; “Revolution” Video Notes #4)

  • Description:

  • Key Individuals/groups:

  • Importance:

  1. The Treaty of Paris (pg.212)

    • Key Individuals:

    • Terms of the Treaty:

    • Importance:

  1. Explain the ‘Newburgh Conspiracy.’ (“Revolution” Video Notes #4)

  1. What effect did the War have on France? (“Revolution” Video Notes #4)

  1. – 45. Memorize this sentence from the Declaration of Independence: We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. (p. 182)

  1. Which group suffered about 10,000 deaths in the war?

  1. How many Americans died in British prisons?

  1. Approximately how many Hessians died in the war?

  1. What do the numbers along the left side of the graph indicate?

  1. Which group suffered the most deaths overall?

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