Analyzing Conflicting Evidence

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A.P. UNITED STATES HISTORY Name:_________________
"Analyzing Conflicting Evidence"
The United States is now involved in World War II officially, since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and Germany also decided to declare war on the United States. Having a Ph.D. in Political Science from Whatzamatta U., and being one of the rising stars in the State Department, they have asked you to look into Pearl Harbor.
Part A: Analyze the selection of decoded “Magic” messages and answer the following.

  1. WHO IS TO BLAME? (Explain)

    1. President Roosevelt

    1. General Marshall

    1. Admiral Kimmel

    1. No one

    1. Everyone

F) Others?

Part B: Now read the documents and analyze what others are saying. For each of the documents, answer the following question—Who or what was responsible for the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor?

  1. Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack

  1. Theobold

  1. Nohlstetter

  1. Prange

  1. Which source do you trust? Why?

  1. How do you relate these explanations to the information in your text?

  1. Use your text to assess Theobald's Lincoln analogy.

  1. To what extent was FDR culpable?

  1. If FDR is deemed responsible for Pearl Harbor, what effect will that have on his reputation in history? Explain your answer.

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