Animal Farm Chapter 9 Comprehension

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Animal Farm

Chapter 9 Comprehension

  1. What was Boxer looking forward to at the beginning of the chapter? Did he get to realize his desire? What happened to Boxer in this chapter?

Answer: He wanted to complete the windmill, but he did not get to see it completed because he got injured. He was eventually sold to a man who killed him.

  1. Which animals’ rations were not reduced? Why?

Answer: The pigs and the dogs because they were in charge of the rebellion.

  1. What techniques did the pigs use to make the animals think their lives were okay? How did they get the animals to forget their problems?

Answer: They lied to them by telling them that the farm was more prosperous and that the animals had better lives than before. They held ceremonies to help the animals forget about their terrible lives.

  1. In what ways were Napoleon and his family treated differently from the other animals?

Answer: He was always accompanied by his bodyguards, and his children were separated from the other animals.

  1. Who returned to the farm after being gone for a long time? Why do you think the pigs allowed him to stay?

Answer: Moses returned to the farm. The pigs allowed him to stay because he gave the animals hope by telling them about Sugarcandy Mountain. The animals lives were awful, so hope in a wonderful place after death might keep them from rebelling against the pigs.

  1. What did Squealer tell the animals about Boxer’s fate? How did Squealer and Napoleon twist the truth about Boxer in order to strengthen themselves? How did the pigs use Boxer’s body?

Answer: He told them that Boxer was sent to a hospital and given the best treatment possible but he died. They twisted the truth by saying that Boxer’s last words were to follow Napoleon and that Napoleon was great. They sold Boxer and used the money to buy alcohol.

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