Ap world Test Review Chapters 19-20

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AP World Test Review Chapters 19-20

Romanov dynasty Russia

Taj Mahal

Peter the Great westernization policies

Reasons for fall of Ming

Peter the Great shift of foreign policy

Alternate attendance practiced by Tokugawa Japan

Importance of Black and Baltic seaports to Russian interests

Russia compared to Ming empire generally

St. Petersburg- building of, as new capital (why)

Japan and Chinese reactions to arrival of Europeans

Ottoman naval power characteristics

Mughal Empire characteristics (general)

Ottoman bureaucracy- viziers

Ottoman Empire characteristics (general)

Succession in the Ottoman Empire

Russian serfdom compared to Americas slavery systems

Length of Ottoman rule as a dynasty

Manchu compared to Mongols in regards to China

Location of Gunpowder empires

Isfahan society compared to Istanbul

Safavid economy compared to Ottoman

The Hidden Imam

Babar (Babur)- Mughal founder

Impact of Dutch and Portuguese on East Africa

Mughal economy

Islam’s arrival in East Africa-impact

Islam’s spread to SE Asia


Sufi mystics role in spreading Islam to India

Reasons for collapse of Safavid and Mughal empires

Limitations on European traders during Ming dynasty

Issues that weakened Ottoman Empire

Yunglo role in Zheng He expeditions (why)

Role of tea in Chinese/ European trade

Manchus establishment of Qing dynasty

Macartney mission

Tokugawa isolationism policies

Akbar’s impact in India

General characteristics of Ming rule- P.I.R.A.T.E.S.

Shah Abbas I

Ottoman Empire compared to Tokugawa Shogunate

Suleiman the Magnificent reforms

Artistic achievements of Ming

Ottoman economic issues

Oda Nobunaga unification efforts, reason for failure

Role of women in Gunpowder empires compared

Tokugawa Ieyasu’s rule

Treaty of Nerchinsk

Reason Japan expelled Christian missionaries

Global silver trade

Women’s status in feudal Japan

Kangxi- characteristics of rule

Safavid empire- general characteristics

Peter the Great and Catherine the Great compared

Sikhism- describe beliefs, elements of

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