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Art History - ARH (31)

Administered by Department of Art and Art History

Effective Fall 2005

31.215 American Art History (3) - Studies the history of visual arts in America.

31.225 History of Architecture (3) - Presents a study-survey of great architectural works of the past and the present including examples of both East and West.

31.235 Ancient and Medieval Art (3) - Studies the history of the visual arts on the European continent from the prehistoric era up to and including the Late Gothic.

31.236 Art from the Renaissance through Impressionism (3) - Studies the history of the visual arts beginning with the Italian Renaissance up to and including French painting of the 19th century.

31.324 History of Photography (3) - Surveys the history of photography from its invention in 1839 to the present. Includes development of photography as a medium of aesthetic expression, technical evolution of photography and photography's impact on both culture and society. Prerequisite: 30 credits or permission of the instructor.

31.345 Art History of the Near East (3) - Studies the history of the visual arts of the Islamic and the Mesopotamian worlds.

31.346 Art History of the Far East (3) - Studies the history of the visual arts of India, China, Japan and Southeast Asia.

31.355 History of Modern Art (3) - Examines movements in art from mid-19th century France to the contemporary United States.

31.360 Women, Art and Society (3) - Introduces students to the relationships between women and the production and reception of the visual arts in Europe and America from the Middle Ages to the present. Themes include the contributions of women artists to the history of art, the social and cultural forces that shaped representations by and of women, and the means by which images framed attitudes about femininity.

31.365 Italian Renaissance Art (3) - Addresses the painting, sculpture and architecture of the Renaissance in Italy with a view toward historical and social context, patronage and theory.

31.366 Northern Renaissance Art (3) - Introduces students to the history of the visual arts in Northern Europe from c. 1375 to 1575, during the period termed “The Renaissance.” Examines major trends in painting, manuscript illumination, sculpture, printmaking and architecture in France, the Netherlands and Germany and explores the social and cultural factors that shaped the arts of the period.

31.373 Romanesque and Gothic Art (3) - Introduces students to the history of the visual arts in northern Europe from c. 1050 to c. 1400 during the periods termed “Romanesque” and “Gothic.” Examines major trends in painting, architecture, sculpture, drawing, manuscript illumination, metal and ivory work, stained glass and tapestry and explores the social and cultural factors that shaped the arts of these periods.

31.375 Independent Study in Art History (3) - Research and scholarship on a selected, approved topic in art history under the supervision of a faculty member, resulting in a publishable paper.

31.376 Special Topics in Art History (1-3) - Provides instruction in areas of art history not available in other courses.

31.390 The Art and Culture of Italy (3) - An examination of the art of Italy, particularly the Renaissance, with special reference to its physical and historic context, through studying original works of art in Italy, on site whenever possible. Summer only.

31.395 Visual Aesthetics (3) - A seminar emphasizing artistic relationships and theories of aesthetics and art criticism.

31.450 Perspectives on Museums (3) - Addresses the social and cultural history of art museums from the late Middle Ages through the present. Introduces the basic purposes and responsibilities of museum - collecting, preserving and interpreting - and the duties of museum staff. Explores museum ethics, training, exhibitions and technology.

31.451 The Museum Exhibition (3) - Provides hands-on experience by organizing and installing an exhibition in Haas Gallery of Art. Trains students in gallery design, handling and assessing physical conditions for works of art, writing educational materials, providing public functions such as tours and critically evaluating installations in other museums.

31.460 Research and Writing in Art History (3) - Sharpens research and writing skills for students by preparing an art history research paper that is substantial in content and length, reliant on primary visual and textural material, consistent with current art historical methodologies, and professionally crafted and presented. Oral presentations address research problems and their possible solutions.

31.480 Internship in Art History (3-6) - Allows upper-level students the opportunity to gain experience in the field of art history through practical work-study situations. Internships are jointly administered by a faculty member and a sponsoring employer with the student working approximately 40 hours per credit. Open to department majors, others by departmental consent.

31.560 Readings and Research in Contemporary Art History (3) - Detailed study of contemporary movements in art from the late 19th century to the present with readings and research for advanced students.

31.565 Readings and Research in American Art History (3) - Advanced study of the history of visual art in America.

31.570 Readings and Research in European Art History (3) - Research focuses on specific topics relating to visual arts in Europe.

31.575 Readings and Research in Oriental Art History (3) - Advanced survey of Oriental Art in the broadest sense of the word, the art, and architecture of the ancient Near East, Japan, China, and India. Exposes advanced students to basic problems in chronology, style, and research methodology.

31.580 Readings and Research in Architectural Art History (3) - Advanced survey of the evolution of architecture in the Western World from the Pharaonic Egyptian period through the contemporary 20th century. Typical and outstanding examples of each period are discussed and researched. Imperative to an understanding of the physical structures studied is an analysis of the type of society and the rationale for the creation of such architecture.

31.592 Readings and Research in Advanced Visual Aesthetics (3) - Advanced study of images and viable aesthetic positions in the plastic arts emphasizing artistic and perceptual awareness and concern with environmental relationships.

31.595 Directed Study in Art History (3-6) - Advanced study of a topic in the area of art history involving intensive review of the scholarly literature in the field. A paper is required under the direction of a faculty adviser.

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