Assignment: To Be or Not to Be

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Assignment: To Be or Not to Be
This is Hamlet’s famous soliloquy about life or death. He is contemplating suicide. Now, that is not what I want any of you to think about, so we will give this soliloquy a twist. Looking at page 9 in your Hamlet packet, observe the soliloquy for To Be or Not To Be. As you read through this soliloquy, note the variations within the passage:
First 10 lines: Live or die. Deal with life’s misfortunes or end them through death. Dying is really like sleeping, so let’s sleep to end all this pain. Sleeping makes one dream.
Next ten lines: But what if nightmares come? One can never control what they dream of, and in death that is something to worry about. And who wants to deal with all of life’s humiliations: abusive superiors, rejection, rudeness, lawlessness in the legal system—maybe killing one’s self is a better solution.
Last section: Who would choose to sweat through life in hard work in pain, unless they feared the afterlife? No one knows what death is like and who knows what happens. Fear makes us cowards. Therefore, killing one’s self shouldn’t be an option…oh here comes my sexy lady.
Okay, so that is the brief version. Notice the contemplation and questioning throughout the speech.

  1. Contemplation

  2. Pros and Cons

  3. Decision

This is what you need to do: Write a To Be or Not To Be speech regarding a profession you are considering. Break it into three layers. The layers listed above.

Here is an example:
To be an educator, or not to be an educator, that is the question:

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the spitballs and poor grammar of outrageous students,

Or, to take a stand against their texting and excuses, and by opposing them, wipe them out.

To not teach—to become a droid to the world

No more; and by droid to say that all the heartache of grading, the thousand natural shocks that words are to their mouth. ‘Tis an idea most heartily desired.

Ay, but to not teach--perchance to be droid-like; ay there’s the problem!

When I have pulled the plug from my robotic state, what realizations will come?

There’s the thing I must consider.

Teaching, while one may suffer the pangs of disrespect, bureaucracy, and smelly kids-

But that dread of not helping one single soul move forward-

The undiscovered country that is learning.

No inspiring minds, no pursuing thought, no challenging ideas…

There is cowardice in that decision.

Fear of challenging the mind is cowardice in itself.

It is with great action and moment that I will choose—Soft you now!

The fair Student—I must go help them succeed.

You will need to make sure your soliloquy is twenty lines. Choose a profession you are actually considering and look at all sides of it. It doesn’t have to rhyme.
Have fun.

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