Ayso coach Code of Conduct

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AYSO Coach Code of Conduct
The AYSO Coaching Program is designed to develop good soccer players who have a positive image of themselves, their teammates, coaches, game officials and opponents. Coaches are expected to set the best example for the participants. Coaches are expected to maintain the highest standards of conduct and good sportsmanship at all times.

1. Coaches will always make safe instruction, development of skills, teamwork, good sportsmanship and a fun environment the principal goals of the team.

2. Coaches will always treat their players with kindness and patience. They will commit to building player self-confidence and ability through positive direction and good sportsmanship. Sideline participation shall be limited to positive instruction and encouragement. Excessive coaching from the sidelines is strongly discouraged.

3. Coaches will always play by the rules of the game.

4. Coaches will recognize that children learn differently and will do their best to meet each player's needs.

5. Coaches will never lose their temper. Offensive, insulting or abusive language is forbidden.

6. Coaches will always treat their fellow coaches with respect and cooperation.

7. To the best of their ability, coaches will communicate clearly to players and parents about the team's goals and expectations.

8. Upon team formation, coaches must have in his/her possession a player registration form for each player assigned to the team, during team gatherings, practices, scrimmages and games.

9. Coaches will never openly complain about or demean other coaches or players. Complaints will be directed privately to the Division Head Coach or AYSO Commissioner.

10. Negative comments and complaints about refereeing shall not be allowed. Complaints regarding a referee should be directed to the Referee Administrator after the game.

11. At the end of the game, coaches and their players will line up and shake hands with the players of the opposing team and thank the referees.

12. Coaches understand that fair playing time and the overall self-esteem of the players is a higher priority than the outcome of the game.

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