Blackhawk property owners association grazing lease instructions

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Dear Blackhawk Property Owner

In order to receive a tax relief on your Ruger Ranch Blackhawk property, please send a request for a ‘Lease of Land For Grazing’ to the rancher who is granting us this privilege, Mr. Steve Hampton, P O Box 134, Kirkland, AZ 86332 and provide a large, self addressed, prepaid postage of $1.32 envelope for him to return his signed Lease Agreement back to you for your notarized signature.
When you receive Mr. Hampton’s signed Lease, you will need to do the following:

Download the 2 additional required forms from the Yavapai County Assessors Office website, . They are:   Statement of Agricultural Land Lease check only  under #8 'Natural Grazing ' , '0' Annual Gross Rent, # of acres,  '0' Expenses Pd by Owner, and  '0' Water Cost, & #10 Conditions of Lease

This tax relief won't be effective in the year you are applying. It will take effect the following year. The length of lease date is 5 years, but every 4 years a County Assessor will make a visual inspection & photograph your property.


And the other required form is the Agricultural Land Use Application, fill out A, B, D 'Land use or Animal Units' write 'grazing', & fill out ‘F.’ Remember to have your signature notarized on the 'Lease of Land for Grazing Lease Agreement'.

Effective 2012, there Is no need to have the documents recorded at the Assessor’s office, but you need to copy documents for yourself and mail originals to the Yavapai County Assessor’s office: 1015 Fair Street, Prescott, AZ86305. An approval letter will be mailed to you from the Assessor’s Office.
Please feel free to e-mail me, with any questions. Also, Linda Bruner, at the Yavapai County Assessors office is available for your questions @ 928-771-3214 or
Warm regards,
Diane Hussen


Blackhawk POA

PO Box 132

Yarnell, AZ 85362

Lease Instruction Letter updated 8/24/2017

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