Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall Synthesis Example

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Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall

Synthesis Example




Elliot Spitzer

-while serving as attorney general and governor, used government money to pay for mistresses and various accounts with prostitutes. This type of corruption and money laundering is similar to the commerce corruption in the Boss Tweed scandal


Italian Mob

A large group of families of Italian descent that became the chief of organized crime in the 21st Century. Engaging in almost every illegal scheme in order to make large amount of money, including creating fake businesses or bootlegging alcohol during Prohibition, the schemes of the Italian mob are quite similar to the schemes of the schemes that Boss Tweed would create during this era.


Border Ruffians

Individuals from Kansas entered Nebraska and created fake borders to increase the internal voter population- this type of attempt of individuals trying to go around or dupe government rules are similar to the efforts of Boss Tweed manipulating government rules in order to bypass them.


Military-industrial complex w/ Cheney

Cheney wouldn’t embezzle money, but he would encourage government policy that instigate or supported war, so that his ties with the weaponry industry would thrive- a corrupted act committed by a politician in order to exact fortune, similar to the bonds of Boss Tweed to the government


Mayor Daley

Daley was elected major 5 times in Chicago, and was accused of wasting government money on superfluous projects that did not significantly benefit the town. Suspicion grew that he was using government money for personal purposes, a corrupted act similar to that of Boss Tweed



Contrasting the efforts of Boss Tweed thwarting government policy, mayor Giuliani was a mayor of New York that did the complete opposite and reformed the crime ridden city. While Tweed may have been ushering in an era of corruption, Giuliani may have been establishing a period of governmental credibility or stability.


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