Broken Bow Public Schools

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Broken Bow Public Schools

108 West Fifth Street

Building Better Broken Bow, Oklahoma 74728

Prepared Students Office: 580-584-3306 Fax: 580-584-9284

Dear Students and Parents,

This book has been compiled to guide you in academic planning for grades 9–12. The curriculum of Broken Bow High School is designed to ensure that all students have the opportunity to select the instructional programs that fit their particular needs, whether they are planning to enter the labor market immediately after high school or further their education in vocational-technical or college programs.
Parents, it is essential that you be involved in this academic planning. Please pay particular attention to this book which will inform you about enrollment, credits, grades, testing, graduation requirements, post high school opportunities, college admissions requirements, financial aid, and how parents can help their children with this planning process in grades 9-12.
Students, you are encouraged to select a rigorous plan of study and to graduate with the knowledge and skills that will help you reach your desired goals in life. Discuss your course choices with your parents, your teachers, your advisor, and your counselor. Acquire as much information as you possibly can that will enable you and your parents to make wise decisions about your future.

Mr. Daryl Williams

High School Principal

Download 393.83 Kb.

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