Buffalo Soldier Questions

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Buffalo Soldier Questions

1 Why were so many southern and eastern Americans concerned with former black soldiers at the end of the Civil War?

2 What were some other problems that freed slaves and former soldiers alike presented to the Southern and Eastern way of life/economy.

3 What were some benefits of the army to Black Soldiers? Why do you think these benefits were more attractive to Black Americans that White?

4 What were some clear inequalities that existed for black soldiers at the end of the Civil War?

5 What were some reasons blacks were motivated to fight in the US Army after the Civil War? Do you think there were any other reasons that were not listed in the article? Such as?

6 Life for the Buffalo Soldier, like all soldiers, did not turn out to be all it was glorified as. What were some hardships faced by the Buffalo Soldier? If he ever “had enough” what options did he have?

7 Where did the name “Buffalo Soldier” come from? Why did they get that name?

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