Business Reading Circle Objectives

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Business Reading Circle

  • To improve your reading rate and comprehension

  • To build your business vocabulary

  • To build skills in reading business-related content

  • To differentiate between main points and details

  • To identify the purpose of the message

  • To interpret sequence and location signals, implied meanings to infer the correct sequence

  • To distinguish facts from opinions

  • To evaluate ideas in the text to draw conclusion

Weekly Business-Related Presentation Instructions

  • Select a business-related topic from any credible source: newspaper, magazine, Internet

  • Read it and ensure you understand the information that is presented

  • Select the main points from the article

  • Choose maximum 3 words from the article and find the definitions of those words, part of speech, and pronunciation

  • Present it to the class (no more than five minutes)

End of presentation, give your opinion of the article, e.g.

    • Topic is in the field you would like to work in

    • Information is new and interesting

    • Vocabulary is rich and easy to understand words in context

    • Article is easy to understand, for example.

    • Information is useful for business and non-business audience

    • Article was complicated and hard to follow

    • The examples used did not help you understand the content

    • Which parts were informative and which parts were not

Credit the source from which you took information—include:

  • Title

  • Publication

  • Date

  • Writers

PowerPoint is NOT necessary for this activity

Download 137.4 Kb.

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