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Campus: Lacy

Author(s): Britney Koepp, Katie Bailey, Tonya Stiltz, Briana Jensen

Date Created / Revised: July 27, 2016

Six Weeks Period: 4th

Grade Level & Course: 4th grade/Social Studies

Timeline:  3 days

Unit Title: Unit 9 Life of Texas Indians after the Civil War

Lesson 1/4

Stated Objectives:

TEK # and SE

4.4 History. The student understands the political, economic, and social changes in Texas during the last half of

the 19th century. The student is expected to:

4.4D Examine the effects upon American Indian life resulting from changes in Texas, including the Red River War, building of U.S. forts and railroads, and loss of buffalo.

See Instructional Focus Document (IFD) for TEK Specificity

Key Understandings

Background Info

Political, economic, and social changes occurred in Texas during the latter half of the 19th century.

  • How were American Indians in Texas affected after the Civil War?

During Reconstruction, one of the objectives of the U.S. government was to move American Indians roaming the plains of the western U.S. to reservations. Attacks, raids, and counter-raids occurred throughout the period of the Civil War. The U.S. Army launched a campaign to remove Comanche, Kiowa, Southern Cheyenne, and Arapaho Indian tribes from the Southern Plains to allow for expansion and a growing population. The American Indians did not go easily, and many battles were fought. The U.S. government impacted the life of the American Indians by killing off the buffalo and using the military to attack tribes. The Red River War led to the end of an entire way of life for the Southern Plains tribes and brought about a new chapter in Texas history.


None identified

Key Vocabulary

Reservations, treaty

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