Cardinal Classic XIII: The Legend of Zwarte Piet Round 13 Elvis Round 2, with a little usc

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Cardinal Classic XIII: The Legend of Zwarte Piet

Round 13
Elvis Round 2, with a little USC(alifornia) and some USC(arolina)
1.) Their destination is Sandy Bar, one day away from the gulch which marks the edge of their previous home and en route to which they meet Tom Simson and his fiancée Piney Woods. Their names are Mother Shipton, Uncle Billy, The Duchess, and Mr. Oakhurst, the last of whom had beaten Tom once at gambling and whose epitaph is at the end of the story, when all the title characters die. FTP, name this story of a group of exiled criminals by Bret Harte.

Answer: The Outcasts of Poker Flat

2.) After he studied with the Emperor’s son, he joined the army and worked his way into politics, serving as a successful lawyer. However, fame didn’t come until AD 70, when he conquered Judea and was appointed praetorian prefect. Despite his penchant for torture and his alliance with Berenice, rumors of him being the next Nero were unfounded, as he was a benevolent ruler until his death in 81. FTP, name this successor of Vespasian and predecessor of Domitian.

Answer: Titus

3.) One of his early successes was the Rossini-inspired Il Crociato in Egitto. A primary target of Richard Wagner’s essay “Jews and Music,” this composer studied under Abbe Vogler, then went to Italy at the suggestion of Salieri. After Italy, he went to France, and is now considered the originator of the French Grand Opera. FTP, name this composer of Robert le Diable, L’africaine, and Les Huguenots, whose given name was Jakob Beer.

Answer: Giacomo Meyerbeer or Jakob Liebmann Meyer Beer

4.) This man went into hiding rather than face punishment for leaving his regiment to see his first play, which dealt with Karl Moor's becoming a refugee and outlaw. He took many liberties in historical plays, such as having Joan of Arc die in battle in The Maid of Orleans, and also produced much classical scholarship, as seen in his preface to The Bride of Messina. FTP, name this 18th-century author of The Robbers, William Tell, and Wallenstein.

Answer: Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller

5.) In classical mechanics, it is defined as L minus the sum of p sub i times q sub i dot. In quantum mechanics, its exponential is the time-evolution operator in the Schrödinger picture, and the Heisenberg equations of motion relate the time derivatives of coordinates the partial derivatives of this quantity. Any operator which commutes with it is a constant of the system, and its eigenvalues are the allowed energies of a system. FTP, what is this quantity appearing in Schrödinger’s equation representing the total energy and symbolized with a capital H?

Answer: Hamiltonian

6.) Born on July 4, 1943 in New York City, he reported for New York’s WABC-TV before getting a job for ABC as a host of “Good Morning America.” His investigation into Elvis Presley’s drug use produced the highest-rated “20/20” in the show’s history, while his “unveiling” of Al Capone’s hidden safe, which turned out to contain nothing but dust, became the highest-rated special event in television history. In 1987, he became host of his own show with its high point coming in 1988 when an on-set brawl landed him with a broken nose. FTP, name this sensationalistic journalist who recently received criticism for his melodramatic coverage of the Afghanistan war for Fox News Channel.

Answer: Geraldo Rivera (prompt on “Geraldo”)

7.) Creator of the modern Kol Nidrah ceremony, he also invented the Jewish angelic hierarchy. He taught that God is incorporeal and undivided and His existence can be demonstrated through reason. He also said that the intellect is the soul’s greatest manifestation and its greatest purpose is to know what is true. Richard the Lion-Hearted invited him to England, and he served as Saladin’s personal physician. After completion of his Mishneh Torah, he answered questions on Jewish law from all over the Mediterranean. FTP, name this man whose greatest contribution to philosophy was a book intended for those torn between secular learning and Jewish law, The Guide for the Perplexed.

Answer: Maimonides or Ram Bam or Musa ibn Maimun or Moses ben Maimon

8.) The Rossio is its central square and its Praca dos Restauradores has a monument to liberation from Spain. Its most beautiful area is the ancient Alfama and it is overlooked by the Castle of St. George. It takes its name from its legendary founder, Ulysses, but it was probably settled by the Phoenicians. Its oldest section is built on seven hills and its deep-water, fog-free port takes in three-quarters of the country’s imports. FTP, name this city located on the north bank of the Tagus river estuary, site of a devastating 1755 earthquake.

Answer: Lisbon or Lisboa

9.) Receiving about one-quarter of the heart's total blood output, it has its own blood supply from the portal vein, which brings blood from the intestines for processing before return to the heart. It stores about two years’ worth of vitamin A and smaller amounts of other fat-soluble vitamins. Kupffer cells line its vascular channels and, at about three pounds, it is the body's second-largest solid structure. It removes or alters 80% of all medicine consumed but its main constituents carry out more metabolic functions than any others. FTP, name this organ of which 60% is hepatic cells.

Answer: Liver

10.) Apparently true to the prediction of Nostradamus that he would die in a "golden cage," he perished in a 1559 tournament accident while wearing a golden helmet. Often influenced by his mistress, Diane de Poitiers, he was a fervent opponent of Protestantism who tried heretics in special courts called chambres ardentes. He seized Calais from the English in 1558 and made peace with the Hapsburgs by the treaty of Cateau-Cambresis the next year. The son of Francis I, three of his children with Catherine de Medici would later be kings. FTP, name this French ruler, the father of Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III.

Answer: Henry II or Henri II

11.) Upon being told his fictional work was sinful, he destroyed many of his unpublished manuscripts, including the second part of his life’s masterpiece. His early collection Evenings on a Farm near Didanka brought him to national attention, and many of his most famous stories are collected in Arabesques. The creator of the memorable characters Poporishchin, Ivan Khlestakov, and Pavel Chichikov, FTP, who is this author of The Diary of a Madman, The Inspector General, and Dead Souls?

Answer: Nikolai Gogol

12.) While chapter’s 9 through 11 of this work focus on the history of Judaism and the future of Isreal, the work as a whole is an exposition on the nature of Christianity with chapters 1-8 carefully setting out the doctrines of sin and salvation. Within it are famous verses which say that “all have sinned” and that “the wages of sin is death.” Sometimes known as the gospel of St. Paul, this is FTP, what book of the Bible, the first of the Pauline epistles, found in the New Testament immediately after Acts.

Answer: Epistle to the Romans

13.) He had been enrolled at the Harvard graduate school of design in 1943 when he left to volunteer at the National Defense Research Committee. After the war he became head of the architecture division of Webb and Knapp. Winner of the 1983 Priztker Prize just after the Fragrant Hill Hotel was completed, he had earlier gained international fame with the completion of the JFK Library building as well as the East Building of the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. FTP, name this Chinese-American architect of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as the expansion and modernization of the Louvre.

Answer: I[eoh] M[ing] Pei

14.) At the age of twelve she becomes mistress of her house after her sister Isabella's marriage, and when her governess Miss Taylor gets married she is left alone to take care of her father. Unsure of her feelings for Frank Churchill, she tries to interfere with his engagement to Jane Fairfax but fails and eventually focuses only on convincing her friend Harriet Smith to seek the more suitable marriage partner Mr. Elton. After insisting that she would remain unmarried, this heroin eventually falls for and marries her own brother-in-law, Mr. Knightly. FTP name this match-making title character of a novel by Jane Austen.
Answer: Emma Woodhouse
15.) This man's teachers included the stable groom Richard Shelley and Jose Bonifacio, the latter of whom was forced out by the regents who had governed since he inherited the throne at the age of five. John Greenleaf Whitter wrote a poem about his efforts to abolish slavery, an project completed by his daughter Isabel the Redeemer in 1888. In foreign policy, he led his nation to victory in the War of the Triple Alliance. FTP, name this Emperor of Brazil from 1831 to 1889.

Answer: Dom Pedro II de Alcantara João Carlos Leopoldo Salvador Bibiano Franciso Xavier de Paula Leocadio Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga de Bragança e Borbon

16.) Named for the chemist at the University of Kazan who postulated it in 1869, it applies to most addition reactions, but with some notable exceptions, such as those taking place in the presence of peroxides. It essentially states that when a pi bond is broken in an addition reaction involving an unsymmetrical reagent, the positive portion of the reagent attaches so that the most stable carbocation [carbo-CAT-ion] intermediate results. FTP, name this organic chemistry rule.

Answer: Markovnikov's Rule

17.) The son of Erebus and Nyx, this mythological figure was often depicted as a morose old man, or as a winged demon carrying a double hammer. A golden bough obtained from the Cumaean Sibyl was a form of payment you could give him, though far more common was an obolus coin. FTP, name this denizen of the Underworld who guided the dead past the Acheron and Styx.

Answer: Charon

18.) This novel, which was carried by Mao Zedong on the Long March to represent Chinese traditons, is set near Mt. Liang in Shandong Province during the last years of the Song emperor Hui Zong. It begins with the coming to power of a corrupt minister named Gao Qiu, and in one incident, Wu Song murders 19 people in a single night. He is one of 108 title characters, who are driven into the hills. FTP, name this classic novel by Shi Nai'an which is set in a swamp.

Answer: Outlaws of the Marsh or The Water Margin or Shui-hu chuan

19.) Crippled by a clubfoot which his enemies called "Hell's seal of deformity," he came up with the “forty acres and a mule” plan. As a lawyer, he defended fugitive Negroes for free and insisted on being buried with them. He claimed the Southern states were "conquered provinces" and unsuccessfully urged confiscation of Southern plantations and sale of them to freemen with proceeds funding the national debt. FTP, name this so-called "natural leader" of the House who introduced Andrew Johnson's impeachment resolution.

Answer: Thaddeus Stevens

20.) The most well-known example of this cosmic object is 3C 273, which is two billion light-years from Earth. They are no more than a light-year or two in size, though they are 1,000 times more luminous than giant galaxies. Many scientists theorize that its tremendous amount of energy is generated by gas spiraling into a massive black hole. FTP, name this quasi-stellar object.

Answer: quasar

21) After the protagonist's execution, a young boy is moved by his example to aid another fugitive, finally vindicating the man who thought, "If I had only saved one soul, I would have done my job." Instead, he spent his life drinking and fathering an illegitimate child. He finally made a dangerous journey to an inland village to administer last rights. The people tried to protect him, but he was captured by an atheist policeman who believes Mexico will only be free when Catholicism is gone. FTP, name this Graham Greene work about Montez, the last priest in a Mexican state.

Answer: The Power and the Glory

Bonuses from Elvis 2, USC, USC
1.) Name these Grant administration scandals, FTPE:

a. Oakes Ames and Thomas Durant, stockholders in Union Pacific Railroad, created a fake construction company and got millions from the government. It was later discovered Vice President Colfax had been bribed to stay quiet.

Answer: Credit Mobilier

b. Jim Fisk and Jay Gould tried to corner the gold market and spike prices. When Grant discovered it, he sold off $4 million in gold, resulting in heavy losses for everyone except Fisk and Gould.

Answer: Black Friday

c. Secretary of War William Belknap took bribes from companies looking to do business on Native American reservations.

Answer: Indian Ring
2.) Name the works of William Wordsworth given descriptions, FTPE.

A. This is a collection of poems by Wordsworth and Coleridge. It was perhaps the first important work of the English Romanticism period.

Answer: Lyrical Ballads, with a Few Other Poems

B. This is the last poem in Lyrical Ballads. The poem actually has nothing to do with the location in the title. It just happened to be where Wordsworth was when he was writing about the beauty of nature.

Answer: Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey

C. This set of five poems consists of “She Dwelt among the Untrodden Ways,” “I Traveled among Unknown Men,” “Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known,” “Three Years She Grew in Sun and Shower,” and “A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal.” They are customarily grouped with a sixth, which names the female title character of the poems.

Answer: The Lucy poems
3.) Name these Sumerian mythical beings of the sky, FTPE:

a. He was god of the infinite expanse of the universe.

Answer: An

b. She is An’s daughter and the queen of heaven.

Answer: Inanna

c. Associated with the thunderstorm, he did double divine duty as a god and a king.

Answer: Enlil
4.) It's a Wild West bonus. FTPE:

A. This novelist's The Virginian helped establish the cowboy as American folk heroes.

Answer: Owen Wister

B. This New Mexico sheriff shot Billy the Kid dead.

Answer: Pat Garrett

C. Give the real name of either Butch Cassidy or the Sundance Kid.

Answer: Robert LeRoy Parker and Harry Longabaugh
5.) Name these twentieth-century popes FTPE.

a. Installed in May 1939, he immediately asked Germany, Italy, France and Britain to attend peace talks at the Vatican, but he later came under fire for not interceding on behalf of the Jews.

Answer: Pius XII

b. Born Angelo Roncalli, one of his first and only acts as pope was calling an ecumenical council; unfortunately, he died before seeing the far-reaching effects of Vactian II.

Answer: John XXIII

c. His pontificate is probably best-remembered for his issuance of Humanae vitae, which condemned artificial contraception despite the opposition of a special council.

Answer: Paul VI
6.) Plant cell stuff, FTPE:

A. This membrane of the central vacuole controls the flow of solutes between the vacuole and the cytoplasm.

Answer: tonoplast

B. These channels connect the cytoplasms of neighboring cells, allowing substances to transfer between cells.

Answer: plasmodesmata

C. Plant cells lack these structures, which in animal cells are used to organize microtubules during replication.

Answer: centrioles
7.) Give the Arabic names of these pillars of Islam FTPE.

A. the pilgrimage to Mecca

Answer: Hajj

B. fasting during Ramadan

Answer: Saum

C. almsgiving

Answer: Zakat
8.) Given a brief description, name the late 2002 release trying to get Academy attention FTPE.

a. Frank Abagnale, Jr. impersonates a pilot, doctor, and lawyer in this cat-and-mouse film.

Answer: Catch Me If You Can

b. Film adaptation of the Broadway show that certainly received a lot of Golden Globe nominations, it stars Richard Gere and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Answer: Chicago

c. The Orchid Thief proves to have no real dramatic storyline in this comic meta-movie from Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman.

Answer: Adaptation
9.) FTPE, identify these characters from Shakespeare’s Othello.

a. Iago doesn’t particularly love her even though she is his wife. In fact, he kills her at the end before she can reveal his evil plot.

Answer: Emilia

b. Wealthy Venetian who pays Iago to keep him informed about Desdemona.

Answer: Roderigo

c. Friend of Othello who was made his Lieutenant rather than Iago.

Answer: Michael Cassio
10.) Identify these terms from economics, FTPE:

A. This type of market assumes there are many buyers and sellers offering essentially the same goods.

Answer: competitive market

B. Percent change in quantity demanded divided by percent change in price is equal to this quantity, used to determine how revenue will change based on changes in price.

Answer: elasticity

C: This principle holds that each individual should produce whatever good has the lowest opportunity cost for him, and doing so will benefit the market.

Answer: comparative advantage
11.) Name these figures from early 20th century Mexico FTPE.

a. Born Doroteo Arango, he became an outlaw because his sister was raped and he had to kill the offender to uphold his honor. He raided Columbus, New Mexico when his American arms supplier refused delivery.

Answer: Pancho Villa

b. He was the Constitutionalist’s best general and defeated Pancho Villa several times. He put Victoriano Huerta in power and later became president, but was assassinated by a religious fanatic in 1928.

Answer: Alvaro Obregon

c. He led the movement aganst Huerta after Madero was murdered. Serving as first president of the Mexican Republic, he was forced to accept the 1917 constitution, but kept Mexico neutral in World War I.

Answer: Venustiano Carranza
12.) Name the following about electron shells FTPE.

a. Developed by Gillespie and based on the idea that electron pairs move as far from each other as possible, it is used to predict molecular geometries.

Answer: VSEPR (vesper) or Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory

b. Named from German for build, it states that electrons normally occupy the lowest energy subshell available.

Answer: Aufbau Principle

c. They say that when electrons are added to orbitals of equal energy, a single electron enters each orbital before the second enters.

Answer: Hund's Rules
13.) For ten points each, identify these writers who influenced James Joyce.

(a) The phrase "love's bitter mystery", which recurs throughout Ulysses, comes from this poet’s 1883 double sestina “Who Goes with Fergus Now?” Other works include “Leda and the Swan” and “Byzantium.”

Answer: William Butler Yeats

(b) This Italian historian proposed that history is essentially cyclical in his magnum opus, 'The New Science'. When asked about his influence on Finnegan's Wake, Joyce said "I used him for all he is worth."

Answer: Giambattista Vico

(c) Ulysses relies heavily on interior monologue, a technique Joyce discovered in this Frenchman's novel, Les Lauriers Sont Coupé.

Answer: Edouard Dujardin
14.) FTPE answer these questions about an architect.

a. He started as an assistant to Louis Sullivan and left to start the Prairie School with several others. His creations include Fallingwater and the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Answer: Frank Lloyd Wright

b. This house near Spring Green, Wisconsin was built just below the top of a hill and named for a Welsh bard. The first version was burned by a chef, who also killed Wright’s lover and her two children there.

Answer: Taliesin North

c. This building designed by Wright was the only large structure in Tokyo undamaged by the 1923 earthquake, but was demolished in 1947. Every room was uniquely designed.

Answer: Imperial Hotel
15.) Stuff from The Education of Henry Adams, FTSNOP.

A. (10) In his description of his years during the American Civil War, Adams speculates on the pro-Confederacy tendencies of Gladstone and this man, who was British prime minister during the war.

Answer: Henry John Temple or Lord Palmerston

B. (5,5) After moving to Washington D.C. in 1877, Adams began a nine volume History of the United States which covers the administrations of these two presidents.

Answer: Thomas Jefferson and James Madison

C. (10) This sculptor was commissioned by Adams to create a statue commemorating his wife; other works of his include an equestrian statue of Sherman in New York and the Shaw memorial on Boston Common.

Answer: Augustus Saint-Gaudens
16.) Basic fluid mechanics, FTPE.

A. The curl of the velocity field is this vector, a measure of the rotation in a fluid.

Answer: vorticity

B. The line integral of the velocity about a closed contour is this quantity which is often used to quantify the strength of vortices.

Answer: circulation

C. This function, whose gradient is the velocity field, exists for inviscid, irrotational flows.

Answer: velocity potential
17.) FTPE name these works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez:

a. This novel, his masterpiece, chronicles a century of the life of the Buendia family.

Answer: One Hundred Years of Solitude or Cien anos de solidad

b. This short novel published in 1955 introduced the town of Macondo.

Answer: Leaf Storm or El hojarasca

c. The title character of this work is Simon Bolivar, and the novel treats his final journey down the Magdalena River.

Answer: The General in His Labyrinth or El General en su laberinto
18.) Name these things about the Ming Dynasty FTPE.

a. Born Zhu Yuanzhang, this peasant defeated the Mongols and became first emperor of the Ming. He once executed 15,000 people at one time in Nanjing merely because he suspected a rebellion was brewing.

Answer: Hong Wu

b. Emperor Yong Le created this great dwelling place for himself when he moved the capital to Beijing. It was occupied continuously until Henry Pu-yi left in 1924.

Answer: Forbidden City or Zijin Cheng

c. During Wan Li's reign this Jesuit was the first European to enter the Forbidden City. He reintroduced Christianity to China, made the first Chinese map depicting America and amazed scholars by memorizing pages with 500 characters after one viewing.

Answer: Matteo Ricci
19.) 30-20-10, name the country.

30) With a registered company for every eighteen people, it has the highest corporate density in the world, as well as the highest rates of myopia and nearsightedness.

20) It was proclaimed Asia's first republic after the Treaty of Shimonoseki.

10) Jimmy Carter ceased to recognize its Kuomindang government as legitimate ruler of China on January 1, 1979.

Answer: Taiwan or the Republic of China or Zhonghua Minguo [Joeng hwa meen gwaw]
20.) Name this stuff from astronomy FTPE.

a. The low mass of the neutrino probably has ruled out its candidacy for being the primary constituent of this substance, which comprises the bulk of the universe’s mass but is as yet undetected.

Answer: dark matter

b. Two main substances are suggested to make up dark matter. One is made of hypothetical, uncharged particles 100 times the mass of a proton. The other consists of clumps of baryonic matter that forms haloes around galaxies. Name either.

Answer: WIMPs (weakly interacting massive particles) or MACHOs (massive compact halo objects)

c. Although the existence of dark matter is mostly inferred from its effects on motion of galaxies, some was seen by this satellite in 1990. It measured infrared and microwave radiation.

Answer: COBE or Cosmic Background Explorer
21.) Name the following about a composer.

a. This Soviet composer’s Symphony #13 is based on Babi Yar. Sometimes considered the last of the symphonic composers, his other works include an unfinished opera based on Dostoyevsky’s The Gamblers and numerous patriotic choral works.

Answer: Dmitri Shostakovich

b. Prompting the composer's Symphony No. 5 to be prefaced by an apology, Stalin's wrath over this Shostakovich opera forced all composers to serve socialist realism. It shows the bored wife Katerina commit adultery and murder.

Answer: Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District

c. Written during the siege of the title city, its "Nazi bolero" theme, a long crescendo symbolizing the German advance, was satirized by Bartok in his "Concerto for Orchestra."

Answer: Symphony No. 7 in C major or Leningrad Symphony
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