Career preparation for students with disabilities

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From High School

to the Workforce

21st Century Career Preparation


Students with Disabilities

West Virginia Department of Education
October 2006


The Division of Technical and Adult Education Services and the Office of Special Education Achievement have convened a Task Force of educators and other professionals to identify problems associated with career preparation for students with disabilities. This task force developed recommendations for program options that will alleviate identified problems, which include the lack of a continuum of educational opportunities for those students who are interested in entering the workforce immediately after high school, resulting inappropriate placement in career and technical programs, and inadequate supports in some existing programs. The suggested strategies will enhance the success of efforts to transition students from high school to the work force while decreasing the dropout rate and increasing the graduation rate for students with disabilities.

The following report is presented in the hope that the recommendations will be adopted for implementation by West Virginia public high schools, with leadership and support of the West Virginia Department of Education.

Dr. Steven L. Paine

State Superintendent of Schools
October 2006

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