Do You See What They See?Do You See What They See?
People with a bizarre condition called synesthesia see sound, smell colors, and taste shapes. Neuroscientists think they might open a window into the ultimate mystery of human consciousness
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A yarn on the river Getting Aboriginal voices into the Basin PlanA yarn on the river Getting Aboriginal voices into the Basin Plan
This booklet may contain images or quotes from Indigenous people who have passed away. Appropriate permissions have been provided by the families of deceased people
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Grade level: 6-8 subject area: Animals creditGrade level: 6-8 subject area: Animals credit
Sue Mealiea, natural science teacher, Woodbridge Senior High School, Woodbridge, Virginia
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The Epic of GilgameshThe Epic of Gilgamesh
Go to them and touch their immovable presence with gentle fingers to find yourself. No one else ever built such walls. Climb Uruk’s Tower and walk about on a windy night. Look. Touch. Taste. Sense. What force created such mass?
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Historical background paganismHistorical background paganism
In this work I'd like to tell about some traditions and beliefs of the pre-Christian period in Great Britain and Russia. In spite of all differences both of these cultures have many similar features
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Jack the Ripper Who was Jack the Ripper?Jack the Ripper Who was Jack the Ripper?
This is a photograph of Buck’s Row, Whitechapel. It was taken in the 1960’s but little had changed since 1888
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Word definitionsWord definitions
Psychotic—out of touch with realism, including through delusions, hallucinations
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Assignment 1 Psychology 486 / 686 Chapter 7: Drugs and HormonesAssignment 1 Psychology 486 / 686 Chapter 7: Drugs and Hormones
Finally, choose a side and write a two-page paper that discusses your personal viewpoint on the effects of marijuana on the brain. Make sure you include examples from the articles you read as well as information from 2 additional sources to support
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Fredericksburg Bible ChurchFredericksburg Bible Church
Christ we might turn against the Jewish people calling them “Christ-killers” and other racial slurs. Paul is writing this so we Gentiles do not get on our high horse and think that we are superior to the Jews
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