Greek humanismGreek humanism
Dorians a people who settled in Peloponnesos. They are believed to have brought the end to the Mycenaean civilization. Originally from the north of Greece
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Museums as ‘Flagships’ of Urban DevelopmentMuseums as ‘Flagships’ of Urban Development
Once it [the museum] was a place that had instruction and the propagation of a particular view of the world as its underpinning. Now it [the museum] has come to be seen as an urban landmark – a replacement for the missing agora
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Consuming Revolution: Ethics, Art and Ambivalence in the Arab SpringConsuming Revolution: Ethics, Art and Ambivalence in the Arab Spring
To cite this article: Demerdash, Nancy, Consuming Revolution: Ethics, Art, and Ambivalence in the Arab Spring. New Middle Eastern Studies, 2 (2012)
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Title of lesson planTitle of lesson plan
Ancient Egyptian funeral rites and customs are both different from and similar to funeral rites and customs of other cultures
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Contents Before your visitContents Before your visit
Nebamun, who lived in the city of Thebes around 1325 bc. Nebamun was a scribe in charge of grain collection for the city. The tomb would have been built before Nebamun died as a safe place for his mummified body and some of his belongings
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Life in Ancient EgyptLife in Ancient Egypt
This Pack has been designed to support both primary and secondary school teachers in planning a visit to ucl’s Petrie Museum
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Subject: Ancient Near EastSubject: Ancient Near East
See also Penguin Atlas of Ancient Civilizations for excellent and short background info on this region
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The Roman ImperiumThe Roman Imperium
Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, the Appian Way and the Catacombs, Pompeii and Florence. In Britain participants will visit the Roman excavations and museums at Bath and ancient Roman settlements and sites in London, York
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#1 Arts and Crafts of Ancient Egyptians#1 Arts and Crafts of Ancient Egyptians
How did the innovations of ancient Egypt impact its neighbors and future civilizations?
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South dorset ridgeway landscape partnership area: a preliminary review draft reportSouth dorset ridgeway landscape partnership area: a preliminary review draft report
This report has been prepared to provide a preliminary review of current and possible future models of community engagement with archaeology in the South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Partnership Area
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Interpreting ArchaeopteryxInterpreting Archaeopteryx
Knowing full well that a local physician named Carl Häberlein accepted these precious artifacts of time as payment for medical treatment services, a quarryman made certain to have the fossil brought to Dr. Häberlein
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Ed by the fact that one nearly complete skeleton in which the feathers were not recognized was initially identified as a dinosaur. In fact, there are no features of the bony skeleton of Archaeopteryx that are uniquely avian
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Babylon (1800-1600 bce) Rise of the Babylonians and King HammurabiBabylon (1800-1600 bce) Rise of the Babylonians and King Hammurabi
Mesopotamia for many years. After the fall of the Akkadian Empire, the city was taken over and settled by the Amorites. The city began its rise to power in 1792 bc when King Hammurabi took the throne
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Yildiz technical universityYildiz technical university
A strong magnet held on one side of the hand can easily deflect a compass needle on the other side of the same hand
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Archives destroyed in the twentieth centuryArchives destroyed in the twentieth century
Memory of the World: Lost Memory Libraries and Archives destroyed in the Twentieth Century / prepared for unesco on behalf of ifla by Hans van der Hoeven and on behalf of ica by Joan van Albada. Paris : unesco, 1996
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