United States History Assessments Ninth GradeUnited States History Assessments Ninth Grade
Factors in the American Industrial Revolution – Analyze the factors that enabled the United States to become a major industrial power, including
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Monsoon Asia: Political HistoryMonsoon Asia: Political History
Indonesian archipelago. Great Britain followed, as did France, and, eventually, the United States. By the mid-19th Century, the expansion of direct colonial control ended. Most of South and Southeast Asia was divided by the West
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Novel Selection for Unit 2Novel Selection for Unit 2
By Lesson 05, you should be finished with the reading of your novel. Be sure to make your selection with the guidance of your parent or guardian. If you have any questions, please reach out to your instructor
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Lahore school of economicsLahore school of economics
The uprising took place in Cairo, Alexandria, and in other cities in Egypt, following the Tunisian revolution that resulted in the overthrow of the long-time Tunisian president
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Social 8 – Japan Unit Exam ReviewSocial 8 – Japan Unit Exam Review
Hierarchical social class system: structure make up roles for each class – limits put on each class
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Names, terms, and concepts (possible id’s or topics for a short-answer question)Names, terms, and concepts (possible id’s or topics for a short-answer question)
Quaestio de rebus repetundis (court for extortion charge against provincial governors)
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Medieval Warfare, Weapons and TacticsMedieval Warfare, Weapons and Tactics
Advances in weaponry and the more effective use of gunpowder continued. The invention of the harquebus was a watershed invention in weaponry
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Reading Guide: Week of March 5 th : Civil Unrest IReading Guide: Week of March 5 th : Civil Unrest I
This week we have finally reached the first breaking point of the Roman Republic. Your Plutarch readings will focus on several of the key figures in the civil unrest and violence that starts to take over Rome from 133 bc on
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Gabon (Tier 2)Gabon (Tier 2)
Lambarene to avoid detection in Libreville, as well as of the involvement of Nigerian syndicates in bringing trafficking victims into Gabon. West Africans between the ages of 18 and 25 are forced into domestic servitude or prostitution in
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