Составители: Ст пр. Виноградова Т. В. Ст пр. Яковлева Н. В. пр. Егорова Е. НСоставители: Ст пр. Виноградова Т. В. Ст пр. Яковлева Н. В. пр. Егорова Е. Н
Passive sentences describe what happens to people or things, often as a result of action by other people or things
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Ghost john RingoGhost john Ringo
This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental
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Kitchen SafetyKitchen Safety
On average, there are 91,700 reported home fires each year associated with cooking equipment, killing 327 people and injuring 4,607
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Indoor air quality post-flooding assessmentIndoor air quality post-flooding assessment
On October 12, a visit to examine the flood remediation efforts was made by Cory Holmes, Environmental Analyst/Regional Inspector and Ruth Alfasso, Environmental Engineer/Inspector in beh’s iaq program
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Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren (1930)*IEconomic Possibilities for our Grandchildren (1930)*I
Great Britain; that a decline in prosperity is more likely than an improve­ment in the decade which lies ahead of us
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