Section 2 Renaissance and the Age of RevolutionSection 2 Renaissance and the Age of Revolution
As you read this section, look for details about the Renaissance and the Age of Revolution. Copy the chart below and record your findings in it
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Powerful Partnerships (12 minutes, 41 seconds)Powerful Partnerships (12 minutes, 41 seconds)
A key reason is that us farmers and ranchers enjoy fast and effective scientific solutions to their production problems. Those solutions are the product of a national system more than a century in the making
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Guess the Test #13Guess the Test #13
Architects such as Filippo Brunelleschi made advances in math in order to design buildings. The geniuses of the time were often both artists and scientists. The true Renaissance man was highly educated
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Charles Darwin worksheet ACharles Darwin worksheet A
He was the person who discovered that all living things on Earth share the same ancestry, and that the different species have evolved extremely slowly over many millions of years
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Sir Isaac NewtonSir Isaac Newton
He is most famous for his work on gravity, or the force that pulls, or attracts, objects to the ground. Some say he figured this out by watching an apple drop from a tree, but others question whether or not this really happened
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Einstein’s ReligionEinstein’s Religion
Darwin’s theory of evolution in a Tennessee public school, because it challenged the Christian belief in creationism. Even today, there is still a tug-of-war between scientific discoveries and traditional religious beliefs
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