Hundred years warHundred years war
True or False: The Hundred Years War was a constant battle with fierce fighting and no periods of peace
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Famous battles 1190BC: The Siege of TroyFamous battles 1190BC: The Siege of Troy
It is rather ironic that arguably the most famous of all battle tactics in the history of civilization took place during a war many believe only happened in legend
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The myth lingers onThe myth lingers on
The social misconstruction of reality. Validity and verification in the scholarly community. By Richard F. Hamilton. 289pp. Yale University Press
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Trenchers a brief HistoryTrenchers a brief History
Note: See also the files: trenchers-msg, wafers-msg, bread-msg, p-tableware-msg, utensils-msg, forks-msg, ovens-msg, flour-msg, grains-msg, breadmaking-msg, brd-mk-flat-msg, sops-msg
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Lecture 4 The History of UniversitiesLecture 4 The History of Universities
It’s got coursework, it’s got exams. Um, all these structures that you are used to studying under. And you know, of course, that to be a successful lecturer, you need to be publishing things
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Joan of Arc Note-Taking AssignmentJoan of Arc Note-Taking Assignment
Joan of Arc was a key player in the Hundred Years War on the French side. She was young, brave, heroic, and female! This class, you’ll be using computer resources to discover who Joan of Arc was
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