The Irish Question a blended lessonThe Irish Question a blended lesson
Here follows my unit on the Irish Question, which I present to my fifth year students while dealing with the main issues of the beginning of the 20th century
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Writing Assignment By Adam BreseeWriting Assignment By Adam Bresee
Which group of people (From Chapter 2) had the most difficult time being accepted in America and why? Compare this group to at least 3 other groups and cite examples of marginalization, discrimination
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Jacksonian Democracy 1824-1844Jacksonian Democracy 1824-1844
Texas because (A) he feared war with Mexico would be the result
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Period 5 ReviewPeriod 5 Review
So, a war was waged and eventually the Americans won. We paid $15 million and acquired the territory of New Mexico, Arizona, and California. This was significant because we established the southern border of our country and gained more
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Immigration to the United StatesImmigration to the United States
Objective: Students will analyze factors contributing to immigration in the mid 19th century
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N4/5 RevisionN4/5 Revision
This revision guide should not replace your own active revision. Its purpose is to summarise the key points examiners would expect you to know and develop into meaningful, detailed answers
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Irish Immigration Central Historical QuestionIrish Immigration Central Historical Question
Central Historical Question: How did Americans view the Irish immigrants of the mid-19th century?
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Annotated bibliographyAnnotated bibliography
Mrs. Allen learned to sew on her mother’s treadle machine. She was given a hand-held machine for Christmas and took sewing in school. When she married and had children, she bought her first electric machine to sew her children’s clothes
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