Switzerland and GermanySwitzerland and Germany
Contributing factors to lay criticism of the church included all of the following
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1. Phillip II (2 nd ): (1556 1598)1. Phillip II (2 nd ): (1556 1598)
Spanish military, 3 expand Spain’s borders and its political influence, 4 spread the Catholic religion throughout Europe, 5 make Spain the most powerful country in Europe
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Expository thoughtsExpository thoughts
Importance of studying history of seventeenth century—decline of protestantism under stuarts—character of laud—estimate of the civil war of the common­wealth—estimate of oliver cromwell—suicidal blind­ness of the church of england—folly of the act
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The Reformation/Counter Reformation/Religious Wars Test answer keyThe Reformation/Counter Reformation/Religious Wars Test answer key
From the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries, lay religious groups shared a common goal of religious
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The Hapsburg Monarchy / DynastyThe Hapsburg Monarchy / Dynasty
Ferdinand II and his 29-year old son Philip II. Ferdinand II was given Austria and most of the Holy Roman Empire while Philip was given Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Milan & Naples
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Leadership in cinemaLeadership in cinema
Materials: vcr or dvd (preferred), television or projection system, Wildland Fire Leadership Values and Principles handouts (single-sided), notepads, writing utensils
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The Early Colonies One American’s StoryThe Early Colonies One American’s Story
Carolina, in 1585. While there, he painted scenes of Native American villages. White sailed back to England in 1586 and then returned to Roanoke as governor the next year, bringing with him more than 100 settlers
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What does Julius\What does Julius' guardian angel ask if he brought
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