The gallic warsThe gallic wars
Soldier and general who has ever lived. If we compare him with those who lived long before him and with those who lived near his own time
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Geography of europeGeography of europe
France sits at the crossroads. With Germany reasserting itself, Paris needs to make a choice on how best to preserve its ability to be the maker of its own destiny
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The title of the monarch of Germany (derived from the Roman word ‘Caesar’). The last Kaiser of Germany was Wilhelm II (1859 1941), who in 1918 fled to the village of Doom in the Netherlands after Germany’s defeat and his abdication
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The geography of europeThe geography of europe
Nearly omnipresent peninsulas and islands limit the ability of larger powers to intimidate or conquer smaller powers. Among these three features it isn’t so much a surprise that Europe has never united under a single government as it is a surprise that anyone has
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