“stirring … narrative power”“stirring … narrative power”
Bound by a common conviction, the fates of a woman living in Beijing and a man living in New York become inextricably linked in a story of courage and freedom…
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An Electronic Law JournalAn Electronic Law Journal
Citation: Bano, S, ‘Islamic Family Arbitration, Justice and Human Rights in Britain’, 2007
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Moscow’s Soft Power StrategyMoscow’s Soft Power Strategy
Moscow continue to explain its objectives and the means of achieving them. With a clear vision and a confident moral authority, Russia is less likely to rely on coercion and tough talk in defending its interests abroad
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Ruitersweg 35-37, 1211 kt hilversum, The NetherlandsRuitersweg 35-37, 1211 kt hilversum, The Netherlands
It is very important not to focus on the emotional side of the discussion when we talk about the Dutch euthanasia law, but to look very careful how the law is functioning within the framework of the Foundational law of Holland and the other laws of the free
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Locke and Kant Politics and Political PhilosophyLocke and Kant Politics and Political Philosophy
The adoption of Stoic principles in early modern political systems is problematic, not only because Stoicism presents itself as a fundamentally non-political philosophy but also because it introduces the internal split that perpetually pits a ruling component against
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Development with social inclusionDevelopment with social inclusion
The ministers of foreign affairs and heads of delegation of the member states of the organization of american states (oas), gathered in San Asunción, Paraguay, at the forty-fourth regular session of the oas general Assembly
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Security Council Open Debate 15 January 2015Security Council Open Debate 15 January 2015
Statement by H. E. Ambassador Ismael A. Gaspar Martins, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Angola to the United Nations
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Vladimir Putin’s Civilizational TurnVladimir Putin’s Civilizational Turn
Russia’s domestic and international priorities. Historically subject to Western and Islamic influences, Russia now seeks to position itself as a power capable of synthesizing these influences and assisting the world in managing the global
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London: humphrey milford oxford university pressLondon: humphrey milford oxford university press
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Time, intentionality, and a neurophenomenology of the dot 1 byTime, intentionality, and a neurophenomenology of the dot 1 by
They are primordial in the sense in which concrete experiences can be that at all. For closer inspection reveals in their concreteness only one, but that always a continuously flowing absolute primordial phase, that of the living now
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Body, brain and behavior: the neuroanthropology of the body image byBody, brain and behavior: the neuroanthropology of the body image by
The theory accounts for the use of the body-as-symbol and the distortion of the body image for communicative purposes. The neurophysiology of imagery is reviewed and suggestions are made for possible clinical methods that might be used to effect therapeutic changes
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