The economic exploitation of polish territoriesThe economic exploitation of polish territories
Contrary to the Hague Convention, which prohibited enemy exploitation of an occupied country for the purposes of war, both Germany and the Soviet Union intended to maximally utilize Polish resources for their military needs
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Europe in a multipolar world Athens January 2011Europe in a multipolar world Athens January 2011
A multipolar world is emerging. The dominant powers will be the us and China, maybe India and Russia. Perhaps one day also Brazil, Turkey and South Africa. What about the eu?
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Suggested apa style referenceSuggested apa style reference
The immigrant/expatriate/repatriate experience: International work in a global economy
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Please do not cite without permission of the authorPlease do not cite without permission of the author
Richard Swedberg Cornell University, Department of Sociology a: Integration paper of 2013 March 18, 2014 Number of Words: 10, 243
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An Archaeology of Mobile MediaAn Archaeology of Mobile Media
Marshall McLuhan, whose prophetic insights about the “new extensions of man” anticipated many of the future developments in media culture, had little to say about “mobile media”
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Deflationism and truth-value-gapsDeflationism and truth-value-gaps
On what is perhaps the most enduring and popular non-epistemic model, indeterminacy gives rise to truth-value gaps. 3 But is dt compatible with the possibility of truth-value gaps? Compatibilism says Yes; Incompatibilism says N
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Name of Fellow: Victoria Lichtman Host OrganizationName of Fellow: Victoria Lichtman Host Organization
Sabra and Chatila massacres, Peace Now organized a demonstration of over 400,000 people calling for a commission of inquiry into Ariel Sharon’s role as the Defense Minister overseeing the Lebanese Christian Phalangist-backed massacre of
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