A christian perspectiveA christian perspective
Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. The western world in particular has based much of its work in educational, business, and motivational theories on the assumptions that Maslow began developing in the late 1950's and continued until his death
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Okinawa NegativeOkinawa Negative
There are real threats to East Asian security that Okinawan forces can uniquely resolve—its geostrategic location is key
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The Classical Period In Greek Art & PhilosophyThe Classical Period In Greek Art & Philosophy
Adapted from Charles Van Doren’s a history of Knowledge and Marilyn Stokstad’s Art History
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Ancient Greek Contributions dbqAncient Greek Contributions dbq
Their ideas and philosophies have influenced what we believe and practice today. The Greeks influenced Western Civilization through their philosophical ideas, political ideas, and intellectual ideas
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An investigation into the evolution ofAn investigation into the evolution of
The evolution of gender equality: This is a sweeping look at equality between the sexes from pre-history as hunter/gatherers, through the development of “civilization” as we know it, including the agricultural revolution, settled urban
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Levels of evidenceLevels of evidence
Tens of thousands on both sides would die over the ensuing ten year war that followed Paris’ abduction of her from Greece and ended only with the total destruction of the city of Troy
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Japan essay #1 – jimmu the creationJapan essay #1 – jimmu the creation
He swirled the spear around and lifted it from the water. Tiny water drops fell from the tip of the spear, and as they hit the ocean they turned into land. This became the country known as Japan
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The meaning of classicismThe meaning of classicism
Textbook References: World History, The Human Odyssey: Ch. 4, 5, 6; World History to 1800: Ch. 5,6; Modem World History: Ch. 1,2
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