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WEB SITE OF THE ST. GREGORY THE GREAT CHOIR This is the web site of our St. Gregory the Great choir under the direction of Patrick Godon, our Director of Music and Liturgy. This site contains information about the choir, expectations and requirements for new members, its schedule, reflections on the tours that the choir has taken, choir recordings, and other helpful information. Patrick Godon is always looking for new choir members.
PRAYER AND SPIRITUALITY This is a web site produced by the Irish Jesuits called Sacred Space. It provides the opportunity to take ten minutes a day to pray on- line in 19 different languages. This prayer and education web site called Praying Each Day is produced by the De La Salle Brothers in Great Britain. It provides opportunities to pray on-line and has prayer links to many other prayer sites. This site, developed by the Jesuits at Creighton University, provides a daily reflection page based on the weekday readings from the Lectionary and an on-line version of the Stations of the Cross. It also provides access to an on-line retreat in everyday life, a 33 week on-line retreat based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. There are tips for making this retreat on your own or with a group. The site contains many other resources in the areas of prayer and spirituality.
www.FindingGod.orgThis Web Site developed by Loyola Press, a Jesuit ministry, offers several different resources in the areas of faith formation, prayer and spirituality for individuals, for groups, for families, and for children in English and Spanish. There is an on-line store where you can purchase books and other faith formation resources. You can register on the site to receive e-mail newsletters. This site contains the daily Gospel readings for weekdays and Sundays along with a daily meditation to enhance your own personal prayer. You can also sign up to receive daily meditations by e-mail. This web site produced by the Chicago-Detroit Province of Jesuits offers a daily scripture reading, an Ignatian reflection and an Ignatian prayer. There is also a place where you can submit a prayer request. Contemplative Outreach is a spiritual network of individuals and small faith communities committed to living the contemplative dimension of the Gospel. The common desire for Divine transformation, primarily expressed through a commitment to a daily Centering Prayer practice, unites our international, interdenominational community. Contemplative Outreach teaches the practice of Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, and other contemplative practices. The web site provides many different resources for growing in one’s relationship with God on a deeper level. Friends of Silence is a non-profit endeavor which publishes a monthly online newsletter which contains resources and reflections on prayer, silence, solitude and contemplation. This web site allows people to search through all issues of the Friends of Silence newsletters, get daily quotes, and have the monthly letter delivered to their email box. This web site developed by the British Jesuits offers downloadable daily prayer experiences. Lasting between ten and thirteen minutes, it combines music, scripture and some questions for reflection. The aim is to help you to: become more aware of God's presence in your life, listen to and reflect on God's word, and grow in your relationship with God. This site presents an internet gallery that uses paintings to display a way to pray in a creative manner. The artist, Rev. Bob Gilroy, S.J., uses creativity to express feelings and communication with God. Directions are provided to viewers can learn how to see God reflected in their own lives through the arts. The goal of this free web site which can be easily downloaded is to teach the rosary and make it simple with the program's super-easy operation, to help keep the rosary refreshing and deep for anyone with the aid of scripture, illustrations, and music, and to build a worldwide community of people to pray for each other through the PrayerCast network. This web site allows Catholics worldwide to join together in praying the Rosary or to pray the Rosary individually. Clicking the “Enter” button will reveal a window displaying your choice of either a video of Fr. Dave Heney reciting the Rosary with parishioners of St. Paschal Baylon Church or a video with imagery from the Holy Land containing the same audio track. English or Spanish subtitles are provided as an option. Based on your preference, either the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful or Glorious Mysteries will be recited. Site visitors may also submit written prayer intentions viewable by others joining you in prayer. This web site/blog is called Coffee & Canticles: Ordinary Catholics Loving the Liturgy of the Hours. It contains information about why ordinary Catholics might want to pray the Liturgy of the Hours as well as instruction as to how to pray it. This site also contains a collection of posts that explain how we must learn to think as we pray the psalms. The Liturgy of the Hours is the official prayer book of all priests and religious. This Christian web site is focused on providing the tools and information to equip Christians in the discipline of prayer. It has a host of materials on how to improve your prayer life and more.
Laudate app - If you have a smart phone, there is an excellent free app to add to your phone called Laudate. It contains daily scripture readings and reflections, information about the Saint of the Day, the Liturgy of the Hours, the Order of the Mass, the Stations of the Cross, the Rosary, a listing of traditional prayers, a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Vatican Documents, the complete New American Bible as well as the Douay-Rheims Bible and much more.
Truth and Life app – If you have a smart phone, there is a helpful app called Truth and Life. It contains the complete text of the Revised Standard Version translation of the Bible – Catholic Edition, along with a fully-dramatized two hour audio presentation of the Gospel of Mark. This free app is available in formats for a variety of mobile devices at

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