Century: a period of 100 years circa or c.: a word historians use when they are not sure of an exact date. It means “around’, or “about”. Bc

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Paleolithic Era: (Early Stone Age) It lasted from about a million years ago until about 10,000 years ago. During this time, people were hunter-gatherers and fishermen, but not producers of food. They used stone tools which became increasingly sophisticated. They learned to control fire and acquired language. During this time, people began to live in societies, or small groups of people who shared the same culture (common rituals, religious beliefs, and language.)
Mesolithic Era: (Middle Stone Age) tools became smaller and more complex. People invented hooks for fishing and the bow and arrow. They also learned to make canoes and pottery.
Neolithic Era: (New Stone Age) People learned to polish stones to make tools like saws and drills. People also learned to make fire, giving them the ability to cook food, keep themselves warm, and have protection against wild animals. This age ended about 5,000 years ago in most places, when people learned to use metals to make tools.

Neolithic Revolution: tremendous developments brought great change to Neolithic societies:




The greatest change during this time was that people went from being gatherers of food to producers of food. After a warming trend in the climate, new plants (barley, wheat) began to grow in some areas. People learned to take the seeds from these plants and grow their own crops.

Domestication: the process of changing plants or animals to make them more useful to humans.

Agriculture: farming either of plants or animals

Learning to use animals for their own purposes meant that people did not have to follow wild herds of animals. They could settle down and keep sheep, goats, or cattle for milk, meat, and wool. They also trained animals to help them carry loads or pull large tools used in farming.

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