Chapter 11 review questions and key areas to study for chapter 11

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Chapter 11 review questions and key areas to study for chapter 11

  1. As Mesoamerican populations grew, political institutions gained in power. How did the power of these institutions affect Mesoamerican society?

Political institutions affected Mesoamerican society by … creating leaders, class systems .. which determined jobs, wealth, etc.

  1. What was the Maya view of the cosmos?

3 ‘layers’: top = heavens middle = earth bottom = hell

 the tree of life: roots = hell tops of branches = heaven

  1. What were the cultural and technological contributions of the Maya?

Calendar! Math .. and writing.

  1. What were the major differences between the Maya and Toltec Civilizations?

Toltec = postclassic. Maya = classic

  1. What was the influence of religion on politics in the Mesoamerican world?

Leaders of countries were also leaders of religion

  1. Mesoamerican cities were among the greatest in the world. Describe Teotihuacan as well as Tenochtitlan, Tula and the other great cities describes in this chapter. What made them great?

Study points…

What are similar about the various key civilizations in the Americas – Aztecs – Incas – Anasazi ? Differences?

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