Chapter 6 Study/Discussion Questions The Prospects of War Loyalists and Other British Sympathizers

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AP US History

Unit 2: Independence

Chapter 6 Study/Discussion Questions
The Prospects of War

Loyalists and Other British Sympathizers

1) Who were the internal enemies of the Revolution?

2) Who were the enemies of the Tories?

3) Who did most of the Native Americans support?

The Opposing Sides

1) What were the German mercenaries that the British hired?

2) What were the disadvantages of the British? Americans?

George Washington

1) What was George Washington appointed head of?

2) How old was George Washington when he took command of a Virginia regiment raised to resist French claims?

War and Peace, 1776-1783

Shifting Fortunes in the North, 1776-1778

1) Who was Marquis de Lafayette?

2) What battle convinced King Louis to help America?

3) What was the war’s turning point?

4) What did General Steuben do?

The War in the West, 1776-1782

1) How was the fighting in the west?

2) Who was Joseph Brant?

American Victory in the South, 1778-1781

1) How did southern loyalism suffer several serious blows?

2) What was the British view on slavery?

3) How did the war end in Yorktown?

Peace at Last, 1781-1783

1) Who were America’s principal diplomats at the peace talks in Paris?

2) What did the Peace of Paris bring about?

The Revolution and Social Change

Egalitarianism Among White Males

1) What was the idea of “natural aristocracy?”

2) How did the war help those who were not elites?

A Revolution for Black Americans

1) What were some changes in slavery that were brought about by the war?

2) Who was Benjamin Banneker and what did he do?

3) Who was Phillis Wheatley?

White Women in Wartime

1) Who was Abigail Adams?

2) What did Deborah Sampson do?

3) Who was Mary Silliman and what did she have to deal with during the war?

Native Americans and the Revolution

1) How were Native American landholdings threatened?

2) How were the Native Americans more vulnerable after the war?
Forging New Governments, 1776-1787

From Colonies to States

1. What did Thomas Jefferson persuade the legislature of Virginia to abolish in 1776?

2. How did Thomas Jefferson express the ideal behind disestablishment?

Formalizing a Confederation

1. Who was John Dickinson?

2. What did he propose in 1776?

3. What was this proposal called?

4. How did the Articles of Confederation set up Congress?

Finance, Trade, and the Economy, 1781-1786

1. What were Continentals?

2. How did Congress seek to overcome the national government’s financial weakness?

3. Who was Robert Morris?

4. What was the Newburgh Conspiracy?

5. How was the Newburgh Conspiracy stopped?

The Confederation and the West, 1785-1787

1. What was the Ordinance of 1785?

2. How did Congress define the steps for the creation and admission of new states?

3. How did the Iroquois suffer during the war?

4. Who was Joseph Brant?

5. What did Joseph Brant do at Fort Detroit?

6. What did the Jay-Gardoqui Treaty do?

Toward A New Constitution, 1786-1788

Shays’s Rebellion, 1786-1787

1. How did the Jay-Gardoqui Treaty start Shays’s Rebellion?

2. What did Daniel Shays hope to stop by shutting down courts in three western counties?

The Philadelphia Convention, 1787

1. Who introduced the Virginia Plan?

2. What did the Virginia Plan call for?

3. Who introduced the New Jersey Plan?

4. What did the New Jersey Plan recommend?

5. How was an equal vote for each state in the upper house and proportional voting in the lower house proposed?

6. When was the Constitution of the United States approved?

7. What are checks and balances?

8. How was slavery a problem in the Philadelphia Convention?

The Struggle over Ratification, 1787-1788

1. Who were Federalists?

2. Who were Antifederalists?

3. How did their name hurt the Antifederalists’ cause?

4. What disadvantages did Antifederalists have?

5. What was the ninth state to ratify the Constitution? When?
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