Chapter 7 Test Review Chapter 7, Section 4: Roman Society and Culture

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Chapter 7 Test Review

Chapter 7, Section 4: Roman Society and Culture
Be able to: Assess the political skills of Augustus

Describe Roman achievements in constructing roads and aqueducts

Define the problem of succession and explain its impact on Roman politics

Identify and discuss the ideas of Roman philosophers and writers

Describe the Roman Forum

List important principles of Roman law

Terms to Know: civil service, succession, Epicureanism, Stoicism, satire, gladiators

Identify: Galen, Ptolemy, Horace, Plutarch, Colosseum, Pax Romana, Augustus, Julian

Emperors, Good Emperors, Epicurus, Zeno, Livy, Virgil, Aeneid, Juvenal, Tacitus,

Pantheon, Ovid

Chapter 7, Section 5: The Rise of Christianity
Be able to: Discuss the main teachings of Jesus

Describe how Christianity spread through the Roman Empire

Explain why the Romans warred against the Jews and persecuted the Christians
Terms to Know: rabbis, apostle, messiah, martyr, bishop, pope, patriarchs
Identify: Jerusalem, Jesus, Gospels, Pontius Pilate, Paul, Peter, Zealots, Masada, Petrine


Chapter 7, Section 6: The Fall of the Western Empire
Be able to: Identify the problems that led to Rome’s decline

Evaluate the solutions offered by Diocletian and Constantine to solve Rome’s problems

Explain how the Germanic tribes overran and destroyed the western half of the empire
Terms to Know: inflation
Identify: Commodus, Diocletian, Constantine, eastern empire, western empire, Battle of

Milvian Bridge, Edict of Milan, Constantinople, Germanic tribes, Huns, Alaric, Attila

the Hun, Gaiseric the Lame, Pope Leo I, Romulus Augustus, Odoacer
1. Why did the Romans build the Pantheon?

2. Augustus encouraged trade in ALL of the following ways EXCEPT:

3. What were 2 key beliefs of the Stoic philosophy?

4. What was the most significant achievement of the apostle Paul?

5. What were 3 achievements of Emperor Augustus?

6. The period of peace that lasted from Augustus’ reign until 180 A.D. is known as what?

7. What was the civil service?

8. The new religion of Christianity appealed particularly to which groups?

9. Describe the split in the Christian Church.

10. Which leader kept the Huns from attacking Rome?

11. Identify 4 reforms of Diocletian.

12. How did Theodosius help the spread of Christianity?

13. How did Constantine affect the spread of Christianity?

14. Early Christianity was viewed as sect, or group, within which religion?

15. Why did the Romans initially persecute the Christians?

16. What contributions did Galen make to Roman culture?

17. What was similar about Ovid and Horace?

18. What was the difference between Tacitus and Plutarch?

19. The eastern part of the Roman Empire became known as what?

20. Why did the Romans build the Colosseum?

21. What are the Romance languages?

22. What 5 cities were led by the patriarchs?

23. What is a martyr?

24. What city was established by Constantine? What was its original name?

25. What is a church doctrine?

26. Who were the Zealots?

27. Who were the Five Good Emperors?

28. Which leader of the Visigoths sacked Rome in 410 AD?

29. Who was Ptolemy?

30. Which barbarian exiled the last Roman emperor and named himself king of Rome?

31. What year saw the collapse of the Western Roman Empire?

32. What did the Petrine Doctrine state?

33. What were 4 reasons for Constantine choosing to move his capital city?

34. Which writer used satire to criticize the Roman imperial government?

35. To what did Constantine credit his victory at Milvian Bridge?

36. What was the significance of the Battle of Milvian Bridge?

37. What were three reasons for the Germanic tribes invading the Roman Empire in the 400s?

38. What was the Edict of Milan? Who was responsible for it?

39. What was the Edict of Prices?

40. Who was Gaiseric the Lame?
Essay Question: 5 reasons for the fall of the Western Roman Empire

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