Chapter 8 Test The Canadian Identity

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Chapter 8 Test

The Canadian Identity
TOTAL / marks
PART A. MATCHING (17 marks)

Match the terms on the right with the following descriptions:

1. prime minister responsible for Canada’s new flag ( ) A. Pierre Trudeau

2. justice minister who helped negotiate the Kitchen ( ) B. Pierre Laporte

3. passed the Official Languages Act( ) C. FLQ

4. he was kidnapped and murdered during D. Lucien Bouchard

the October Crisis( ) E. Jean Chrétien

5. campaigned on the slogan “Maîtres chez nous”( ) F. Lester Pearson

6. the Quebec premier during “The Great Darkness”( ) G. Kitchen Compromise

7. passed Bill 101 (Charter of the French language)( ) H. 1995 Referendum

8. kidnapped James Cross ( ) I. Jean Lesage

9. focused on patriation, rights, and freedoms ( ) J. Réne Lévesque

10. formed the Bloc Québécois ( ) K. Maurice Duplessis

11. full sovereignty was at the centre of the question ( ) L. Brian Mulroney

12. package that offered to recognize Quebec M. White Paper of 1969

as a distinct society ( ) N. Nunavut

13. a tense confrontation between Quebec’s O. The Meech Lake Accord

government and Mohawks ( ) P. Elijah Harper

14. self-government was granted here to the Inuit ( ) Q. Oka

15. proposed breaking up the Aboriginal reservations ( )

16. Prime Minister during the Charlottetown Accord and Meech Lake Accord. ( )

17. Manitoba delegate who helped defeat the Meech Lake Accord ( )

Part B:

Multiple Choice:

Study your focus Questions
Part D: Essay Portion:

1. Evaluate the development of French Canadian and English Canadian relations from throughout the period of 1914-2000. (18 marks)


2. Evaluate the relationship between the Canadian government and Aboriginals peoples throughout the 20th century (make sure to include the Indian Act of 1876). (18 marks)

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