Chapter Section 1 On the Eve of Revolution Name

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Chapter Section 1 – On the Eve of Revolution

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French Society Divided – pg 108

  1. What were the three social “estates” in French society?

  1. Why did the clergy condemn the Enlightenment?

Nobles Hold Top Government Jobs – pg 109

  1. The nobles’ military power had been stripped, but they had been given other rights by the monarchy. What was one of those rights?

  1. Why did many nobles opposed absolutism and the bureaucracy of the French government?

Third Estate is Vastly Diverse – pg 109

  1. Who sat at the top of the third class?

  1. Who were the poorest members of the third class?

  1. Who paid taxes in French society?

  1. Who didn’t?

Financial Troubles – pg 111

  1. What is deficit spending?

National Debt Soars

  1. What events had strained the French treasury extremely thin?

  1. What was the French government’s answer to this?

Economic Reform Fails – pg 111

  1. Why did the nobles and clergy force King Louis XVI to dismiss Jacques Necker?

  1. What was the Estates-General?

Estates Prepare Grievance Notebooks – pg 112

  1. What are cahiers?

Delegates Take the Tennis Court Oath – pg 112

  1. How did the First and Second estates over rule the Third estate’s vote?

  1. What did the Third estate declare themselves as in 1789?

  1. Why was it called the Tennis Court Oath?

Parisians Storm the Bastille pg 113

  1. What did the 800 Parisians demand from the Bastille?

  1. What did the commander of the Bastille do in response to the crowds’ demands?

Chapter 3 Section 2

The French Revolution Unfolds

Rumors Create the “Great Fear” – pg 114

  1. What was the Great Fear?

Paris Commune Comes to Power – pg 115

  1. Who did the moderates in Paris look to for leadership?

  1. Describe the Paris Commune.

The National Assembly Acts

  1. What did the nobles vote to do on August 4th?

Special Privileges End

  1. What did the National Assembly turn the August 4th reforms into?

  1. Why did the nobles not really lose anything during these reforms?

Declaration of the Rights of Man – pg 116

  1. What “natural rights” did the declaration state all men were endowed with?

  1. Who were “equal before the law” under this declaration?

  1. Who was disappointed with the Declaration of the Rights of Man? Why?

Women March on Versailles

  1. What happened on October 5th, 1791?

  1. Why did the women resent Marie Antoinette?

  1. Where did the women take the royal family?

The National Assembly Presses Onward – pg 117

  1. How did the government decide to pay off national debt?

The Church is Placed Under State Control

  1. What was the reaction of the church to the Civil Constitution of the Clergy?

The Constitution of 1791 Establishes a New Government

  1. What type of government did the Constitution set up in place of the absolute monarchy?

  1. What did the Constitution replace the provinces with to make the government more effective?

Louis’s Escape Fails – pg 118

  1. How was the King’s disguise exposed?

Rulers Fear Spread of Revolution

  1. What was the “French Plague”?

  1. Why did Edmund Burke condemn the French Revolution?

Threats Come from Abroad – pg 118

  1. Who issued the Declaration of Pilnitz?

  1. What did the Declaration state?

Radical Fight for Power and Declare War – pg 119

  1. What type of government did the sans-culottes demand?

  1. Who were the Jacobins?

The National Assembly Declares War on Tyranny

  1. What happened in April 1792?

  1. How long did the fighting last?

Chapter 3 Section 3 – Radical Days of the Revolution

Tensions Lead to Violence – pg 121

  1. What happened on August 10, 1792? Why did it happen?

  1. Where did the mobs attack a month later?

Radicals Take Control and Execute the King

  1. What kind of government did the National Convention create after abolishing the monarchy?

  1. Who was executed in January 1793? October 1793?

Terror and Danger Grip France

  1. What threats was the French Republic facing by early 1793?

The Convention Creates a New Committee

  1. What is a “levee en masse”?

  1. Which was the first country to be overrun by the new French Republic?

Robespierre “the Incorruptible”

  1. What type of society did Maximilien Robespierre believes France could achieve?

The Guillotine Defines the Reign of Terror

  1. About how many people were arrested during the Reign of Terror? How many were executed?

  1. Who was arrested on July 27, 1794 and executed the next day?

The Revolution Enters its Third State

  1. What sort of problems did the Directory face?

  1. Who did the politicians turn to?

Revolution Brings Change

  1. Who did the word “citizen” apply to?

Nationalism Spreads

  1. What is nationalism?

  1. What is La Marseillaise?

Revolutionaries Push for Social Reform

  1. What social reforms were implemented in France?

Section 4 – The Age of Napoleon

Napoleon Rises to power

  1. Where was Napoleon born?

Victories Cloud Losses

  1. How did Napoleon hide the fact that the Egyptian campaign was a disaster?

  1. What position did Napoleon give himself I n 1802?

Napoleon Crowns himself Emperor

  1. What was Napoleon trying to show by taking the crown from the Pope’s hand and placing it on his own head?

  1. What is Democratic Despotism?

Napoleon Reforms France

  1. What kind of reforms did Napoleon enact?

  1. Why did the people of France support Napoleon, despite having very little say, if any, in the government?

Napoleon Builds an Emprire

  1. How did Napoleon ensure that his enemies could not anticipate his battle plans?

The Map of Europe is Redrawn

  1. What territories were annexed by Napoleon

  1. What nickname did some of the European rulers refer to Napoleon as?

Napoleon Strikes Britain

  1. What did Great Britain rely on to stave off Napoleon?

  1. Who led the British fleet to victory at the Battle of Trafalgar?

  1. What war was triggered by British sailors boarding neutral ships suspected of trading with the French?

Nationalism Works Against Napoleon

  1. How did Nationalism work against Napoleon?

Spain and Austria Battle the French

  1. What reaction did the Spanish people have to well-armed French troops being sent to crush the resistence?

  2. What sort of war did the Spanish carry out against the French?

3) Which country was persuaded to resume hostilities with France? At which battle were they again defeated?

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