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Child Labor Web Quest

Child Labor Today

Your task is to investigate the state of child labor today. Where is child labor happening in the world today? What laws govern this practice in those countries? What about in the United States? What similar struggles and hardships do child laborers face now compared to the Industrial Revolution period?

Child Labor Today

1. Research:

  • Unicef (United Nations Children’s Fund):

  • Free the Children:

  • Site on modern slavery (including slavery of children):

  • Documents on various issues affecting children (including labor):

  • Source on ending child labor in weaving industries in Asia:

  • International Labour Organization:

2. You will need to address/answer the following questions about child labor in a separate Word document:

  • Where is child labor happening in the world today?

  • What kinds of work are children doing? What are the most frequent kinds of work/industries in which children are employed (or even enslaved)?

  • What do you have in your home today that might have been made by children? Consult this

3. You will choose and sign up for a country that you would like to investigate. Once your choice has been approved you will research the role of child labor in your country. You will prepare a PowerPoint slideshow that meets the following requirements.

  • Provide a general background on the history of your country. Be sure to focus on the country’s economic, political, and social background.

  • Explain why child labor has persisted in this country. (Connections to the country’s economy, politics and societal values – past and present)

  • List the industries in your country that utilize child labor.

  • Describe the treatment of child laborers

    • Are they paid? If so, how much?

    • What are their expectations/working conditions?

    • Do they have any rights? If so, what are they?

    • Are there any laws governing child labor in this country?

  • Explain what steps, if any, are being taken to limit or eradicate child labor in this country. (Laws, groups, advocates, etc)

  • Include pictures and/or video clips that correspond to child labor in your country

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