Chorus: Here is the one who will convict him, look, they bring him on at last, the seer, the man of god. The truth lives inside him alone

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Oedipus Rex
(TEIRESIAS, the blind prophet, enters to speak with OEDIPUS)
CHORUS: Here is the one who will convict him, look, they bring him on at last, the seer, the man of god. The truth lives inside him alone.
OEDIPUS: O Teiresias, master of all the mysteries of our life. Blind as you are you can feel what sickness haunts our city.
TEIRESIAS: I will never reveal my dreadful secrets. I’d rather not cause pain for you.
OEDIPUS: What? You know and you won’t tell? You’re bent on betraying us, destroying Thebes?
TEIRESIAS: You are the curse, the corruptions of this land. You are the murderer you hunt.

OEDIPUS: (weeping) I stand revealed at last—cursed in my birth, cursed in marriage, cursed in the lives I cut down with these hands!

CHORUS: Time as dragged you to the light, judged your marriage monstrous from the start—the son and the father both in one man.


(MEDEA enters to stab her TWO CHILDREN)
(CHILD #1 screams)
CHORUS: Do you hear the cry, do you hear the children’s cry? O you hard heart, O woman fated for evil!
CHILD #1: What can I do and how escape my mother’s hands?
CHILD #2: Oh my dear brother, I cannot tell. We are lost.
CHORUS: Shall I enter the house? Oh, surely I should defend the children from murder.
CHILD #1: Oh help us, for now we need your help.
CHILD #2: Now we are close to it. We are trapped by the sword!
CHORUS: O your heart must have been made of rock or steel, you who can kill with your own hands your children.
(MEDEA stabs her children. They die.)
MEDEA: (weeping) Ah I have suffered bitterly. I hate you, children of a hateful mother. I curse you and your father. Let the whole house crash.

CHORUS: Cassandra knows that she will be murdered. She must go in now, mourning Agamemnon’s death and her own. Now he must pay for the blood his father’s shed, and die for the deaths he brought to pass.
(CLYTEMNESTRA enters and stabs AGAMEMNON and CASSANDRA weeps)
AGAMEMNON: Aaah! Struck deep—the death blow—deep—
CHORUS: He cries, but who? Someone’s stabbed!
AGAMEMNON: Aaaaah! Again—second blow—struck home.
CHORUS: The work is done, you can feel it.
CLYTEMNESTRA: Now it makes me proud to tell the truth. How else prepare a death for a deadly man who doesn’t love you? Here my work is done. I don’t deny it.

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