Christmas Around the World – Project part I

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Christmas Around the World – Project


  1. Identify at least 1 country that your ancestors came from.

  2. Locate that country in the packet

  3. Read over the Christmas tradition from that country

  4. NEATLY fill out the questionnaire. Answer all of the questions that it is possible for you to answer. If there are questions that you are unable to answer with the information given, then put a ---- after the question.


  1. Find a coloring page(s) or create your own drawing(s) that is relevant to the Christmas tradition that you researched. Refer to the questions on decorations and colors or symbols and images.

  2. Color that page.

  3. Mount the picture on a piece of construction paper.

  4. Write the name of the country on the construction paper.

  5. Write the way that “Merry Christmas” is said in that country on the construction paper.

  6. Mount the questionnaire on the back of the construction paper.

This project will be graded on neatness and accuracy. We will work on this in World Literature class on Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday.
All images and responses must be appropriate for school.
Download 4.79 Kb.

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