Clarksburg chant / cheer list chants

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1.  Clarksburg beat

2.  Go big blue lets go 

3.  W-I-N fight to win

4.  CHS we are the best

5.  1, We are coyotes

8.  Go Cburg, beat those Hornets

9.  Lets go, lets go Cburg    **

10.  Charge on to victory, C-H-A-R-G-E 

11.  Go xx Coyotes go xxx

12.  Lets go Coyotes, lets fight Coyotes, lets go fight win 

13.  Navy Blue and white  lets go lets fight

14.  Yell it Cburg, CHS   **

15. CHS we are the best  **

16.  Go go G-O go Wolverines go

17.  B-E-A-T Beat the Hornets

18.  Go Coyotes Hey Coyotes  **

19.  V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Coyote victory

20.  Go go G-O G-O go go lets go

21.  Get up Get up Lets go  Go Coyotes

22. FI  GHT  Fight for a victory 

23.  Yell it loud, say it proud, CHS  **

24. Hey crowd, yell CHS, C-H-S

25. Hey let’s go, Coyote fans get up and go

26.  Go Coyotes go, Coyotes Lets go

27.  Coyotes xx, do it again, Coyotes let’s win

28.  We got spirit, what **

29. Yell out your colors Coyotes, Blue and White

30.  Here we go Coyotes Here we go

31.  One more time  V-I-C-T-O-R-Y

32.  To the blue to the white Lets win tonight

33.  Beat the Tigers  Go big blue

34.  Yell it Clarksburg fans  Blue and White

35.  L-E-T-S G-O, come on coyotes let’s go



1.  Pump up the spirit

2.  Everybody in the stands

3.  Spirit check

5.  Roll it now shake it  Victory lets take it  (TRYOUT CHANT)

6.  Stomp and shake it

7.  Keep it up Keep it up Keep that Coyote spirit up

9.  Come on Cburg Get your hands up




4.  Touchdown, lets do it again

6.  Push it through, push it through, push it through that line 

7.  Coyotes, cross the line, score one more time

8.  Fight and score, six points more 

9.  S-SC-SCORE, lets score, hey hey coyotes, score six more

10.  T - D  we want six 

11. Coyotes, you’ve got it, victory once more

13.  1st and ten get to it, Coyotes just do it

15.  Score six again, we want to win, Coyotes score six

18.  Touchdown, Coyotes, cross that line

19.  S-C-O  R-E Score Coyotes Score

21.  T-D we want a touch down

23.  Six more Six more Come on Cburg lets up that score

25.  S-C-O-R-E lets score

26.  TD-TD touchdown, touchdown 

27. Come on Come on lets score  We want six points more

28. O-F-F-E-N-S-E, offense move that ball xxx to victory

29. Offense that’s right, move the ball, lets win tonight



1.  Defense Defense We want the ball We want the ball Hey


3.  T-A-K-E take that ball away

5.  T to the A to the K to the E Take that ball away

8.  Sack that quarterback xxx attack

9.  Hold that line, hold that line

10.  DE xx FE xx NSE

11.  Stop them D, thats right, Coyotes win tonight

13.  Wolverine defense, get that ball we want six

16.  Defense get tough  hold that line 

17.  Defense Let’s roll Get the ball Let’s Go

18.  Push em back Push em back Push em back Big D

19.  Go get ‘em, Big D, take ‘em to a Victory

20. Defenese, Defense, get it and score

21.  D-E-F-E-N-S-E, defense steal that ball xx to victory

22. B-L-O-C-K, block ‘em and make that play

23. Defense, get tough, get tough, Defense get tough



1.  You say go on the count of three

2.  When we get to three

3.  Cburg fans in the stands  yell go blue and white

4.  Coyotes fans get off your seat  ( TRYOUT CHEER)

5.  1 2 3 4 Stand up Watkins Mill  yell go Mill  beat  State

6.  Coyotes stand up yell go GO

7. Clap it out xx Fans xx In the stands xx

8.  1,2,3,4 Fans lets hear it, show your Coyote spirit

9. Nicole Cheer

10. Aminah Cheer

11. Kristyn Cheer

12. Jen Cheer

13. Danielle Cheer




Band dance #1-10




If the chant has an asterisk ** beside it then you are responsible for knowing that chant before attending camp in July.  These are the chants we as a squad will use to cheer into and out of camp clinics.


Every chant/cheer on this list will be available in video on the website.  By the start of two-a-days in August you are responsible for knowing them.  Feel free to ask any questions.  We will not be spending practice time practicing cheers and chants.  This is an expectation of all cheerleaders on the squad to come prepared. 


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